Buy Consumable Parts

Consumables and options can be purchased in the following ways.

*Note that some of the parts are unavailable because the availability periods are over or they are exclusive repair parts.

Order through the store where the product was purchased or a dealer of Tiger products near you (such as a mass retailer of electric appliances, supermarket, or do-it-yourself store)

Check the item number and color/pattern of the item before consulting with the store.
Note that it may take many days for you to receive the item.

Order from Tiger Parts Shop

Consumables and options are available at Tiger Parts Shop.

A shipping charge or, depending on the payment method, a commission fee will be charged in addition to the parts cost.
Some of the parts are not sold in Tiger Parts Shop.
If you cannot find the desired part in Tiger Parts Shop, consult withthe store where you purchased the product or our customer service.

Availability period of performance parts for repair

Tiger Corporation stores the performance parts for repair for the following periods after manufacturing of the products is discontinued so that the customers can use the products without any worries.

* Performance parts for repair are the parts essential to maintain functionality of the products.

* Parts can be purchased for 10 years after production is discontinued.

* Repair parts will be replaced by repair.

* Performance parts for repair are parts necessary to maintain the function of the product.

* Sales may end in less than 10 years depending on material procurement and equipment status.

  • Rice cookers, electronic jars, and food jars


  • Electric water boilers and kettles


  • Mixers and mixers with mill


  • Other electric products


  • Other non-electric products


*For all Tiger products, the availability periods of performance parts for repair were extended to 10 years on May 30, 2019.

  • For performance parts for repair that are not available for 10 years (aftermarket parts)
    • For out-of-stock pouches for stainless steel bottles, those with the succeeding patterns will be supplied.
    • Those using licensed products and parts featuring popular characters in movies, cartoons, anime, etc.
  • Parts not established as performance parts for repair (aftermarket parts)
    • “Main body (steel plate) cases” of products for household and commercial uses
    • “Main bodies” of stainless steel vacuum bottles (bottles, cups, and lunch jars)
    • “Protecting cases” of products for commercial use *Except the IH rice cookers for commercial use
    • “Inner cases” of electric pizza ovens
    • “Main body cases” of ice-shaving machines (Kyoro-chan)