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Non-Alcoholic Citrus Spritzer

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This fruity citrus spritzer is the essence of summer in a glass! Sweet, tart and full of refreshing fizzy carbonation, this fruit juice and sparkling water elixir will stay cold and carbonated for hours in your Tiger stainless steel travel mug!

  • Servings 2
  • Preparation
  • Cooking


  • 2 cups sparkling waters
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 10 slices lemon, lime and/or orange
  • Ice cubes


  • Put all the ingredients in a small pitcher and serve.
  • Once complete, place in Tiger tumbler to take in on the go. Discard of the ice cubes to carry in a tumbler to preserve the fizz!


A spritzer is a chilled, carbonated drink in a tall glass. And while a wine spritzer is the most famous of them all – usually containing a combination of seltzer and white wine – in truth, a spritzer can totally be a non alcoholic drink as well. 


This non alcoholic citrus spritzer is easy enough to make on a hot day when you need refreshment STAT!

Simply add one part fruit juice to two parts seltzer (sparkling water) and a bit of fruit like lemon or orange slices and you’re good to go! On a hot day, serve in a glass over ice cubes.

Or, if you’re taking your fruity spritzer to go, forget the ice cubes and pour into your Tiger vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle! It’ll stay fizzy and cold for a LONG time😋


Sure, ice is great – but it can water down a sparkling drink like this citrus spritzer pretty quickly if you don’t drink it quickly enough. Hello brain freeze!

Hey – you can forget about the ice if you’re using a Tiger travel mug.

Simply make sure you’re starting with refrigerated seltzer and fruit juice. When you place your cold mixed spritzer into your travel mug, the vacuum insulation will keep your drink cold for 6+ hours. And the leak proof rubber seal on the cap will keep the carbonation right where it belongs… in your spritzer!

We are taking a stand against warm, flat spritzers! A summer drink should be frigid, crisp and refreshing.

So, summer like you mean it… with this fruity non alcoholic citrus spritzer!

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