“Tiger Kamado” which cooks delicious rice with a piece of newspaper without using electricity or gas, is now available in an optional pouch.


Nikkei Trendy “Stationery and Miscellaneous Goods Category 2024 First Half Hit Award” winning product

Tiger Kamado, a combination of outdoor equipment and disaster prevention goods that cooks delicious rice
without electricity or gas using only a piece of newspaper, is now available as an optional product.

In response to user feedback, a convenient carrying pouch is available from today.

Tiger Corporation, a world leader in heat control technology, has received the Nikkei Trendy “Hit Award” in the stationery and sundries category for the first half of 2024 for its “Tiger Kamado,” which cooks rice using a piece of newspaper without the use of electricity or gas. The product has been well received by many people.

Today, July 10, Tiger Kamado’s first optional pouch will go on sale at the official Tiger online store. In late August, Tiger will also release a low stand that can be used as a stand while cooking rice. According to a user survey, a high percentage of users use Tiger Kamado for both “outdoor use” and “disaster prevention,” and 40% of users use Tiger Kamado outside their yards, such as at campsites, indicating that there is high demand for portable use. (*) We have received many requests for a pouch that can be used for storage and transportation, and a stand that can be used on an outdoor table, and have decided to release these optional products.

Our vision is to “Spreading joyous harmony throughout the world,” and we will continue to support “happy gatherings” with this product, which allows users to enjoy freshly cooked rice without electricity.

*According to our own research. 
*Do not use this product in places where the use or handling of fire is prohibited. Do not use indoors, in tents, in cars, or in other poorly ventilated places.


Tiger’s “Tiger Kamado” is popular among customers for the following reasons.

(1) Novelty of cooking rice using newspaper as fuel

Tiger developed an internal structure that efficiently burns familiar newspapers and milk cartons to cook delicious rice. (For 3 cups of rice, 9 newspapers or 4 1/2 milk cartons are enough to cook rice. ) Even in an environment without electricity or gas, freshly cooked rice can be served with water, rice, and newspaper.

(2) Growing popularity of items that serve as both outdoor equipment and disaster prevention goods

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in products that can be used at any time, without separating daily life (normal times) and emergencies (times of disaster). In fact, one of our purchasers said, “I purchased this product because it can be used as outdoor goods and camping goods in everyday life and as disaster prevention goods in the event of a disaster. This is one of the reasons why we purchased this product.

(3) Convenience of easy rice cooking

By alternately placing newspaper in the two holes at the bottom of the kamado and repeatedly lighting the fire, the delicious “first a little, then a lot, then a little, then a lot” cooking style can be reproduced. This is easy for children and people not used to camping to use.

New optional product released in response to customer feedback

Optional Pouch for Tiger Kamado

We have decided to release an optional pouch for “Tiger Kamado” in response to the requests of our customers who want a pouch to carry it around. The pouch is lightweight and durable, making it easy to carry as outdoor goods or disaster prevention goods. The cushioning provides a safe and comfortable way to carry a ceramic kamado.

Product name: Tiger Kamado Optional Pouch (Tiger official online store limited product)
Part Number: KMD-Z10P
Color: Moon Gray
Release date: July 10, 2024
Price: 3,300 yen (tax included)
URL: https://www.tiger-corporation.com/ja/jpn/product/rice-cooker/kmd-z-p/

Tiger Kamado Optional Low Stand

This is a stand (stand) that can be used while cooking rice in the “Tiger Kamado” and was decided to be put on the market in response to requests from customers who “want to use it on an outdoor table” and “want to use a handy pot stand instead of blocks or bricks.

It is low in height so it can be used on an outdoor table, and the stainless steel construction makes it rust-resistant and easy to clean. It is thin and lightweight, so it can be stored in a pouch.

Product name: Tiger Kamado Optional Low Stand (Tiger official online store limited product)
Part Number: KMD-Z10L
Color: Stainless steel
Release date: Scheduled for late August 2024
Price: 1,980 yen (tax included)

Tiger Kamado Product Introduction

Tiger Kamado (KMD-A100) *Official online store only


In Japan, which is prone to natural disasters, this product was developed with the hope that people will be able to eat hot rice anytime they want, maintaining even a little peace of mind and body in the harsh environment of disaster-stricken areas. The heat is transmitted in the same way as in a real kamado, bringing out the sweetness and firmness of the rice, so that even in an emergency, you can enjoy freshly cooked, delicious rice.

How to use Tiger Kamado

When cooking 3 cups of white rice, water absorption time is about 30 minutes in summer and 40 minutes in winter, cooking time is about 20 minutes, and mureashi time is about 15 minutes. Cooked rice can also be cooked.