Induction Heating Rice Cooker JPW-T100/T180

A high-value model with a variety of cooking settings and a focus on daily use


The thick inner pot with far-infrared black coating to cook plump and fluffy rice

The inner pot with the two-layer metal structure is heated efficiently. The far-infrared radiation effect enhanced by the far-infrared coating helps moisture be distributed evenly to every grain to cook fluffy sticky rice.

High-heat Powerful IH

Powerful IH (Powerful induction heating) that brings out the original sweetness and flavors of rice. The bottom and wall of the inner pot are heated as if the entire inner pot was encompassed by a strong fire so that the cooked rice can be plump to the core. The rice is also steamed at high temperatures of about 110 to 115°C, which accelerates gelatinization of the rice to bring out the original sweetness and flavor of the rice.

(Conceptual image)

Enjoy the delicious taste of freshly cooked rice even on busy days

“Frozen Rice” setting

This setting employs a program that allows you to cook delicious rice suitable for freezing. In order to prevent defrosted cooked rice from being dry or defrosted rice reheated in a microwave oven from being pasty, the rice is given a longer time to absorb water in this menu setting than in the White Rice setting, so that the cooked rice will be plump to the core and the delicious flavor can be kept after the rice is frozen. You can keep your freezer stocked with frozen rice to allow you to enjoy the “delicious taste of freshly cooked rice” anytime.

“Small Portion and Quick” setting

The setting to cook a bowl of rice (0.5 go) in a minimum of about 15 minutes and 1 go in about 17 minutes* is provided to allow you to eat freshly cooked rice on busy days. Heat is efficiently transferred to the rice in each of the water absorption, heating, and steaming processes, enabling a small amount of rice to be cooked quickly.

* Only rice cookers with a capacity of 5.5 go can be used to cook 0.5 go of rice. It takes about 17 minutes to cook 1 go of rice (minimum amount) with a rice cooker with a capacity of 1 sho. The time required for cooking may vary depending on the type of rice and room and water temperatures. (Based on our research)

“Premium” setting

This luxurious setting brings out all of the sweetness, springiness, aroma, stickiness, and softness that define delicious rice. The water-absorption process takes about twice as long as the standard “White Rice” setting in order to bring out the original flavor of the rice.

Cook the desired healthy variety of rice easily

Brown Rice

This setting produces plump, delicious brown rice, which is usually difficult to cook with the right amount of water and heat. Brown rice is a good source of vitamin B1 and other nutrients.

Mixed Grains

This setting produces plump, delicious rice with mixed grains, which is usually difficult to cook in consideration of the right amount of water absorbed. You can easily take in abundant nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.


Cooking setting to cook a variety of dishes

Ready to cook various dishes

On this setting, the rice cooker heats foods automatically without using fire so that you can just wait until it finishes cooking a dish.

Easy to cook acqua pazza-style basil-flavored mackerel
Sundubu-jjigae (Korean dish containing tofu)
Simmered flounder

All you have to do is put ingredients in the rice cooker and wait to easily cook and complete a dish in a minimum of about 15 minutes.
Very useful for preparing a meal on a day when you are not cooking rice, or for preparing some dishes in advance on weekends!

Equipped with the bread baking function

Bread baking function

It is difficult to maintain the optimal temperature when making bread, but this device makes it a breeze with the Bread Fermentation and Bread Baking settings. You can easily make homemade bread that is fragrant outside and soft and fluffy inside.

Round bread

“Cake” setting

This fun-to-use setting allows you easily to bake a soft sponge cake like a whole cake (as opposed to individual slices).

Easy to clean

All you have to clean are just two parts. The parts can be removed easily.

(1) Inner pot
(2) Inner lid

The easily removable inner lid makes it easy to clean the product every day.

Inner lid that can be removed with a single motion
The inner lid is dishwasher/dish drier safe
Textured frame for cleaning
Scraps of starch can be peeled off the surface easily
Easy-to-wipe top surface with little unevenness With no steam cap, all the top needs is a quick wipe

Antibacterial rice scoop

To ensure safer and more secure daily consumption of rice, a new rice scoop certified by SIAA (Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles) has been adopted. The growth of Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus aureus is prevented thanks to the antimicrobial rice scoop with an antibacterial effect.

Antibacterial rice scoop certified by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA)

  • Tested parts: Rice scoop

Products carrying the SIAA mark are subject to quality control and information disclosure under the SIAA guidelines based on the results of evaluation conducted in accordance with ISO 22196.

The SIAA marks are symbols for antibacterial properties established by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles.

The products that meet the three criteria of [1] antimicrobial properties (*1), [2] safety (*2) and [3] appropriate labeling (*3) may carry the SIAA mark.

(*1) The proportion of bacteria on the surface of the product must be equal to or less than 1/100 that of a non-treated product, and the antimicrobial effect must remain after durability tests. Antimicrobial properties are determined from the results of tests conducted in accordance with the international standard ISO 22196.
(*2) The safety criteria uniquely established by SIAA must be met.
(*3) The types of antibacterial agents used and parts treated must be clearly indicated.

[ Antibacterial finishing ]
The rice scoop included with the JPW-T model has a silver-based (Ag) antibacterial finish.

  • Testing organization: Evaluation Technical Center, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Test method: The antibacterial finish has been tested in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196).
  • Processing method: Kneaded into the plastic material
  • Antibacterial agent used: Silver-based antibacterial agent
  • Test result: 2.0 or higher antibacterial activity value
  • SIAA certification number: JP0122676X0007M


A result of our quest for ease of use
Low form body with a focus on simple operability

Simple, large LCD screen

An eye-friendly, large operation panel and a clear bright gray LCD are used. This incorporates a large transparent window that is easy to view from any angle.
The large easy-to-press keys and their easy-to-use layout ensure stress-free daily use of the product.

Open/lock button

The large, easy-to-push hook button makes the device easy to open.

Rice scoop holder

The rice cooker is provided with two rice scoop holders, one on the right side of the body and the other on the left side of the body, convenient for using the scoop (accessory).

Hexagonal measuring cup that is easy to hold and easy to scoop rice with

The flattened sides make it easier to scoop out rice than conventional cylindrical measuring cups. You can scoop up rice easily even when little rice remains in the container.

Functions and specifications


Inner pot

Heating system

Good flavors

Menu settings

Convenience and ease of use

Ease of maintenance



  • Induction Heating Rice Cooker

    • Mauve Black<KV>
  • Induction Heating Rice Cooker

    • Mauve Black<KV>
Product number JPW-T100 JPW-T180
Color Mauve Black<KV> Mauve Black<KV>
Rated Voltage 100V 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Heating System Induction Heating Induction Heating
Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.09-1.0L
0.5-5.5 Cups
1-10 Cups
Capacity 1L 1.8L
Electric Rating 1225W 1375W
Maximum cooking capacity class B D
Annual Power Consumption 88.2kWh/年 138kWh/年
Power Consumption when cooking rice per time 166Wh/time 225Wh/time
Power Consumption during heat insulation per hour 19.1Wh/hour 23.7Wh/hour
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 26×35.4×20(cm) 28.8×38.6×23.9(cm)
Height With Lid Open (Approximate value) 40.20(cm) 46.60(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 3.7kg 4.7kg
Energy conservation standard achievement rate 105% 105%
Label 目標年度2008年度 目標年度2008年度
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1m 1m
Producing Country Japan Japan
  1. Open price *For open-priced products, there are no suggested retail prices from the manufacturer.
  2. * Maximum cooking capacity class:Electromagnetic induction heating system (IH) … B: 0.99 L or more and less than 1.44 L.D: 1.80 L or more.
  3. * Yearly power consumption: The figures are based on the measurement method of “electric rice cookers” specified by the Energy Conservation Law. (Category names are also based on the same law.)
  4. * “Power consumption per rice cooking cycle” is the figures are based on the measurement method for the specified equipment “electric rice cookers” defined in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use.(The class names are also based on the law.)
  5. * The energy consumption per rice cooking cycle and the energy consumption per hour for keeping warm are the values in the “Eco” setting. (Factory settings) Energy consumption varies depending on the amount of rice cooked and the setting used.

Energy saving symbol

These symbols indicate the energy-saving performance of the products that bear the symbols. The green symbol is for models that meet the energy conservation standard, and the orange symbol is for models that do not meet the standard. Choose a product with reference to these symbols. The “achievement rate of energy conservation standard” or “achievement rate” indicates how much the product has achieved the 2008 target value specified in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. The higher the percentage, the better the energy efficiency.