Social Media Use Policy



  • ソーシャルメディアの利用にあたり、法令を遵守いたします。
  • 基本的人権、著作権、プライバシー権、肖像権など他人の権利を尊重し、それらを侵害しません。
  • 関係者の皆様や当社の機密情報を漏洩することはありません。
  • 取り扱う情報の信頼性に対して責任を持ち、誤解を与えないように注意します。



制定 2012年12月1日


Social Media Use Policy

Tiger Corporation (“We” or the “Company”) observe the following principles of conduct when operating the Company’s official social media accounts.

・We comply with laws and regulations when using social media.

・We respect the rights of others, such as basic human rights, copyrights, privacy rights and portrait rights, and will not infringe upon them.

・We do not divulge the confidential information of our stakeholders or the Company.

・We take responsibility for the reliability of the information we handle and take care not to create misunderstanding.

・We send out information with the knowledge that social media can be accessed from all over the world and that publicly released information cannot be completely deleted.

Notice to Our Customers, Business Partners and Users
All information disseminated by our employees on social media does not necessarily represent the Company’s official opinion. All official announcements from the Company are made through our website, so please refer to it for details.

Enacted: December 1, 2012

Tiger Corporation