Tiger Corporation #Seisyun wo samasuna Bottle Dedication Ceremony.


Tiger Corporation to the 3rd year students of The Second Senior High School of Nihon University.

Memories for 400 graduates who spent 3 years of school life at Corona Disaster.

Tiger Corporation #Seisyun wo samasuna Bottle Dedication Ceremony.

~Tears for the last page of youth for the graduates who have spent the Corona disaster! ~

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Head Office: Kadoma, Osaka), a world leader in heat control technology, held the “Tiger Corporation #Seisyun wo samasuna Tiger Bottle Presentation Ceremony” on Wednesday, March 1, 2023, to present originally designed bottles as a surprise to 400 graduates of the 75th graduating class of The Second Senior High School of Nihon University, who will graduate in the spring of 2023. The “Tiger Bottle Presentation Ceremony” was held on March 1 (Wednesday), the day of the graduation ceremony.

From left, members of the Graduation Preparation Committee (parents) who applied for the campaign, members of the student council, senior grade teachers, and Tiger Corporation representatives.

Background of the “#Seisyun wo samasuna! Campaign”

Many of the junior high and high school students who will graduate this year, 2023, are of the generation that spent their school years with the Corona disaster. Many of them have not been able to spend the three years they had envisioned before entering school, with restrictions on school attendance and the cancellation of events such as cultural and sports festivals from the first day of school. Tiger Corporation, which values warmth and ideas and has been refining its “temperature” technology for 100 years, has planned this campaign with the hope of making a small contribution to the creation of memories for students who have overcome such circumstances and are about to graduate. This campaign was planned with the hope of making a small contribution to the creation of memories.

About The Second Senior High School of Nihon University, the winner of this campaign

After a rigorous selection process, out of more than 100 applications, the winner of this campaign was the Graduation Preparation Committee, composed of parents of seniors (75th class) at The Second Senior High School of Nihon University. The entrance ceremony was put online with the Corona Disaster, and classes did not begin until after Golden Week. The athletic meet, which had been held for the entire school, was now held separately for each grade, and finally, for the high school seniors, parents were only allowed to watch the traditional Niko Ondo dance. A school trip to Okinawa, which was scheduled to be held at a different time of the year, was abruptly cancelled two days before the trip due to the outbreak of the Omicron strain. In his school life, he always wore a Corona mask, and the first time he saw his classmates without a mask was at a sports competition in his junior year of high school.

The Graduation Preparation Committee was moved by the passionate desire of the graduating seniors to give them memories of their three years in high school, a period that could be described as unusual, and yet they had found enjoyment to the fullest extent they were allowed. We decided to revise the number of bottles to 420 bottles for all graduates and their homeroom teachers, and to hold the presentation ceremony in the gymnasium immediately after the graduation ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, Tiger Corporation presented the original bottles, which were designed by the Graduation Preparation Committee members with the graduates’ future in mind, to the students and teachers representing the graduates as a surprise gift.

The bottle presentation ceremony

Members of the Graduation Preparation Committee, who were the emcees and winners of this campaign, presided over the presentation ceremony and made a presentation about the project, along with congratulatory comments to the graduates. The moderator commented, “It is truly a dream come true to receive such a wonderful and up-to-date Carbonated Bottle. I would be happy if we can make the graduation ceremony as memorable as possible for everyone. I can only express my gratitude to Tiger Corporation for providing us with an extra bottle for all the graduates and their teachers.” I can only express my gratitude to Tiger Makuho for increasing the number of bottles for all the graduates and teachers.

The graduates were surprised by the unexpected surprise, but when they heard the details of the project, their smiles were so happy that they could be seen through their masks. When he told them that the bottles were designed to hold carbonated bottles and that the rules of the project had been changed so that 420 bottles, including those for the teachers, would be given away, the entire audience responded, “What? That’s amazing! The parents were also glued to the stage.

Twenty teachers also receive matching bottles with the 75th graduates.
The applicants were members of the Graduation Preparation Committee, composed of parents
Tiger Corporation spokesperson explaining the project.
Student council members receiving bottles on behalf of the students

Afterwards, a Tiger Corporation spokesperson presented an originally designed Tiger bottle to a student representing the graduating class on stage. A graduate who served on the student council said, “My high school life started with the Corona disaster, and although there were some hard times, I now think it was a very fulfilling three years. Although we are all scattered, I would like to use this thermos to enjoy my college life. The graduation ceremony was the first time that I was able to do an event that a normal high school student would do without restrictions, and I am very grateful for the gift of a thermos that will remind me of a moment in my youth every time I use it for this very emotional and joyous event.” I am so grateful for the gift of a thermos that will remind me of a moment in my youth every time I use it,” she said.

A Tiger Corporation spokesperson handed the bottles to the student council members.
On behalf of the teachers, we also presented a bottle to the head of the grade

Thoughts behind the original design

The bottle presented by Tiger Corporation to the 75th graduates of The Second Senior High School of Nihon University is an original design filled with the wishes of the Graduation Preparation Committee.

The bottle was designed with the abbreviation of the school’s name in Arabic characters on the top and the number “75” for the 75th graduating class on the bottom, with the hope that the graduates will continue to walk straight toward the future, viewing their lives as a path that will continue.

The story behind the design is that we worked hard on the design, imagining the graduates gathering together with beer in their bottles when they turned 20 years old.
The beer can only be filled in Carbonated Bottles such as the MTA-T050 Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle that we presented this time.

Comments after the presentation ceremony

[ To the 75th Graduation Preparation Committee (Parents) ]

Congratulations to all the students on your graduation.

We are happy to be able to create memories in this way at the end for all of you who have found enjoyment to the extent that you are allowed. Once again, thank you all for your cooperation.

[ Teachers from The Second Senior High School of Nihon University ]

It was very encouraging to see how they worked as one team and took on challenges for three years without stopping, even in an environment that did not go their way. I am truly grateful to all of you for showing me that. Congratulations on your graduation!

And thank you Tiger Corporation for donating 420 bottles, even changing the plan of the campaign this time. When I come of age, I would like to fill my Carbonated Bottle with beer and get together. I would like to fill it with highballs as soon as possible.

[ Tiger Corporation spokesperson ]

To all of our graduates, congratulations on your graduation!

We are honored to have been able to help create memories for all of you who went through this period as high school students. Seeing your joyful faces, I am filled with emotion and say, “I am so glad that we conducted this campaign! I am so happy to see everyone’s happiness and am filled with emotion. I hope that your memories of your youth will remain as warm as the thermos bottles. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Controlling temperature, creating a brighter future. Watch it now—100th anniversary statement movie!

Cold? Warm? Just right?
Even a tiny temperature change
can give our hearts comfort and strength.

From family gatherings to exploration of space,
a temperature change of a single degree can open our eyes to life more precious.

Tiger Corporation has been in business for 100 years.
Now, we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

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