If you purchase a product from the online store and post a review, you will receive a tiger original eco bag as a gift!


A [Tiger Original Eco Bag] will be presented to those who purchase products from the Tiger Online Store and post product reviews on the official website.

“Application Terms”

1. Eco bag present target period

January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) ~ ends as soon as it is gone

2. Participation conditions

Those who are TIGER FOREST members and can post reviews of Tiger products with images during the period
*Registration as a TIGER FOREST member is free.

3. How to participate

[1] When proceeding to purchase products at the Tiger Online Store, write “Post a review” in the remarks column (red frame below) of the shopping cart.

Items that are unclear about the intention to post a review will not be eligible for gifts.
Good example) “Post a review” “Write a review” “Review” “Post a review”
Bad example) “Yes” “YES” “OK” “Review” “Please” “Eco bag please” etc.

(Reference) Shopping cart screen

[2] Receive an eco bag with the purchased product

[3] Log in to TIGER FOREST and post a review.

(Reference) Review button on the product page
(Reference) Review posting page

4. Notes

  • Logging in as a TIGER FOREST member is required when posting a review.
  • After the order is confirmed, the gift item will be shipped together with the item. The contents of the gift will not be displayed on the order screen or the order completion email.
  • Present items will be shipped together with the ordered items. It is not possible to specify different shipping addresses for the ordered product and the gift product.
  • If you submit a review after delivery of the product without having done ① as described in “3. How to participate” above, you will not be eligible for this CP. It is not possible to send only the eco-bag later.
  • Even if you purchase multiple items in one order or submit multiple reviews, only one eco-bag will be included in the package.
  • This campaign will end as soon as the eco bag runs out. Also, please note that the event may be canceled or the content may be changed without prior notice.
  • If the gift cannot be delivered due to moving or long-term absence, the campaign will be invalidated and the gift will not be redelivered.
  • This campaign is only available at the Tiger Online Store.
  • Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd. employees and related parties are not eligible to apply.

5. Inquiries regarding this campaign

TIGER Online Store Secretariat