Vacuum Insulated Bottle MCX-A352/A502/A602


An astonishing vacuum insulated bottle made with higher grade and great material for modern grown-ups people.
Its urban color variations will express your style while still emphasize its simplicity.




CapacityModel No.Price
0.35LMCX-A352479,000 ₫
0.5LMCX-A502499,000 ₫
0.6LMCX-A602529,000 ₫

1. Spinning Process

The stainless-steel plate is pressed and thinned with Tiger’s original manufacturing process to make the bottles lightweight.

2. Lightest model in the series

Spinning process for the thinnest inner wall. A roller presses the stainless steel plate to male it thinner.

3.Open and auto lock with slide push

Push the button down and push in front. The lid is opened with one push and locked automatically when you close the lid. You do not forget to lock it so you are relieved inside the bag. Compared with conventional products, opening and closing are smoother because of the new mechanism.

4. The bottle can be placed quietly because of its bottom

The bottom is made of resin and you can place the bottle gently on the desk.

5.Vacuum Insulation Technology

Tiger’s vacuum insulation technology keeps drinks hotter and colder for hours. The copper foil in between the two stainless-steel walls supports temperature retention. Cold drinks will not cause condensation on the outside of the bottle and hot drinks will not cause the bottle to become too hot to handle.

6. Easy to put ice through wide mouth

Ice from freezer fits comfortably, easy to clean

7. Entirely washable

Leaser welding, Tiger’s original technique, used in the bottom part prevents the waterdrop from entering inside of the body. Therefore, the body is washable entirely and well drained.

8. High-grade stainless steel

Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles are made from SUS304 (18/8) high-grade certified food-safe stainless steel.

9. Few detachable parts

Entirely keep clean by washing each detachable parts.

Product number MCX-A352 MCX-A502 MCX-A602
Color Shell White<WR>
Fog Blue<AF>
Red Ochre<RO>
Clear Stainless<XC>
Shell White<WR>
Fog Blue<AF>
Red Ochre<RO>
Clear Stainless<XC>
Ebony Black<KE>
Clear Stainless<XC>
Capacity 0.35L 0.5L 0.6L
Heat Retention (6h) 63℃ or more 69℃ or more 72℃ or more
Heat Retention (1h) 85℃ or more 86℃ or more 87℃ or more
Cold Retention (6h) 9℃ or less 8℃ or less 8℃ or less
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 6.6×6.6×18(cm) 6.6×6.6×23.1(cm) 6.9×6.9×24.6(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 0.17kg 0.21kg 0.23kg
Caliber (Approximate value) 4(cm) 4(cm) 4(cm)
Producing Country Viet Nam Viet Nam Viet Nam