Microcomputer Controlled Food Processors SKF-H101

Enjoy delicious flavors every day without hassle.
The food processor with a large capacity can quickly prepare ingredients.
Useful to cook even liquid foods such as soup and juice.

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Up to 650 g of hamburger patty mixture
High power
Cuts various ingredients evenly
Black titanium-coated blades
Light and durable stainless steel cup
Capacity of about 600 mL (for liquid)
Cord reel for easy storage
Four cooking courses to cook a variety of recipes


High power that allows you to prepare up to 650 g of hamburger patty mixture at one time

The food processor with a large capacity of 650 g* allows you to prepare hamburger patty mixture for four people (150 g × 4 patties) at one time.
The ability to prepare ingredients at once helps you save time as you cook.
*The maximum amount that can be prepared at one time varies depending on the ingredients to be cooked.

Black titanium-coated blade cutter that can cut various ingredients evenly

The serrated stainless steel blades coated with black titanium can easily crush hard and fibrous ingredients such as carrots into fine pieces. The black titanium coating makes the blades stay sharp for longer.

Four selectable cooking courses are available,to cook even liquid foods such as soup and juice!

Four selectable cooking courses are available. The cooking courses allow you to cook a variety of dishes. With the ability to prepare even liquid foods such as soup and juice, this food processor alone widens the range of recipes that you can cook.

*For liquid, the capacity is 600 mL (for 3 to 4 people)

Making cake- and bread-making easy! Four types of accompanying blades

The food processor that comes with a chopper, grater, dough kneading blade, and whipping blade can be used in various ways such as mincing meat, juice, cooking potage puree, grating radish, bread-making, and whipping fresh cream, all of which expands your repertoire.

Hamburger steak with demi-glace sauce
Deep-fried pieces of chicken coated in potato starch with grated radish
Dough-kneading blade
Butter-enriched rolls
Whipping blade
Chiffon cake with whipped cream

A: Dough-kneading blade
B: Grater
C: Housing plate
D: Chopper
E: Shaft for grater and whipping blade
F: Whipping blade
G: Brush for cutters
H: Brush with spatula

○After use, the blades can be stored together compactly in the housing plate.

A housing plate is provided to incorporate the accompanying blades and main unit in one for compact storage.
(Attach the chopper to the work ball.)

Light and durable stainless steel cup

Light and durable stainless steel cup
The large-capacity, light and durable stainless steel cup with a capacity of about 600 mL* can be used cleanly.

*For liquids

Cord reel for easy and neat storage

The cord reel allows you to easily organize the cord neatly.
The product can be set up quickly before use.

Secure design

The food processor has a safe structure that prevents the cutting tool from rotating unless the lid is closed.


Comes with a recipe book exclusively for the microcontroller-controlled food processor

Examples of recipes

Easy-to-make bisque-like soup
Hamburger steak containing lotus root with grated radish
Freshly deep-fried spicy curry bread


Brush for cutters and brush with spatula convenient for cleaning

The blades are removable so that you can clean every part of them.
The product comes with a brush for cutters and a brush with a spatula convenient for cleaning the inside of each attachment and the cutters, respectively.
The brush with a spatula can be used to take the cooked food out of the cup.


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    Microcomputer Controlled Food Processors

    • Deep Black<KD>
Product number SKF-H101
Color Deep Black<KD>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 160W
Capacity (Approximate value) 1回に調理できる最大量
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 28.7×17.2×23.8(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 2.6kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.2m
Producing Country China

* The height of the product with the housing plate set in place is 27 cm.
* Including all parts (except the brush with spatula and brush for cutters)

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