Reception for Repair

Use the following Repair Request Form to ask us for repair.
Or consult with the store where you purchased the product.

*If you are not sure about where the product was purchased because you received it as a gift or after you moved to another place or there is no store dealing with Tiger products near you,
ask us for repair directly.

Advancing our passion for manufacturing to 10 years later

Wishing that customers will use the products to which they feel an attachment for as long as possible,Tiger Corporation is committed to making performance parts for repair available for10 years.

Before asking us for repair

Please read the Tiger Corporation Repair Policy and check the product number, size, and color/pattern before contacting us.
For a repair within the warranty period, make sure to attach the warranty card to the product when asking us for repair.

Notes for repair

  • We do not offer an on-site repair service.
    For a charged repair, note that the one-way shipping cost will be borne by you.

  • You cannot fix the product yourself because some of the repair parts designated by us such as microprocessor boards and open/lock buttons may pose a danger to you. The repair parts for Tiger products are not commercially available. Make sure to ask us for repair.

  • The warranty card promises free repair based on the information provided in the card if the product fails within one year from the date of purchase under normal use in accordance with the precautionary statements given in the instruction manual and warning labels on the main unit. If you do not show the warranty card, you will be charged for repair even if it is within one year after the purchase of the product. Be sure to keep the warranty card after purchasing a product and show it when asking us for repair.

  • Even within the warranty period, a repair will be chargeable in any of the following cases :

    • Failure of or damage to the product due to misuse or improper repair or modification;
    • Failure of or damage to the product due to relocation of the product after installation, transportation or dropping of the product after purchase;
    • Failure of or damage to the product due to fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, other natural disasters, pollution or salt damage, or abnormal voltage;
    • Failure of or damage to the product when used for purposes other than general household use (for example, long-term use for business purposes, mounting on a vehicle or ship);
    • Failure of the product due to entry of insects;
    • If the warranty card is not shown;
    • If the information including the date of purchase, name of customer, or store name is not provided on the warranty card, or any of the text has been rewritten;
    • Replacement of consumables; or
    • Failure of or damage to the product caused because a product designed only for use in Japan was used overseas.
  • A long-term warranty contract concluded between a customer and store does not apply to repair services offered by Tiger Corporation. The warranty period of our products is one year after the date of purchase (electric products). For the warranty system provided by the store where you purchased the product, consult with the store.

  • Repair charges when you ask a store for repair vary from those when you ask us for repair. When you ask a store for repair, the store-specific repair pricing structure or long-term warranty system applies. For details, contact the store that you ask for repair. When you ask us for repair, you will be charged for diagnosis of the problem, repair of the product (engineering fee), parts cost incurred in the repair of the product, and one-way shipping cost to us.

  • For products for which the specified availability periods of performance parts for repair have expired, we have no stock of the parts required for repairs and may not be able to repair them. Contact the store where you purchased the product or our customer service representative and present the product number to check whether the product can be repaired or not.
    For the availability periods of performance parts for repair, refer to the following “Availability period of performance parts for repair.”

Availability period of performance parts for repair

Tiger Corporation has the performance parts for repair available for the following periods after manufacturing of the products is discontinued so that the customers can use the products without any worries.

* Performance parts for repair are the parts essential to maintain functionality of the products.

* Parts can be purchased for 10 years after production is discontinued.

* Repair parts will be replaced by repair.

* Performance parts for repair are parts necessary to maintain the function of the product.

* Sales may end in less than 10 years depending on material procurement and equipment status.

  • Rice cookers, electronic jars, and food jars

    10 years

  • Electric water boilers and kettles

    10 years

  • Mixers and mixers with mill

    10 years

  • Other electric products

    10 years

  • Other non-electric products

    10 years

*For all Tiger products, the availability periods of performance parts for repair were extended to 10 years on May 30, 2019.

  • For performance parts for repair that are not available for 10 years (aftermarket parts)
    • For out-of-stock pouches for stainless steel bottles, those with the succeeding patterns will be supplied.
    • Those using licensed products and parts featuring popular characters in movies, cartoons, anime, etc.
  • Parts not established as performance parts for repair (aftermarket parts)
    • “Main body (steel plate) cases” of products for household and commercial uses
    • “Main bodies” of stainless steel vacuum bottles (bottles, cups, and lunch jars)
    • “Protecting cases” of products for commercial use *Except the IH rice cookers for commercial use
    • “Inner cases” of electric pizza ovens
    • “Main body cases” of ice-shaving machines (Kyoro-chan)

We accept a request for repair online through the following form.

Repair charges are mainly composed of an engineering fee and parts cost.
[Engineering fee] The fee for diagnosing the problem and repairing the product (including repair, replacement of parts, adjustments, and post-repair inspection)
[Parts cost] The cost of parts used for repairing the product

Products for overseas markets

If you are using a product for overseas markets outside Japan, refer to the following.

Consumables and options are available at Tiger Parts Shop.