Electric Pressure Cooker (TIGER COOKPOT) COK-A220

100th anniversary model

This product is the culmination of wisdom of our thermal control technology accumulated over about 100 years.
The compact cooker for daily use, with a focus on the time taken for pressure cooking, allows you to make good-tasting dishes without hassle.

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FEATURE Features

Just put in ingredients and press the button!
3-stepeasy cooking

  • Put in ingredients


    Put in ingredients

  • Use the dial and touch button to select a desired setting


    Use the dial and touch button to select a desired setting *To pressure-cook, lock the pressure button.

  • Completed!



Electric Pressure Cooker Electric Pressure Cooker

This one cooker enables you to cook rice and dishes
as well as to ferment and make sweets!

cleanup time cleanup time

Shorten cooking
and cleanup timeAnd, use the spare time created to do whatever you want.

Achieving a significant reduction in waiting time (i.e., time taken to reduce pressure),
the cooker completes a dish in 27 minutes following the start of cooking!

*In the automatic cooking setting, Premium Curry

*In the automatic cooking setting, Premium Curry

In the Premium setting, after the process of applying a constant pressure (about 1.15 atm) continues for a long time, the process of reducing pressure follows and completes in about 7 minutes. This cooker reduces the time from start of cooking until the dish is ready to eat compared with general electric pressure cookers that apply high pressures for cooking.


All you have to clean are just three parts. They are dishwasher safe so that you can clean them quickly.

There are only three parts to clean: the inner pot, drip pan, and inner lid. The drip pan and inner lid are dishwasher safe so that you can easily clean them after use.

All you have to clean are just three parts

All you have to clean are just three parts

A: Inner pot / B: Drip pan (dishwasher safe) /
C: Inner lid (dishwasher safe)

Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher safe

Cooking without fire ensures safety even in households with small children!

Cooking without fire ensures safety even in households with small children!

Cooking without fire ensures safety even in households with small children!

The product meets strict safety standards such as PSC*1and SG*2.
So it can be used safely without worry.

While TIGER COOKPOT is cooking, you can effectively use the spare time created to take care of your children or enjoy your hobby because you do not have to worry about the food boiling over, burning or sticking, or about adjusting the heat.

  • *1 The PSC mark indicates that the product conforms to the safety standards for pressure cookers and pressure cookers for home use under the Consumer Product Safety Law established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • *2 The SG mark indicates that the product has passed the SG standard set by the Product Safety Association, and compensation measures will be taken in the event of an accident resulting in injury or death due to a product defect.


More than 100
original recipes are incorporated!*

Easy operation—just select
the desired setting number on the operation panel
and cook a wide range of dishes every day.

*There are 40 recipes in the recipe book and over 100 recipes on the recipe site.

An original recipe book that covers a variety of dishes is included with the cooker.

An original recipe book

[Premium] Menu

The cooker cooks at 1.15 atm, an optimum pressure for gentle cooking, delicately adjusted by Tiger. This pressure-cooking setting prevents the ingredients from losing their firmness.

[Quick] Menu

This setting can be used to prepare quick and easy meals and cook stewed dishes.

[Slow] Menu

In this setting, ingredients are slowly cooked at a temperature to the extent that they do not boil.

[Low-temperature] Menu

The ingredients are slowly heated to their cores at a low temperature.

[Waterless] Menu

In this setting, the moisture contained in the ingredients is used to cook them.

[Fermentation] Menu

To ferment yogurt, etc.

[Bake] Menu

This setting can be used to bake bread and cook omelets.

[Rice cooking] Menu

This setting allows you to cook tasty white and brown rice, making use of the thermal control technology unique to Tiger as a rice cooker manufacturer. You can also cook rice dishes such as chicken paella.

[Boil] Menu

This setting is convenient for boiling eggs or preparing ingredients.

Recipe supervised by Cookpad

5 minutes to prepare. Easy,
quick and delicious recipes

OPERATION & CARE Ease of use and cleaning

cleaning cleaning

The emphasis on ease of use means even a beginner
can operate the cooker without problems.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly controls

    Intuitive operation panel with a dial and touch buttons

  • With handles to carry the pot easily

    The inner pot has handles, which allows you to carry the inner pot containing freshly cooked food to your dining table. You can enjoy steaming hot food.

  • Lid designed to be easy to open with one hand and eliminate worries about where to put it

    The lid can be opened with one hand and is designed to prevent water from dripping or spattering. The lid integrated with the main body eliminates worries about where to put it.

  • Drip pan that prevents the water droplets on the inner lid from spilling down

    The drip pan receives the water droplets running down on the inner lid. The removable and washable drip pan can be kept clean easily.

  • Easy-to-use pressure lock setting

    The pressure lock can be turned on/off with a single touch of the button. The lid does not open when the pressure lock is on so that you can use the cooker safely.

  • Cleaning menu

    High pressures are applied at high temperatures to thoroughly remove undesirable odors in a short time.
    *Odors may not be completely removed depending on the conditions.

  • Compact design that eliminates worries about where to put the product

    With a width of 28.1 cm, depth of 27.4 cm, and height of 22.6 cm, it can neatly fit in a cupboard. The cooker that can also be used as a rice cooker helps save space.



    • Black<KM>
    • White<WM>
Product number COK-A220
Color Black<KM>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Electric Rating 650W
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 28.1×27.4×22.6(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 3.6kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.1m
Maximum Pressure 15kPa
Cooking Capacity (Rice) (Approximate value) 0.18-0.54L
1-3 Cups
Temperature (Fermentation) 30-60℃
Maximum Time To Reserve 12 hours
Maximum Time To Keep Warm 12 hours
Number of Automatic Cooking Menus 41
Number of Manual Cooking Menus 7
Producing Country China
Capacity 1.2L(Premium Press, Express Cook)
1.4L(Other cooking programs)
  • * The number of automatic cooking menus is the number of menus including “Cleaning menu” in addition to “Automatic mode (40 settings)”.

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