Vacuum Insulated Customizable Carbonated Bottles MTA series

MTA-C050/080/120/150(Bottles) + MTA-D001(Lid) + MTA-E001/E002(Bottle boots)

A custom version Vacuum Insulated Bottle MTA-T bottle to carry cold sodas.
Recommended not only for home time, but also for watching sports and camping.

Size of productProduct numberMSRP
0.5LMTA-C050 (Bottles)3,740yen (3,400yen without tax)
0.8LMTA-C080 (Bottles)4,290yen (3,900yen without tax)
1.2LMTA-C120 (Bottles)4,840yen (4,400yen without tax)
1.5LMTA-C150 (Bottles)5,390yen (4,900yen without tax)
MTA-D001 (Lid)2,310yen (2,100yen without tax)
MTA-E001 (Bottle boots)1,100yen (1,000yen without tax)
MTA-E002 (Bottle boots)1,320yen (1,200yen without tax)

Sustainability is not something that holds people back. It’s something that sets us free.
Carry a bottle that’s been customized, not mass-produced.
It’s a simple action that will rewrite the future of the earth.
Hydrate with care –
care for your health,
care for people and peace,
and care for the Planet Earth.
Bring balance to the world with a bottle that contains Tiger’s technology and the future of the planet.
We offer an answer.


This vacuum-insulated carbonated bottle allows you to enjoy carbonated beverages while they are still cold.

Pour any carbonated drinks! Keeps them carbonated and cold for a long time.
No condensation, so you don’t have to worry about getting your bag or desk wet.
It can be used in a wide range of situations such as outdoors, at the office, and at home.

Your own personalized soda bottle to suit your taste

4types of bottle(0.5L/0.8L/1.2L/1.5L)、Four color varieties carbonated-compatible plug
Choose from bottom rubber of 4 colors and you can customize in 64 ways
The body is not painted, and the texture of the stainless steel is used for sustainable specifications.

The strap attached to the carbonated

compatible plug can be used to conveniently carry the bottle.

Tiger’s unique“BubbleLogic”carbonated compatible plug

Our unique BubbleLogic is equipped with a “carbon dioxide venting structure” that is activated when the cap is opened to prevent carbon dioxide gas from spewing out, and a “safety valve” that is activated in the event of an abnormal increase in pressure inside the bottle.

(1) Carbon dioxide venting mechanism
When the cap is closed during normal use, the carbon dioxide gas is firmly trapped inside the bottle, but when the cap is opened, a mechanism is adopted to vent the carbon dioxide gas first, preventing the contents from spewing or splashing out and allowing the bottle to be opened with light force.

(2) Safety valve mechanism
The bottle is designed to automatically release carbon dioxide gas from the bottle by activating a “safety valve” in the event of an abnormal increase in pressure inside the bottle, such as when the bottle is left in the car in mid-summer and the temperature rises significantly. This prevents the cap from flying off and the contents from spewing out.

SuperClean Plus-treated bottle prevents carbonic acidfrom vaporizing.

Super Clean Plus reduces the unevenness of the bottle’s inner surface and reduces carbonation.

Stain and odor resistant
The inner surface of the bottle is coated with a smooth, glossy Super Clean Plus finish to prevent stains and odors.
Please rinse with water immediately after use.

Safe and reliable antimicrobial coated plug, strap, and bottle boots

We want to provide you with a safer, more secure bottle because you use it every day.
With this in mind, Tiger has adopted antibacterial processed lid- strap and bottle boots.

About antimicrobial processing

Inhibition of proliferation of bacteria for a long period is referred to as Kohkin.

No antibacterial treatment

With antibacterial treatment

High effectiveness

*The illustration is for reference only

The MTA-D/E models have a silver-based (Ag) antibacterial finish.
Target locationShears, straps and bottle boots
Processing methodsLid|Kneaded into plastic
Strap and bottle boots|Kneaded into silicone rubber
Antimicrobial agents usedSilver-based antibacterial agent
Test resultsAntimicrobial activity value > 2.0

SIAA (Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles)-Certified Antibiotics Treated Plug

We have applied silver-based (Ag) antimicrobial agent into the plastic of drinking spout of the bottle.
This SIAA-certified, antimicrobial-treated plug has met three criteria: “antimicrobial properties” that prevent the growth of bacteria, “safety” that meets our own safety standards, and “appropriate labeling” regarding antimicrobials.

The drinking spouthas a SIAA-certified antibacterial finishfor safe usefor onthe go as well.

Applicable Location:Drinking Spout
SIAA registration number: JP0122676X0001G

The SIAA logo is displayed on products that have been audited according to method described in ISO22196 and whose quality control and information have been disclosed in accordance with the Guidelines of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles
The SIAA logo is a symbol of antimicrobial activity established by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA).
Products that meet the following three criteria can be labeled with the SIAA logo: (1) antimicrobial properties (*1), (2) safety (*2), and (3) appropriate labeling (*3).

(Drinking cups).

(*1) Compared to surfaces of products without antimicrobial treatment, the rate of bacterial growth must be less than one-hundredth, and the antimicrobial effect must be confirmed even after durability testing. Antimicrobial resistance is determined based on the results of tests conducted in accordance with the international standard ISO 22196.
(*2) The product must meet safety standards independently determined by SIAA.
(*3) The type of antimicrobial agent and the treated area must be clearly indicated.

Keeps the temperature cold for a long time! Dedicated cold-keeping bottle

Keeps drinks cold for a longer period of time.
*Do not fill the bottle with hot drinks as they may cause scalding when drunk directly from the bottle.

Safety Precautions

  • Do not place the product near any heat source.
  • Be sure to close the stopper securely.
  • Do not overfill the product since this may cause spillage.
  • Do not let infants play with this product.
  • Do not add dry ice.
  • Do not soak this product for extended periods of time or put it in a dishwasher.
  • Do not remove the sticker on the bottom.
  • When carrying by the loop, use caution not to turn the product in a direction that may cause the stopper to loosen, and not to subject the product to strong vibration or impact.

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  • メイン画像

    Vacuum Insulated Customizable Carbonated Bottles

    • Stainless<XS>
  • メイン画像

    Vacuum Insulated Customizable Carbonated Bottles

    • Stainless<XS>
  • メイン画像

    Vacuum Insulated Customizable Carbonated Bottles

    • Stainless<XS>
  • メイン画像

    Vacuum Insulated Customizable Carbonated Bottles

    • Stainless<XS>
Product number MTA-C050 MTA-C080 MTA-C120 MTA-C150
Color Stainless<XS> Stainless<XS> Stainless<XS> Stainless<XS>
Capacity 0.5L 0.8L 1.2L 1.5L
Cold Retention (6h) 8℃ or less 7℃ or less 7℃ or less 6℃ or less
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 7.4×7.4×17.6(cm) 7.4×7.4×25.7(cm) 9.1×9.1×25.4(cm) 9.1×9.1×30.6(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 0.17kg 0.27kg 0.35kg 0.4kg
Caliber (Approximate value) 4.8(cm) 4.8(cm) 4.8(cm) 4.8(cm)
Producing Country Viet Nam Viet Nam Viet Nam Viet Nam
  • * The low-temperature insulation effect is the temperature of water in the bottle 6 hours after the bottle filled with cold water at 4±1℃ is placed in an upright position and left standing at a room temperature of 20±2℃.
  • Lid Set for Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottles

    • Mint Soda<GM>
    • Moss Forest<GZ>
    • Stargaze<KC>
    • Lime Squash<GS>
  • Bottle Boot Medium

    • Stargaze<KC>
    • Moss Forest<GZ>
    • Mint Soda<GM>
    • Lime Squash<GS>
  • Bottle Boot Large

    • Lime Squash<GS>
    • Mint Soda<GM>
    • Moss Forest<GZ>
    • Stargaze<KC>
Product number MTA-D001 MTA-E001 MTA-E002
Color Mint Soda<GM>
Moss Forest<GZ>
Lime Squash<GS>
Moss Forest<GZ>
Mint Soda<GM>
Lime Squash<GS>
Lime Squash<GS>
Mint Soda<GM>
Moss Forest<GZ>
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 10.5×7.5×6.6(cm) 7.6×7.6×5(cm) 9.3×9.3×5(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 0.11kg 0.037kg 0.066kg
Producing Country Viet Nam China China
Material Type Inner flask Stainless steel
Outer container Stainless steel
Mouth Stainless steel
Lid Polypropylene
Gasket Silicone rubber
Loop Silicone rubber

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