Flying Tiger & Tiger Corporatioin collaborate! Halloween 2023 will be a “#Time Saving Halloween” for everyone!


Flying Tiger & Tiger Corporatioin collaborate!
Halloween 2023 will be a “#Time Saving Halloween” for everyone!

The first 50 customers to purchase a TIGER COOKPOT or any other product from the official Tiger online store will receive a Flying Tiger item perfect for a #Times Saving Halloween!

Tiger Corporatioin Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Head Office: Kadoma, Osaka), a world leader in heat control technology, has collaborated with Flying Tiger Copenhagen (Flying Tiger), a general store from Denmark, to hold a campaign themed “#Time Saving Halloween” to make it easy for even busy people to enjoy Halloween.

During the campaign period, the first 50 customers to purchase the 100th anniversary model “TIGER COOKPOT COK-A220” and other eligible products at the Tiger Online Store will receive Flying Tiger’s “Halloween Party Items” that are fun just to decorate to create a Halloween atmosphere. The items will be delivered in Tiger’s original tiger-patterned box, which has been well-received on SNS.

Recipes for Halloween dishes using the TIGER COOKPOT are also available on the official Flying Tiger website.We hope you will enjoy Halloween 2023 with Flying Tiger items that provide the opportunity to enjoy seasonal events to the fullest and Tiger Corporatioin products that aim to create happy gatherings with warmth and ideas.

Campaign Overview

[ Products subject to the above list ] ※This list applies to purchases made through the official TIGER online store.

  • Electric pressure cooker “TIGER COOKPOT” COK-A220
  • Hot plate “Dining plate” CRL-A201
  • Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle MTA-T050/T080/T120/T150
  • Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle “Coca-Cola Official” (for cold storage only) MTA-T05K/T08K/T12K/T15K
  • Retro Pattern Reprint Series Orange Stripe WO Pattern 
    *However, vacuum insulated bottles MMZ-T035 and MMP-T020 are excluded.

[ Items to be delivered and number of people to receive them ] *First 50 people to receive them

Flying Tiger Halloween items that are fun just to decorate (1,200 yen value) 

[ Period ] 10:00, Thursday, September 21, 2023 – 10:00, Monday, October 23, 2023

[ Details ]

Image of the item to be delivered

Delivered in a tiger-patterned box!

Tiger Corporatioin & Flying Tiger recommend “#Times Saving Halloween” recipes.

Product used: Electric pressure cooker “TIGER COOKPOT” COK-A220

(1) One unit with 10 functions! Cooks rice, side dishes, fermented foods, and even sweets.

(2) Utilizes the texture of ingredients and prevents nutrients from being lost.TIGER’s original gentle pressure “Umami Pressure” (approx. 1.15 atmospheres) that makes the best use of food texture and prevents the release of nutrients.

(3) Significantly shortens cooking time! Waiting time” = depressurization time is greatly reduced.

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“#Time Saving Halloween” recommended recipes and points for Halloween-style arrangements

Tomato Cream Risotto with Shrimp and Mushrooms


★Halloween style arrangement★

  • Heat 4 slices of raw pumpkin together.
  • Use squid ink pasta sauce instead of tomato sauce to make a Halloween style black risotto.
  • For younger children, substitute canned corn for the olives and sausage for the shrimp.

Spare Ribs in Orange


★Halloween style arrangement★

  • Add sliced orange to add Halloween color.
  • The broth may be boiled down to make a sauce.

Easy Gâteau au Chocolat


★Halloween style arrangement★

  • Spread whipped cream on top and draw cobwebs with chocolate.
  • It is also delicious with chopped chestnuts!

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Controlling temperature, creating a brighter future. Watch it now – 100th anniversary statement movie!

Cold? Warm? Just right?
Even a tiny temperature change can give our hearts comfort and strength.

From family gatherings to exploration of space,
a temperature change of a single degree
can open our eyes to life more precious.
Tiger Corporation has been in business for 100 years.
Now, we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

100th anniversary statement movie
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