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Vacuum Insulated Food Jar MCL-B038/A038

Tiger Vacuum insulated food jars will keep food and beverages hot or cold for over 6 hours. This compact food jar will come in handy for meal prep in the morning and take with you in any lunch box or bag. The interior has a super clean coating to make it tough against stains and odors. The 2.8 inch wide mouth cup with interior rounded bottom makes it easy to fill and scoop soups that have meat and vegetables that sink to the bottom. The wide mouth and easily disassembled lid makes it easy to clean by hand.



Product number MCL-B038 MCL-A038
Color Saffron Yellow (YS), Chili Red (RC), Indigo Blue (AI) Mint Blue (AM), Cream Pink (PG), Chocolate Brown (TC)
Capacity 13oz (0.38L) 13oz (0.38L)
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) W3.5 x D3.5 x H5.5 (inch)
W9.0 x D9.0 x H13.9 (cm)
W3.5 x D3.5 x H5.5 (inch)
W9.0 x D9.0 x H13.9 (cm)