Part of your everyday life

Whether you need a hot coffee on a cold morning, a sip of water after a workout, or to provide a comforting
dinner for family and friends, Tiger focuses on creating useful products for everyone to enjoy, continuously.


Spreading joyous harmony throughout the world.

Even through the changing times, different cultures and countries we live in, the desire to spend precious
moments with our loved ones never changes. We have always delivered products and services that enrich
these moments and will continue to do so.


We will continue to create new dining standards with ideas that
bring warmth and comfort.

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Creativity with a focus on substance.
Reliability with complete transparency.

The history of Tiger Corporation started with the production of vacuum bottles.
When the company was founded, vacuum bottles were an expensive luxury product, but they cracked and broke easily.
After years of testing new ideas and technologies, Tiger was able to create a vacuum bottle with a fortified and crack proof insulation.
The same insulation was used in a recovery capsule that carried samples of Japan’s first space experiment from space back to earth.


Using and manipulating heat

From our vacuum insulation technology that allows for heat to be controlled,
to continuously working on innovative technologies and ideas,
Tiger Corporation is always striving to meet the needs of all consumers.
Because of our insulation technology that has allowed for drinks to stay warm for hours,
people have been able to enjoy their favorite beverage on the go, anywhere they like.
This technology will continue to shape and help advance the future of our industry.


Our long history is an asset

Tiger’s vacuum bottle was introduced to the world on February 3rd,
1923. Over the last 100 years we were able to turn the vacuum bottle,
which was a luxury item, into an everyday life product.
We take pride in the fact that our bottles can be used to carry hot coffee and tea anywhere,
and be enjoyed anytime.


The four pledges of Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles

We believe in being health conscious, humanitarian, and eco-friendly.
In order to implement these ideas, we have committed to following these four pledges


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