Online Store Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide


Payment method

When ordering, please select your preferred payment method on the cart screen.


We accept the following credit cards.
Visa ・ Mastercard ・ American Express

Payment will be processed after the order has been placed.If you subsequently cancel your order in whole or in part, a refund will be issued.
The refund will be issued to the credit card you used when you placed your order. Please note that the total refund will be processed as a single amount calculated on the cancellation deadline date given for your original order. A refund in that amount will then be issued. It may take up to two months from the time of issuance for the refund to appear on your credit-card statement.The refund may appear on your statement as a negative amount, depending on the credit-card company.

Shop Pay

Please check the icon on the payment screen to use this service.
You can store and use your credit card information and address across stores.

How to use
the coupons

After clicking AGREE AND PROCEED TO CHECKOUT, enter the coupon code in the screen where the delivery address it to be written.And press ”Apply”

  • You can use the coupon once for one person.
  • The coupons will not be accepted after the expiration date.
  • Please make sure that a coupon has been applied in the screen of order confirmation.
  • It is not possible to cancel the coupon after use nor apply it to another order.
  • Not possible to convert the coupon to money nor get a refund.
  • Not possible to assign a coupon to another parson nor exchange it with another one.


You can print by yourself from”Receipt printing”from My Pages ORDER HISTORY> FIND OUT MORE.



Some of the products sold on this site do not come with a paper instruction manual for environmental reasons. Please refer to the following link for the instruction manual.

Tiger Customizable Bottles Standard Model (MXV-E, MXP-A002/B002/E001/F001/G001):

Tiger Customizable Bottles Active Model(MCZ-D, MCZ- EF):

Tiger Customizable bottles Carbonated Model (MTA-C ,MTA-D/E):


Shipping cost

Tax-included amount fluctuates depending on the tax rate.

Free shipping anywhere in each state for orders of $100 or more per transaction.
*Except Alaska,Hawaii,Guam and Puerto Rico.We are currently not shipping to Alaska,Hawaii,Guam and Puerto Rico.

If the amount of your order is less than $100, the shipping cost will vary depending on the weight and delivery area.

  • ※In the case of multiple delivered per shipment is less than $100.
  • ※Even if multiple orders from the same customer total more than $100, each order less than $100 will incur a separate shipping fee.

Delivery Times

You cannot specify the delivery time zone.

Delivery method

Once the order is received, it will be shipped within one week by UPS.

Delivery date

Regularly shipped items will be delivered in approximately one week after your order is received.

  • ※It may take, however, more than a week depending on the stock status of the product and the destination.
  • ※Due to natural disasters, traffic conditions, Golden Week holidays (holiday period), the New Year holidays, or other circumstances, it may take more than a week.

Delivery address

On the order screen, please specify the destination (delivery address). If you have registered in advance, the registered address will be displayed.
If you have registered multiple addresses, you can specify from among them.
If you want to change it, please edit the registered address or register from “Add new address”
※Please note that you cannot change the shipping address if it has already been shipped. In that case, you will be notified of the package number already shipped, so please contact the shipping company by yourself.
※If the product can not be received by the customer due to a wrongly written address or his/her long absence from home, the order will be treated as a cancel after the product has been returned to our company. If you still need to purchase it, please place an order once again.


Product return and exchange

Please contact us within thirty (30) days after delivery and return it to us within (40) days. However, exchange cannot be accepted in the following cases:

  • Items that have been damaged or broken for reasons not attributable to our company.
  • Products that have passed 30 days or more without any notification after the product arrived to your destination.

Please see below for more information.

In the case of defective products

In the unlikely event that the delivered product is defective, please contact us within thirty (30) days after delivery and return it to us within forty (40) days by cash on delivery of shipping cost. Shipping costs for returning defective products will be borne by us. After confirming the returned product, we will ship the non-defective product with our advance payment or return the price.

If you wish to return or exchange, please read the above conditions and contact us if you have further questions.
Click here for inquiry form.


Become a TIGER FOREST member

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To help you get the most out of your Tiger products, we invite you to join the TIGER FOREST members’ site.
After registering your purchases, you can take advantage of many services, obtain the latest information about our products, and receive special offers.
* When you sign up, you will be asked to review and accept our user agreement.

Smooth shopping!

If you register as a member of TIGER FOREST, you can easily shop at TIGER Online Store USA.

  • You can purchase without registering as a member.

Make your shopping easier!

During login, the registered member information is automatically reflected in the input form etc., so you can purchase products and make inquiries smoothly.
Please see here about the handling of personal information .
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Registration of the receiver’s address

You can register multiple destinations that you use frequently. The purchase of goods becomes easy.

Purchase history

You can check the purchase history of the product.

E-mail magazine

You can receive campaign information from TIGER FOREST. You can change the e-mail magazine reception settings by yourself.