SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024×TIGER Collaboration vacuum insulation carbonated bottle sales decision!


Enjoy “SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024” with a long-chilled carbonated drink!

“Collaboration Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle” Will be sold in limited quantity!

“SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024 x Tiger Collaboration Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle” will be sold in limited quantities at the outdoor music event “SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024” to be held at Yamanakako Koryu Plaza Kirara (Yamanashi Prefecture) for two days, May 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun), 2024.

Our vacuum insulated carbonated bottles can hold carbonated drinks and keep drinks cold for a long time, so you can stay hydrated comfortably at outdoor music festivals where heatstroke prevention is important.

In addition, it is compatible with alcoholic drinks such as beer and highballs*, so it can be used by those who want to enjoy alcohol.

The design of this collaboration bottle is based on the concept of rock music and records existing as part of a primitive society, and vividly expresses the scene of the venue at Lake Yamanaka overlooking Mt. Fuji, which is one of the attractions of SWEET LOVE SHOWER, with a primitive pattern. did. If this bottle can someday be seen by people living in the distant future and think about the design on it, there may be a bright future ahead.

Create the best memories at “SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024” with “SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024 x Tiger Collaboration Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle”!

*When using alcohol, please comply with the laws and regulations of your country and region. Also, you cannot bring food or drinks into the venue.


Date and time: May 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun), 2024
Venue: Yamanakako Exchange Plaza Kirara (Yamanashi Prefecture)
Time: Doors open 09:00/Start 11:00
*Door opening and performance times are subject to change.


“SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024 x TIGER Collaboration Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle” will be sold in limited quantities

A vacuum-insulated carbonated bottle that keeps carbonated drinks cold for a long time and can be carried safely. Compatible with carbonated drinks, cold storage, and hot storage, so you can use it all year round. Collaboration products can only be purchased at the “SWEET LOVE SHOWER SPRING 2024” venue!

Product name:
“Collaboration vacuum insulated carbonated bottle”
Capacity: 0.6L
Color pattern: Eaglet white
Sales price: 4,800 yen (tax included)
Sales location: Official goods sales booth


  • As the quantity is limited, sales will end once sold out.
  • There will not be a service to pour drinks into bottles at the beverage shops inside the venue. Please transfer it yourself.

Vacuum insulation carbonated bottle MKB-T Product introduction

Vacuum insulation carbonated bottle
MKB-T036/T048/T060 *This collaboration product is MKB-T060 (0.6L size)

  • In addition to carbonated drinks and cold drinks, hot drinks are also available. A multi-bottle that can be used all year round.
  • The inside of the bottle is treated with “Super Clean Plus” to prevent carbon dioxide from evaporating.
  • Easy care and always clean. Dishwasher safe!

This collaboration product is MKB-T060 (0.6L).
Based on eaglet white

  • ・ Size expansion
    *The photo is MKB-T060 (0.6L)
  • ・ Available in color and pattern
    From the left in the photo,
    Lake Blue “AL”
    Eaglet White “WK”
    Stone black “KK”

WEB page:

Reference information : The four pledges of Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles


1. No conflict minerals

Tiger Corporation manages won’t use conflict minerals.
Tiger Corporation uses no raw materials that
were made on the foundation of people’s suffering whatsoever.

* Conflict minerals: Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nine surrounding countries.

2. NO fluorine

Our all vacuum insulated bottles use a different technology to achieve the same level of stain resistance without using
environmentally harmful fluorine coating.
The coating does not peel off, meaning that the bottles can be used for many years.

3. YES our own factories

In order to protect the health of our customers and ensure quality, we manufacture around eight million vacuum insulated bottles (*)

* at our own production facilities, even if doing so increases costs. * As of 2018

4. No plastic waste

Approximately 580 billion plastic bottles (*)are consumed annually worldwide. The use of Tiger vacuum insulated bottles contributes to reducing plastic waste.

*As of 2021

Controlling temperature, creating a brighter future. Watch it now – 100th anniversary statement movie!

Cold? Warm? Just right?
Even a tiny temperature change can give our hearts comfort and strength.

From family gatherings to exploration of space,
a temperature change of a single degree
can open our eyes to life more precious.
Tiger Corporation has been in business for 100 years.
Now, we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

100th anniversary statement movie
Japanese : https://youtu.be/ojs_gKjj118
English : https://youtu.be/Z-s6dZrX53g