TIGER 100th year anniversary model “土鍋ご泡火炊き JRX series” to be released on July 21 (Friday), 2023


“Rice can be cooked just like that served at a Japanese-style luxury restaurant! The more you chew, the more the flavors and sweetness of the rice comes out.

The new 土鍋ご泡火炊き JRX series making this possible will make its debut

Tiger’s 100th anniversary model produced with a focus on high heat up to approx. 300℃* and gentle bubbles like those produced in cooking rice in a clay pot

To be released on July 21 (Friday), 2023

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka), a world leader in thermal control technology, will launch the new flagship models 土鍋ご泡火炊き JRX-T100/060 on July 21 (Friday), 2023 as the masterpieces to commemorate its 100th anniversary.

For as many as 100 years since its founding, Tiger Corporation has been working on studies on temperature, which is the most critical parameter for cooking rice, based on its thermal control technology. What we acquired through the course of history is these ご泡火炊き series. To cook rice to serve at many of the first-class Japanese-style luxury restaurants, clay pots are used. A rice cooker of this series produces bubbling and high heat like those produced in cooking rice in a clay pot to bring out deep, sweet flavors and increase the springiness of the rice. The rice cooker can cook the ideal rice that Tiger Corporation has been aiming for in its 100-year history.

The new flagship JRX series to be released on this occasion adopts the new 300°C W layer IH coil structure. With this series, the highest temperature of approx. 300°C in the history of Tiger Corporation, extremely high heat exceeding what was previously the norm of existing rice cookers, has been achieved. In addition, the series is equipped with the producing-region-specific feature that allows rice of the Koshihikari brands to be cooked differently by producing region and a function that allows you, when away from home, to remotely change the rice cooking timer setting using the dedicated application.

As a result of all of the wisdom and latest technologies that Tiger has accumulated for years, the best-of-the-best rice cooker befitting the 100th anniversary model has arrived. Beyond 100 years, Tiger Corporation will continue to take on challenges for manufacturing quality kitchen products to cook delicious meals.

*When cooking 4 go of rice in the White Rice setting in the Grainy mode with the heat set to High Temperature at the outer bottom of the inner pot (based on our research)

Our goal was a rice cooker that can cook rice as good as that served at a first-class Japanese-style luxury restaurant. The ideal cooking technique that Tiger Corporation acquired over the years


Aroma and good flavors of springy cooked rice spread out the moment you put it in your mouth. The more you chew it, the more the deep, sweet flavors of the rice appear.

“High temperature”
[New feature] Approx. 300°C*1, the highest temperature in the history of Tiger Corporation, to bring out sweetness of each grain of rice with extremely high heat

The heat-storage performance of a clay pot made of natural materials is high and this means a temperature can be applied that is much higher than that possible with a metal pot. With the JRX series of the new flagship model rice cooker, a temperature up to approx. 300°C, the highest temperature in the history of Tiger Corporation, has been achieved successfully, using the heat-storage performance of the ceramic inner pot and the new 300°C W layer IH structure.

The TIGER’s first*2 new 300℃ W layer IH structure

The 300°C W layer IH structure adopts the two-layer IH coil structure for the bottom of the inner pot. The surface area of the coil is up 160%*3 more than that of the existing flagship model, bringing greater heating power. The first layer of the heating coil covering the bottom of the inner pot transmits heat seamlessly to the entire pot. The two-layer structure reproduces high heat and a heat temperature difference as if the ceramic inner pot was heated over an open fire. Utilizing the properties of the ceramic inner pot that slowly transmits heat, the rice cooker cooks rice with intense but gentle heat convection taking advantage of a difference in temperature between the upper and lower parts of the pot to maximize the sweetness of the rice.

The rice cooker slowly heats the rice to the grain cores using the far-infrared effect of the inner pot, which is about four times*4 that of a metal pot and can be produced only by the ceramic inner pot, to bring out the flavors of the rice.

*1 When cooking 4 go of rice using the White Rice setting in Grainy mode with the heat set to High. Temperature at the outer bottom of the inner pot (based on our research) The temperature that can be reached with JRX-T060 is approx. 250℃

*2 As of June 8, 2023 (based on our research)

*3 In terms of the area covered by the work coil, the JRX-T100 and our conventional JPL-S100 (2022 made in 2013). JRX-T100: 26207mm2, JPL-S100: 16695mm2 (based on our research)

*4 Based on a comparison of the inner pots between JRX-T100 and the conventional Tiger product JKT-P100 (2021 model). This is a comparison of the amounts of on-peak far-infrared radiation energy between the authentic donabe and the metal pot when the temperatures of the inside bottoms of the pots are 230°C and 110°C, respectively (presumed temperatures for cooking rice). JPL-S100: 397.6 Wm -2µm -1, JKT-P100 (2021 model): 97.7 Wm -2µm -1 (based on our research)

Fine and gentle bubbles only possible with a ceramic inner pot prevent the rice grain surfaces from being damaged and cook distinctively springy and fluffy rice.

In intense convection, the cooked rice grain surfaces are damaged, resulting in a sticky texture or starch that comes out through the skins of the damaged rice grains, resulting in fewer good flavors of the rice. The ご泡火炊き rice cooker cooks rice with fine gentle bubbles that are produced on the inner surface of the ceramic inner pot.

The produced bubbles enfold the rice grains, preventing the surfaces of the grains from being damaged so that the rice can be kept firm and lustrous and made even more springy and fluffy. The rice cooker cooks rice as ideally lustrous, springy and fluffy as that served at a first-class Japanese-style luxury restaurant without losing the good and rich flavors and textures of the rice.

Different cooking functions that have been evolving for an even better cooking method

(1) The innovative rice brand-specific cooking functions for 70 brands

To provide these functions, we utilized the measurement data used at the International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation, the largest rice competition in Japan and abroad that collects more than 5,700 rice brands from home and abroad* through the cooperation of the Japanese Association of Rice Taste Appraisers. The characteristics of each brand of rice, such as moisture, protein, and amylose content, are scientifically analyzed in detail to ensure that the rice is cooked in a delicious way that suits each type of rice. Tiger’s unique brand-specific cooking function reflects the intentions of the rice producers in the taste of the rice.

*International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation

(2) Brand-specific download function [new feature]

There are about 900* rice brands in Japan and more and more new ones are being created every year. The rice cooking programs corresponding to new rice brands released are available for download. This makes the cooking methods updated to suit improved varieties of rice available to you so that you can cook rice using the latest cooking technique.

*The 2021 agricultural produce inspection results of rice in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website

(3) Producing region-specific cooking [new feature]

Even among the Koshihikari brands, the data vary greatly depending on the land, water used, and climate in the region they grow. Producing-region-specific cooking is now available to cook rice differently for each of the two Koshihikari brands grown in six regions ranging from Tohoku to Kyushu and Okinawa. This feature maximizes the sweetness, good flavors, and springiness and fluffiness of rice to make possible ideal cooked rice that Tiger Corporation aims for.

(4) New rice Homare-Daki [new feature]

The essence of rice cookers is to cook delicious rice. Characteristics of rice greatly vary depending on the time elapsed after it is harvested and it is ideal to provide different cooking programs for different types of rice. The IoT rice cooker that can be updated allows the user to cook new rice with the cooking program customized for new rice of the brand.

*This feature is available for a limited period from around September each year to around the end of January of the following year.

IoT incorporated! Connecting for convenience and comfort [Interfacing with the application]

(1) Changing the timer setting [new feature]

The dedicated TIGER HOME app allows you, when away from home, to remotely change the rice cooking timer setting. You can change the rice cooking timer setting when you may come home earlier or later than planned.

(2) Brand Rice Sommelier [new feature]

Choose your preference from five types of rice classified according to texture and taste (Medium, Springy, Light, Soft, and Firm). If you give feedback on the app, the app assists you in finding your favorite brand of rice.

(3) Monitoring function [new feature]

In addition to your rice cooker, you can also register another rice cooker to monitor on the app. With the monitoring function set to on, you will receive a push notification every day, which is helpful if you need to watch over a family member who lives away from your home.

The app also allows you to check your rice cooking history, the remaining amount of rice and the rice cooking status and automatically purchase rice through Tiger’s proprietary Rice Delivery service.

Other Features

With five-year warranty on the inner pot The authentic donabe made of a carefully selected clay

The inner pot of the authentic donabe is made of Yokkaichi Banko ware, a traditional craft of Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, known as the home of pottery. A carefully selected special clay is used to make the inner pot. The pot is baked at a high temperatures of about 1,250°C and then subjected to three cycles of further baking at temperatures different for each cycle to complete. The authentic donabe is over twice as strong as* general ceramic inner pots.

We provide a five-year warranty against cracks and peeled fluorine coating on the inner pot. So, you can use it without worry.

*Based on a comparison of bending strength of the base material of the ceramic inner pot (based on our own research): Authentic donabe (JRX-T100) = 70 to 80 MPa, conventional Banko clay pot for gas heating = 20 to 40 MPa

The art of cooking a single bowl of rice 1-Go Ryotei-Daki

If 1 go of rice is cooked with a normal rice cooker, the cooking space will be too large, making it difficult for heat to be evenly distributed to each grain of rice. Thanks to a cooking space reduced with the dedicated inner lid, the 1-Go Ryotei-Daki rice cooker transmits heat to the rice evenly, so that a single bowl of fragrant and sweet rice can be cooked. The 1-Go Ryotei-Daki setting allows you to enjoy freshly cooked rice tasting as good as that served at a first-class Japanese-style luxury restaurant even when cooking a single bowl (0.5 go) of white rice or mixed rice.

*Only JRX-T100 comes with the inner lid.

Rice bin humidity control to keep good aroma and springiness of the cooked rice

The rice bin humidity control takes a cue form the way that a wooden rice bin retains heat and controls air and moisture by breathing. After the rice is cooked, the Spring & Shine Pump draws in outside air and releases heat and steam. The temperature sensor provided on the bottom of the main body works to determine whether the cooked rice needs to breathe and finely controls the humidity level, so that odors and yellowing can be prevented and the delicious flavors of freshly cooked rice can be kept.

Uncompromising ease of use and cleaning is also offered.

The large white backlight LCD touch panel displays texts in large letters and is easy to operate. You only need to clean two parts—the inner pot and inner lid. The parts can be removed easily.

The magnetic removable inner lid is comfortable to use as it attaches to the main body magnetically when you move your hand off the lid. The dishwasher- and dish dryer-safe inner lid and steam cap are made with attention to ease of daily cleaning.

Just a glance at the emotional lamp to check up on the status of your rice cooker [new feature]

The soft light glows gently and creates a warm and homely atmosphere. The light coming out from the rice cooker brings an uplifting feeling like that you feel when opening a jewel case and makes you feel that the cooked rice is completely unique and the best rice you have ever had.

The color of the light turns red, orange, and green corresponding to the rice cooker status of cooking, keeping warm, and timer set, respectively, so that you can easily identify the status from a distance.

Product Image

Cosmo Black “KT”

Moon White “WT”

The 土鍋ご泡火炊き JRX-T series product page


Product Specifications

Product nameCeramic Inner Pot Pressure IH Rice Cooker “炊きたて” 土鍋ご泡火炊きCeramic Inner Pot Pressure IH Rice Cooker “炊きたて” 土鍋ご泡火炊き
Product numberJRX-T100JRX-T060
Suggested retail priceOpen price*Open price*
Maximum power consumption (W)1080750
Maximum cooking capacity (L)1.0 (5.5 go cooker)0.63 (3.5 go cooker)
Maximum cooking capacity class*1BA
Yearly power consumption (kWh/year)*28348.5
Power consumption per rice cooking cycle (Wh)*2155*3104*3
Power consumption per hour for keeping warm (Wh)*217*316.3*3
Size: Width × depth × height (approx.) cm28.2×36.6×21.925.7×33.2×20.5
Main unit weight (approx.) kg7.56.2
Menu settingsEco, White Rice (Rice Brand-Specific Cooking), 1 Go Cooking, Quick Cook, Mixed (White Rice, 1 Go, Barley, Mixed Grains, and Brown Rice),Porridge, Brown Rice, Barley Rice (Rolled Barley), Barley Rice (Sticky Barley), Mixed Grains, and SweetEco, White Rice (Rice Brand-Specific Cooking), 1 Go Cooking, Quick Cook, Mixed (White Rice, 1 Go, Barley, Mixed Grains, and Brown Rice),Porridge, Brown Rice, Barley Rice (Rolled Barley), Barley Rice (Sticky Barley), Mixed Grains, and Sweet
Color patternsCosmo Black “KT”, Moon White “WT”Cosmo Black “KT”, Moon White “WT”
Release dateJuly 21, 2023July 21, 2023

*For open-priced products, there are no suggested retail prices.

*1 Electromagnetic induction heating system (IH) … A: 0.54 L or more but less than 0.99 L, B: 0.99 L or more but less than 1.44 L.

*2 The figures are based on the measurement method for the specified equipment “electric rice cookers” defined in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. (Class names are also based on this law.)

*3 The energy consumption per rice cooking cycle and the energy consumption per hour for keeping warm are the values in the Eco setting. (This is the factory default setting.)

The colors in the product photos may differ slightly from the actual colors. Please be aware of this.

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Controlling temperature, creating a brighter future. Watch it now – 100th anniversary statement movie!

Cold? Warm? Just right?
Even a tiny temperature change can give our hearts comfort and strength.

From family gatherings to exploration of space,
a temperature change of a single degree
can open our eyes to life more precious.
Tiger Corporation has been in business for 100 years.
Now, we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

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