TIGER 100th year anniversary model “TIGER COOKPOT” to be released on June 21, 2023


New electric pressure cooker model unveiled for the first time in about 20 years

Tiger Corporation’s 100th Anniversary Model

To be released on June 21, 2023

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka), a world leader in thermal control technology, will launch a 100th anniversary commemorative model of the TIGER COOKPOT COK-A220 electric pressure cooker on June 21, 2023.

Since its founding in 1923, Tiger Thermos has evolved from a family business focused on thermoses and thermal water bottles, to a comprehensive manufacturer of home appliances, including thermal jars, jar rice cookers, and electric pots. As we continue to make products guided by our vision to “spread joyous harmony throughout the world,” our company is pleased to announce the release of a new 100th anniversary commemorative model of its electric pressure cookers.

The first new electric pressure cooker model in about 20 years since the launch of the first model in 2004, the TIGER COOKPOT is our first entry into the market for hands-off cooking appliances. Based on our concept of making cooking the most enjoyable aspect of housework, not only is the TIGER COOKPOT equipped with functions designed for daily ease of use and good flavor, but it also features a look that will match the interior of your kitchen. Developed through the temperature control technology of pressure rice cookers, the greatest feature is the Premium (1.15 atm) setting, which applies sufficient pressure load to the food. This single unit is capable of performing ten different functions using cooking methods that maximize the texture and nutritiousness of the ingredients while also shortening the time required for cooking, making it a powerful ally to have in the kitchen.

For the next 100 years, we will take on the challenge of manufacturing with sincerity to fulfill our mission of creating new dining standards with ideas that bring warmth and comfort, toward our vision of spreading joyous harmony throughout the world.

Product Overview

Product nameProduct numberColor patternsSuggested retail price (tax not included)Release date
Electric pressure cooker
COK-A220Matte Black “KM”
Matte White “WM”
Open price*June 21, 2023
*For open-priced products, there are no suggested retail prices.

Project Concept

Electric pressure cookers have been popular in Japanese homes since the 1970s, and they have become particularly popular in recent years, in part due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the 2020 fiscal year, the market was worth 8.9 billion yen at 310,000 units per year, but by 2021, it had rapidly grown to 10.6 billion yen at 490,000 units per year (an approximately 1.2-fold increase)*1.

In the Japanese social environment, households with children account for approximately 25.3% (12,324,000 households) of all households in Japan, and in addition, approximately 75.9% of mothers in households with children are working*2. Moreover, the number of double-income households in Japan has continued to increase since the late 1990s, reaching 12.62 million (an approximately 1.4-fold increase) as of 2022*3. Over the past 20 years or so, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of households in which both husband and wife have jobs, all while sharing the workload of housework and raising children. In addition, in 2023, as the impact of stay-at-home restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to fade, the number of people who feel it is difficult to balance work and family life has increased to 45%, indicating that household concerns are increasing.*4

Tiger has leveraged the temperature control technology of pressure rice cookers, one of its main products, to develop its first electric pressure cooker to be released in about 20 years. With double-income and child-rearing families in their 20s and 30s in mind, we developed its features with a thorough focus on ease of use, based on our concept of making cooking the most enjoyable aspect of housework. As the trend toward electric pressure cookers that prioritize high pressure continues, our efforts have been focused on true ease of use, and we incorporated a setting (Premium) that applies approx. 1.15 atm of pressure, which not only reduces the time required to wait for pressure reduction after pressure cooking, but also enables users to preserve the texture, nutrition, and delicious flavor of the ingredients.

In addition, we sought to make use of our experience in rice cookers to create a wide variety of recipes and make the device easy to clean, while also using what we learned from making electric kettles and other cooking appliances to ensure intuitive and user-friendly controls. This 100th anniversary model is packed with 100 years of technology.

*1 Source: The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (JEMA) (May–April) *2 Source: 2021 data from the Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions *3 Source: 2023 data from the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training *4 Based on our research from 2023.

Key Features

1. Multifunctional model that performs 10 functions in a single unit,
40 automatic settings for easy operation

2. Gentle pressure application through Tiger’s
proprietary “Premium” setting

3. Save time! Complete depressurization in approx.
7 min. Significant reduction of depressurization time, which equals waiting time.

Main Feature Details

1. Multifunctional model that performs 10 functions in a single unit, 40 automatic settings for easy operation

With Tiger’s proprietary “Premium” cooking setting, high-speed settings for numerous recipes that can be cooked in 15 minutes or less, and the slow cooking, low-temperature cooking, and dry cooking settings that are also popular in rice cookers, this single multifunctional model can perform ten functions while still being compact. Add color to the dining table every day. The device uses an inner lid filter to prevent the clogging of steam holes caused by bits of food, so leafy vegetables can also be cooked safely.

In addition, based on the heat control technology and cooking expertise that we have cultivated for about 50 years in the development of our jar rice cookers, the device offers 40 automatic settings for easy cooking of dishes, including standard dishes such as nikujaga (boiled meat and potatoes with soy sauce and sugar), kakuni (braised pork belly), and roast beef, as well as fermented foods and sweets. Plus, if you add the dishes listed on the Tiger Recipe Portal (http://www.tiger-corporation.com/feature/recipe), that’s more than 100 recipes to choose from.

Special attention to detail that only a rice cooker manufacturer could exhibit

With our rice-cooking expertise of over 50 years, we have developed a new rice cooking program that was designed to be suitable for cooking rice while applying approximately 1.15 atm of pressure, which is the pressure used in this product. Delicious freshly cooked rice can be cooked in pressure cookers, too. You can use the device as both a pressure cooker and a rice cooker.

*Comparison of previous model CAA (made in 2003) and COK-A220

2. Gentle pressure application through Tiger’s proprietary “Premium” setting

While most electric pressure cookers use high pressures of 1.7 atm or more, this product features a gentle pressure setting (Premium) that applies approx. 1.15 atm of pressure. The heat control technology we developed for our jar rice cookers is designed to make the most of the texture of the ingredients and applies pressure in a unique way to produce delicious results and prevent nutrients from escaping.

3. Save time! Complete depressurization in approx. 7 min.*1 Significant reduction of depressurization time, which equals waiting time.

The cooking process has been significantly shortened to make life easier for the target customers of this device, which are people in their 20’s and 30’s in busy double-income, child-rearing households.

In the Premium setting, after gentle pressure (about 1.15 atm) is applied for a long time, the process of reducing pressure follows and completes in about 7 minutes. Compared to typical high-pressure electric pressure cookers, the entire process takes less time*2.

*1 When following the recipe and cooking in an environment of 23℃ *2 In the automatic cooking setting, Premium Curry

Other Features

1. With just 3 parts to wash, cleanup is quick! The device is also dishwasher-safe.

All you have to clean are just three parts
A: Inner pot, B: Drip pan, C: Inner lid (dishwasher-safe)

The drip pan and inner lid are dishwasher-safe.

2. Intuitive and user-friendly controls

The device is equipped with a dial that implements the temperature control used in Tiger electric kettles. The intuitive control panel with “Dial & Touch Keys” makes menu selection easy for first-time users.

3. Easy-to-carry inner pot structure

To ensure ease of use, the inner pot of the electric pressure cooker has the same structure as the inner pot of a rice cooker. Not only is it easy and safe to remove from the main body, but it is also easy to carry and take freshly cooked food to the table directly in the inner pot.

4. Assisted opening with a hingecontrols

Integration of the lid with the main body eliminates worries about where to put the lid.
Thanks to the slow, gentle assisted opening feature, the lid can be opened with one hand without any splashing of sauce or soup.

5. Easy-to-use pressure lock setting

You can turn pressure lock on and off with one touch. When the pressure lock button is locked, the lid is also locked, so you can use it safely without worrying about the lid opening and spouting steam or spilling its contents.

6. Pressure cleaning option

After cooking, unpleasant odors can be removed in a short time through the application of pressure at high temperatures.

*Odors may not be completely removed depending on the conditions.

7. Compact design

The compact design makes the device suitable even for small kitchens. With a width, depth, and height of approx. 28.1 cm, 27.4 cm, and 22.6 cm, respectively, it can be stored neatly.

Product Image


Matte Black “KM”

Matte White “WM”

Ten functions in one device!

Product Specifications

Product nameElectric Pressure Cooker “TIGER COOKPOT”
Product numberCOK-A220
Suggested retail priceOpen price*
Power100V 50-60HZ
Maximum power consumption (W)650
Capacity (approx.) (L)1.4 (cooking capacity)/2.2 (full water capacity)
Rice cooking capacity (L)White rice 0.18–0.54 (1–3 go), brown rice 0.18–0.36 (1–2 go)
Maximum pressure usage (kPa)15
Size: Width × depth × height (approx.) (cm)28.1×27.4×22.6
Height with the lid open (approx.) (cm)42.7
Main unit weight (approx.) (kg)3.6
Menu (manual mode)Premium, High-speed, Slow, Waterless, Fermentation, Bake, Warm
Color patternsMatte Black “KM”, Matte White “WM”
Release dateJune 21, 2023

*For open-priced products, there are no suggested retail prices.
The colors in the product photos may differ slightly from the actual colors. Please be aware of this.

Controlling temperature, creating a brighter future. Watch it now – 100th anniversary statement movie!

Cold? Warm? Just right?
Even a tiny temperature change can give our hearts comfort and strength.

From family gatherings to exploration of space,
a temperature change of a single degree
can open our eyes to life more precious.
Tiger Corporation has been in business for 100 years.
Now, we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

100th anniversary statement movie
Japanese : https://youtu.be/ojs_gKjj118
English : https://youtu.be/Z-s6dZrX53g