Vacuum Insulated Bottle MKA-K036/K048/K060

A push-button lid bottle for unparalleled drinkability

*Comparison with our previous vacuum insulated one-push type mug bottle (based on our own research)

Size of productProduct numberMSRP
0.36LMKA-K0366,050 yen (5,500 yen excluding tax)
0.48LMKA-K0486,600 yen (6,000 yen excluding tax)
0.6LMKA-K0607,150 yen (6,500 yen excluding tax)


Tiger’s push-button lid bottles have evolved in function and design over time.
As we approach our 100th anniversary in 2023, we are once again placing our focus on drinkability.
This new push-button lid bottle is the culmination of all of the wisdom that Tiger has accumulated in the last century.

Highest drinkability rating in Tiger history *

When ordinary consumers were asked to use and compare the MKA-K with one of our previous products, as well as a total of push-button lid bottles from other companies, the MKA-K received the highest rating in terms of drinkability (Conducted from September to October 2022 Usability evaluation of one-push mug-type vacuum insulated bottles).
In addition, only our MKA-K received a score of 4, which corresponds to a rating of “somewhat good”.

Survey Period: September 29–October 2, 2022

Survey Subjects: 57 men and women aged 14 to 75

Survey Method: Experimental evaluation by the Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality Life

Evaluation Details: Evaluation of 19 individual usability criteria as well as an overall evaluation for push-button lid bottles

*Comparison of the average scores of 57 men and women aged 14 to 75 years old who were asked to rate the overall “drinkability” on a 5-point scale (5 good, 4 somewhat good, 3 neither good nor bad, 2 somewhat bad, 1 bad) after testing for 19 criteria to evaluate the ease of opening, drinking comfort, and whether or not they felt any discomfort when drinking.

Certified Human Engineering for Quality Life that attests to the ease of drinking

The features of our products have obtained third-party certification from the Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality Life. This is a system through which products are examined to check whether they are properly labeled through an appropriate scientific process to determine if a product is easy to use, low-stress, comfortable, or demonstrates other such qualities, before certifying its features as such.

This certification has been acquired for the following features.

*Certification number: No. 23240100

  • The open/close button is easy to press.
  • The lock structure is easy to understand and operate
  • The lid opens all the way to the back, reducing pressure when drinking
  • Reduced discomfort on the lips when drinking
  • The shape of the spout fits the lips, making it easy to drink

Improved drinking comfort

The structure of the lid has been carefully redesigned to make it even more comfortable to drink from.

(1)Shape of spout

The improved shape fits more comfortably on your lips, making it easier to drink.

Conventional Tiger Bottle MMJ-A2 (2023 model)


(2)Opening angle of lid

The lid opens farther to the back, reducing pressure when drinking.

Conventional Tiger Bottle MMJ-A2 (2023 model)


(3)Height of spout and distance to hinge

The height of the spout was increased and the push-button was improved so that it does not touch your lower lip.

Furthermore, the distance to the hinge was extended to prevent the hinge from touching your nose.

Conventional Tiger Bottle MMJ-A2 (2023 model)


Push-Button And Lock Mechanism

The frame under the push-button has been removed to make it easier to press. The push-button and lock are the same, making the mechanism easy to operate with one hand.

Conventional Tiger Bottle MMJ-A2 (2023 model)


Bottom frame of the push-button

By eliminating the bottom frame of the button, we made it easy to press without getting your fingers caught.

Lid opens with one push
Locked easily with one hand

In addition to the plug, the exterior of the body also has the antibacterial finish.
Bio Guard+ to keep the bottle clean during use

The MKA-K, which features an antibacterial finish on the stopper and the exterior of the bottle as well as a Super Clean Plus, is part of a product series that employs Tiger’s proprietary hygiene design, BioGuard+.

Antibacterial finishing on the exterior of bottle and the stopper (plastic lid parts and gasket) suppresses bacterial growth by 99% or more

In most cases, bacteria adversely affect humans when they increase massively in excess of a certain amount. The antibacterial finishing prevents the growth of bacteria so that the product surface can be kept hygienic. Compared to untreated parts, the growth of bacteria is prevented by 99% or more on the stopper and the exterior of thebottle with the antibacterial finish. This allows the MKA-K series to be used hygienically at anytime. (Excluding the interior of the bottle.)

Antibacterial finishing

The MKA-K series has a silver-based (Ag-based) antibacterial finish.

  • Test method: The antibacterial finish has been tested in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196).
  • Testing organization: Evaluation Technical Center, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Tested parts:Plastic lid parts, gasket, exterior of the bottle
  • Processing method:
    Exterior of the bottle | Coating
    Plastic lid parts | Kneaded into the plastic material
    Gasket | Kneaded into the silicone rubber
  • Antibacterial agent used: Silver-based antibacterial agent
  • Test result: 2.0 or higher antibacterial activity value

Antibacteria means “inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria.”

Without antibacterial finish
With antibacterial finish

Photos showing the results of the antibacterial test in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196)
*Test results on the stopper resin of our MCT-K series with the same antibacterial finish as that applied to this series

Antibacterial certified by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA)

  • Tested parts: Exterior of cylinder and stopper
  • SIAA registration number: JP0122676X0010G

Products carrying the SIAA marks are subjected to quality control and information disclosure under the SIAA guidelines based on the results of evaluation conducted in accordance with ISO 22196. The SIAA marks are symbols for Kohkin (or antibacterial) established by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles.

The products that meet the three criteria of [1] antimicrobial properties (*1), [2] safety (*2) and [3] appropriate labeling (*3) may carry the SIAA mark.

(Plug and exterior of the main body)

(*1) The proportion of bacteria on the surface of the product must be equal to or less than 1/100 that of a non-treated product, and the antimicrobial effect must remain after durability tests. Antimicrobial properties are determined from the results of tests conducted in accordance with the international standard ISO 22196.

(*2) The safety criteria uniquely established by SIAA must be met.

(*3) The types of antibacterial agents used and parts treated must be clearly indicated.

“Super Clean Plus” Surface Technology

The inside of Tiger’s bottles has smooth and polished surface that is tough against stains and rust, allowing you to put a sports drink containing salt in the bottle.

*Care for the bottle by rinsing with water immediately after use.

(Conceptual image)
A:With Super Clean Plus finish
(smooth surface, stain and odor resistant)
B:Without Super Clean Plus finish
(small bumps and crevices on the surface that attract stains and odors)

Powder Coat

The matte bead-like texture is pleasant to touch. It’s ideal for carrying when going outdoors or on errands, as it is non-slip even when held with wet hands.

Colors of nature

We have select colors that evoke nature.

The rich colors that blend in with natural landscapes look beautiful in any situation.

Regardless of the color, the bottles all come with black stoppers. The black stopper make the color of the bottle stand out vibrantly.

“Hyper-Spin” Manufacturing Process

Tiger’s proprietary stainless-steel spinning reduces the thickness to produce an extremely light bottle. The 0.36 L size weighs approximately 170 g, the 0.48 L size approximately 200 g, and the 0.6 L size approximately 230 g, making the lightweight bottle ideal for carrying around when you’re out and about.

(Conceptual image)
– Vacuum space
A: Thickness of inner cylinder approx. 0.08 mm
B: Thickness of outer cylinder approx. 0.3 mm
C: The roller is pressed against the inner cylinder

Superior Temperature Retention

Tiger’s vacuum insulation technology keeps drinks hot or cold for about six hours. The copper foil between the two stainless steel walls supports temperature retention. Cold drinks will not cause condensation to form on the outside of the bottle, and hot drinks will not make the bottle too hot to hold.

Removable and washable stopper

The parts can be removed and washed in every corner for hygienic use.

Good Design Winner

The company was highly evaluated for its consideration of user comfort and plain design that does not restrict the user.


  • Vacuum Insulated Bottle

    • Eaglet White<WK>
    • Stone Black<KK>
    • Berry Red<RK>
  • Vacuum Insulated Bottle

    • Berry Red<RK>
    • Stone Black<KK>
    • Eaglet White<WK>
    • Sand Beige<CK>
    • Moss Green<GK>
  • Vacuum Insulated Bottle

    • Eaglet White<WK>
    • Stone Black<KK>
    • Sand Beige<CK>
Product number MKA-K036 MKA-K048 MKA-K060
Color Eaglet White<WK>
Stone Black<KK>
Berry Red<RK>
Berry Red<RK>
Stone Black<KK>
Eaglet White<WK>
Sand Beige<CK>
Moss Green<GK>
Eaglet White<WK>
Stone Black<KK>
Sand Beige<CK>
Capacity 0.36L 0.48L 0.6L
Heat Retention (6h) 62℃ or more 67℃ or more 70℃ or more
Heat Retention (1h) 85℃ or more 86℃ or more 87℃ or more
Cold Retention (6h) 9℃ or less 8℃ or less 7℃ or less
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 6.6×7.3×17.8(cm) 6.6×7.3×22(cm) 6.6×7.3×26.2(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 0.17kg 0.2kg 0.23kg
Caliber (Approximate value) 4.3(cm) 4.3(cm) 4.3(cm)
Producing Country China China China

* Actual capacity is the volume of drink that can be actually contained in the bottle when the stopper included with the product is put on the bottle.
* The heat insulation effect is the temperature of water in the bottle 1 to 6 hours after the bottle filled with hot water at 95±1°C is placed in an upright position and left standing at a room temperature of 20±2°C.
* The low-temperature insulation effect is the temperature of water in a bottle 6 hours after it is filled with cold water at 4±1°C is placed in an upright position and left standing at a room temperature of 20±2°C.

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