Bulk Order & Personalization Service for Vacuum Insulated Bottles.We will start accepting applications from the official Tiger website today, November 24 .


A service that’s perfect for mementos and original items!
A new service for Tiger vacuum insulated bottles to promote sustainable manufacturing

Bulk Order & Personalization Service for Vacuum Insulated Bottles
We will start accepting applications from the official Tiger website today, November 24 .

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka), a world leader in thermal control technology, will begin offering a bulk order and personalization service of vacuum insulated bottles on its official website on November 24 (Thu), 2022.

Since July 2020, in an effort to protect the health of people, human rights, and the environment, Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles have been manufactured and sold under the four pledges of no conflict minerals, no fluorine coating, no outsourced production, and no plastic waste.

In order to promote awareness of sustainability and the SDGs, which has been increasing in recent years, we have received many requests from like-minded companies and organizations for bulk orders and personalization of vacuum insulated bottles for the purpose of novelty and sales. We have launched a dedicated web page for the Bulk Order & Personalization service, which allows customers to easily apply by entering the necessary information in the inquiry form.

We hope you will use this service to order products as anniversary mementos for companies and organizations, novelty items for events, and goods for club activities and sports clubs.

We will continue to promote the use of reusable own drinks bottles to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Service Overview and Examples

Webpage URLhttp://www.tiger-forest.com/company-order
Minimum Order100 bottles

Example :

Keihan Electric Railway

We printed an illustration featuring a design to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the 13000 series train.
Bottles are sold along the Keihan lines and at events in order to provide an opportunity to think about environmental problems.

*To learn about sales locations, please contact Keihan Electric Railway.

Kobe University CO-OP

We printed a design featuring Uribo, the official character of Kobe University. It is sold at the Kobe University Co-op.

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill in the inquiry form

Please fill in the form with the image, text, and other information necessary for your original print.

Step 2: Verify cost estimate and concept image of finished product

Based on the information you provide, we will contact you at your registered e-mail address with an estimate of the cost, a concept image of the finished product, etc. Estimated price varies depending on the product and quantity, so please verify the details when you receive the estimate.

  • For personalized products, a printing plate fee will be required in addition to the product and printing fee.
  • In addition, if a prototype is required, a prototype product fee and a complete prototype processing fee will be charged for the required quantity.
  • Details of shipping costs will be provided in the estimate.

Step 3: Order confirmation and payment

Your product will be delivered approximately 3 weeks from the time the details of your inquiry are finalized and payment is made.

*Our staff will contact you separately via email for details.

[ Order concept ]

Concept image of finished product
Black print concept image
Two-color print concept image

*The maximum number of colors that can be printed is two. Please consult our staff about the colors to use after making your order.
*The quality of the printed part cannot be guaranteed.

[ Other Notes ]

  • Configure your email settings so that you are able to receive emails from the @tiger.co.jp domain.
  • If your application is incomplete or if we have any questions, our staff will contact you at the email address you registered.
  • For this service, we only accept payment in Japanese yen, and orders must be for domestic delivery.
  • If you would like a receipt, please let us know when you order.
  • You cannot cancel your order after it has been confirmed.
  • Please note that we may not be able to fulfill your order depending on the color, even for the same product.
  • Due to changes in inventory status, some items may not be ready within the delivery date.
    Please contact our staff for details after you receive your estimate.
  • We cannot fulfill orders for products with any images or logos that involve intellectual property rights without permission or approval.

Bulk Order & Personalization Service: Recommended Products

Vacuum-insulated bottle for carbonated drinks MTA-T050/T080/T120/T150

  • Keeps carbonated drinks cold with our BubbleLogic structure, which allows the bottle to be used for carbonated drinks
  • Tiger’s proprietary Super Clean Plus finish prevents the drink inside from losing carbonation easily
  • Three colors are used to evoke the fresh feeling of carbonation
    Lineup of 4 sizes each
MTA-T050 (0.5 L)/T080 (0.8 L)/T120 (1.2 L)/T150 (1.5 L)

Vacuum Insulated Bottle MCZ-S040/S060/S080

  • Hygienic lid and stopper body (spout) with antibacterial finishing
  • Anti-slip powder coating for worry-free use outdoors
  • Slanted handle that fits the fingers naturally, making the bottle easy to carry
MCZ-S080 (0.8L) Titanium Oha, Uluru, Pacific Beach
MCZ-S060 (0.6L) Stargaze, Honu, Arctic Wolf
MCZ-S040 (0.4L) Bengal Tiger, Moss Forest

Vacuum Insulated Bottle MMP-K021/031 (Image Left) MMZ-K351/501/601 (Image Right)

  • Hygienic gasket and inner plug with antibacterial finishing
  • Smooth surface of the mouth, like the one you feel when your lips touch the mouth of a mug
  • The 0.2 L size weighs only about 110 g.
    Compact and ideal for carrying around
MMP-K021 (0.2L)/031 (0.3L)
Rose Pink, Steel Black, Matte Stainless
MMZ-K601 (0.6L)
Steel Black, Matte Stainless
MMZ-K351 (0.35L) 501 (0.5L)
Steel Black, Bright Purple, Frost White, Matte Stainless

Reference information : The four pledges of Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles

1. No conflict minerals

Tiger Corporation manages won’t use conflict minerals.
Tiger Corporation uses no raw materials that were made on the foundation of people’s suffering whatsoever.

*Conflict minerals: Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nine surrounding countries.

2. NO fluorine

Our all vacuum insulated bottles use a different technology to achieve the same level of stain resistance without using environmentally harmful fluorine coating.
The coating does not peel off, meaning that the bottles can be used for many years.

3. YES our own factories

In order to protect the health of our customers and ensure quality, we manufacture around eight million vacuum insulated bottles(*) at our own production facilities, even if doing so increases costs.

*As of 2018

4.No plastic waste

Approximately 580 billion plastic bottles(*) are consumed annually worldwide.
The use of Tiger vacuum insulated bottles contributes to reducing plastic waste.

*As of 2021

The four pledges of Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles:

Watch a movie outlining Tiger Corporation’s vision statement for the next 100 years — “Do Hot! Do Cool!”

Tiger Corporation will mark its 100th anniversary in 2023.
Since our founding, we have continued to focus on advanced thermal control through the use of vacuum insulation and thermal control technologies.
We will continue to make the best use of these technologies to spread joyous harmony throughout the world for the next 100 years.

“Do Hot! Do Cool!” Bring warmth for 100 years. Act cool for 100 years.
Japanese : https://youtu.be/MQe_G1aveuM
English : https://youtu.be/imqk_PCEJt4