Repair Policy

Article 1 Application of the Policy

  • This Policy provides for the conditions applicable to a repair service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) to be conducted by Tiger Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) for the products of the Company.

  • The Company provides the Service to customers in accordance with this Policy; the Company considers that customers who use the Services have agreed to this Policy beforehand.

Article 2 Products subject to this Repair Policy

  • The Service applies to only the products sold in Japan for the home market among the products of the Company and the products to which the Services apply are hereinafter referred to as the “Products.”

Article 3 Customers whom the Service is intended for

  • The Company limits the customers who can use the Service to those who have the Products and live in Japan. Customers who want to ask for repair overseas or who live outside Japan cannot use the Service.

Article 4 Repair charges

  • Charge for the Service
    The charge for the Service is the sum of [1] service engineering fee and [2] replacement parts cost.

    • Service engineering fee: The fee specified by the Company applies.

    • Replacement parts cost: The prices of the parts replaced.

  • Warranty repair
    Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if it is clear that the warranty period specified on the warranty card issued by the Company (hereinafter referred to as Tiger’s Warranty Card) is not over, the customers will not be charged for repairs of the Products. However, if any of the following [1] to [3] applies, the customers will be charged for repairs of the Products:

    • The Company’s warranty card is not presented or necessary information such as the date of purchase and store where the Product was purchased is omitted or cannot be identified objectively on the Company’s warranty card even if it is before the warranty period is over.

    • Any of the reasons described clearly as a “case where the customers will be charged for repair even before the warranty period is over” on the Company’s warranty card “Free Repair Regulations” applies, including improper use.
      For details, refer to the “Free Repair Regulations” on the Company’s warranty card.

    • The customer incurs the engineering fee for inspection as separately specified by the Company after the Company receives a request for repair and inspects the Product but, as a result, finds no problem with the Product.

  • Extended warranties or insurances, or similar services provided independently by stores shall be excluded from the application of the Service.

  • Payments for the repairs in the Service will be made as follows.

    • The repaired product is returned to the customer via a parcel delivery service on a COD basis. The customer should pay the repair charge to the parcel delivery person when he/she receives the product.

Article 5 Conclusion of contract

  • The contract for the Service shall be considered to have been concluded when the Company receives the Product that the customer requests a repair for.

  • The Company may not be able to provide the Service in the cases specified in this Policy or otherwise depending on the customer’s request, the present state of the Product, or other circumstances.

Article 6 Initiation of repair

  • If the customer does not need the Company’s notification of an estimate of repair charge, the customer should specify a budgeted amount beforehand. If the Company confirms that the repair charge will not exceed the specified amount, the Company will initiate the repair without notifying it to the customer.

  • If the estimated amount exceeds the specified amount, the Company will notify the customer of estimated repair charge, and initiate the repair only if the customer consents to pay the estimated amount for the repair.

Article 7 Handling of repair parts

  • The parts removed for replacement with new ones in provision of the Service will not be returned to the customer. The Company may dispose of the old parts at its discretion.

  • To protect the environment and secure repair parts necessary for stable provision of the Service, recycled parts may be used in provision of the Service.

Article 8 Outsourcing of the Service

  • The Service, in whole or in part, may be outsourced to an after-sales service company (hereinafter referred to as the “Repair Company”) specified by the Company. If the Service is outsourced to the Repair Company, the personal information provided by the customer for the purpose of our providing the Service will be shared with the Repair Company.

Article 9 Availability periods of parts

  • The availability periods of performance parts for repair are specified in the instruction manuals as “Warranty and Services” and the availability periods therein are the periods for which the Company is able to provide the Service.

Article 10 Warranty for repaired products

  • Only if the same failure occurs within three months from the date of completion of repair, the customer will not be charged for a subsequent repair. It will be determined by the Company whether trouble with the repaired product should be handled as a subsequent repair.

  • Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if “2. Case where the customers will be charged for repair even before the warranty period is over” on the Company’s warranty card “Free Repair Regulations” applies, including improper use, the customer will be charged for the repair.

Article 11 Storage limitation of repaired products

  • After a repair of the Product is completed, when the unrepaired Product is returned to the customer, or otherwise when the customer is notified of the expected date for returning the Product, if the customer does not receive the Product after the elapse of 180 days from the date when the Company receives the Product for repair, the Company will consider that the customer has abandoned the right of ownership of the Product and handle the Product at its discretion.

Article 12 Change of contact information

  • If the contact information of the customer and the address to which the Product will be returned are changed before the completion of the Service, the customer must the Company thereof. If the Company keeps the repaired product out of necessity because it cannot contact the customer, Article 11 hereof will apply.

Article 13 Other

  • Depending on the repair conditions, various settings for the repaired product may be reset to factory default.

  • In cases of a failure with severe damage due to fire, dropping, submersion, or other reasons, the Company may not be able to repair the Products.

  • Damage during transportation

    • In the event of damage caused during the transportation to return the Products to the Company for repair, the Company will repair or replace the Products with equivalent products free of charge depending on the damage conditions.

    • In shipping products containing liquids or cooked foods, the customers shall remove the contents from the products at the customers’ own risk and the Company shall not assume any responsibility for accidents caused by the liquids or foods remaining in the products during transportation.

Article 14 Compensation for damages

  • The responsibilities that the Company assumes for the provision of the Service shall be limited to the items and contents provided for in this Policy and the Company assumes no responsibility for damages, lost profits, or claims for damages by third parties that are caused to the customers due to exceptional circumstances, or otherwise damages arising out of inability to use the Products due to failure or defects of the Products.

  • Even if the Company is liable for damage caused to the customer related to the provision of the Service, the liability of the Company shall be limited up to the amount equivalent to the value of the Product except when the damage is caused by the Company’s deliberate act or gross negligence. The value of the Product shall be calculated based on a residual value after depreciation or a street price of the Product in the market when the damage occurred.

Article 15 Exclusion of antisocial forces

  • If any of the customers who attempt to receive the Service are found to be [1] an organized crime group, [2] a member of an organized crime group, [3] a related company of an organized crime group, or [4] a person or group intended to act against social morals or gain profits by antisocial behavior or its member, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the Service without any notice.

Article 16 Handling of personal information

  • The Company will appropriately handle personal information such as the registered names and addresses of customers (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information) in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy provided on the Company’s website. Personal Information shall be provided to the Repair Company and delivery company designated specially by the Company only for the purpose of providing the Service and the customers shall agree to this beforehand.

    • The privacy policy is as disclosed here.

    • Handling of Personal Information is as disclosed here.

Article 17 Other matters

  • This Policy is governed by the laws and regulations of Japan and effective only in Japan and shall not limit the legal rights of or the legally protected profits to the customers.

  • Any matters not stipulated in this Policy shall be determined separately through consultation.

  • The Company may revise this Policy or add provisions and conditions to this Policy at its discretion at any time. Even after a change to this Policy, for the provision of the Service requested before the change, the Policy before the change shall apply.

  • Purpose of use of Personal Information

    The Company uses Personal Information only for the purpose of receiving a request for repair. Personal Information is subject to disclosure, correction, and suspension of use.

  • Shared use

    The Company shares the information on the clients collected for the provision of repair service with Tiger Technical Service K.K., an affiliated company of the Company.
    [Data items] Name, contact information, and name of the product repaired
    [Purpose of use] For repair service
    [Responsible entity/person] Tiger Corporation

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