Regarding the Use of Asbestos by Tiger Corporation


Thank you very much for your continued use of Tiger products. This is a notice to inform customers of the status of asbestos use in our products.

1.Current status of asbestos use

Currently, we do not use asbestos in any of our products.

2.Use of asbestos in products previously sold by Tiger

The products that used asbestos are as follows.

Product Name Asbestos-Containing Parts Asbestos
Amount Contained Model Number or Trade Name Manufacturing Period
The sealed space between
the inner bottle
and the other bottle
of the thermos
Serpentine asbestos Approx.0.4g
Toaster Parts where the
heater pipe and
insulators are held
KTA 1980–1983
KTB 1980–1983
KTC 1985–1991
KTD 1987–1991

3.Details on parts containing asbestos

(1)Product Name: Thermos(Glass)

The inner bottle of a glass thermos is made of double glass bottles, and a spacer (mat) is applied to stabilize the double glass bottles.This mat contained asbestos.The mat is mixed with other materials, solidified, and welded to a sealed area in the double glass bottle, which is never exposed to the outside.

(2)Product Name: Toaster Oven

For the toaster oven, the heater pipe is shown in the figure below, and the part marked (4) is where asbestos is used.(4 upper and lower heater parts per product)

  1. Heater pipe
  2. Heater wire
  3. Insulator
  4. Cushioning material(asbestos)
  5. Heater screw
  6. Washer
  7. Nut

4.Effects on the human body of products containing asbestos

In the past, asbestos was used in very small amounts in parts of the products mentioned above.The material is used either solidified or in a solid state mixed with other materials, in areas not exposed to the outside, and no issues will arise under normal usage conditions.

5.Disposing of products

When disposing of the products in question, please do so according to usual disposal methods (as specified by the municipality).

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