Striving to control temperature for 100 years

Temperature is the most important factor in cooking rice. Tiger Corporation has been striving to control the temperature based on its thermal control technology for as long as 100 years since its foundation. Questions were: How can we provide tasty cooked rice for everyone? What is tasty cooked rice that makes everyone happy like? The answer to those questions that Tiger Corporation reached after years of research with passion and techniques is “cooked rice served at a fancy Japanese-style restaurant.”

Tiger’s aim was to cook rice so it is as tasty as rice served at a fancy Japanese-style restaurant

The leading player in a Japanese-style meal is white rice. To cook white rice that is served as an important dish, many fancy Japanese-style restaurants use a clay pot. 土鍋ご泡火炊き andご泡火炊き rice cookers are products developed based on our wish to allow many people to enjoy the good flavors of rice cooked in a clay pot and served at fancy Japanese-style restaurants even at home. Each grain of rice is enfolded by fine bubbles so that the rice can be cooked evenly and made fluffy. The cooked rice grains are shiny and firm outside and plump and soft inside. They have a structure very similar to that of shiny, fresh salmon caviar.

High heat and gentle bubbling are true values of cooking in a clay pot.

Fine bubbles caused by high heat enfold rice grains to make them dance so that the grains aren’t damaged easily and are kept springy. The rice cooker can cook fluffy and sweet rice while bringing out the good flavors of the rice using the radiant heat specific to the ceramic inner pot. Enjoy happiness of eating tasty rice every day.

Technology 1

The thermal control technology that Tiger Corporation has been refining since its foundation is used to bring out the original sweetness and moderate stickiness of rice

Technology 2

Ideal bubbles that can be produced only in ceramic inner pots gently keep the firmness and shine of rice grains

Technology 3

Thanks to the high far-infrared radiation effect that can be produced only with clay, rice is heated to the core so that good flavors can condense into the cooked rice