Pressure IH Rice Cooker JPV-T100/T180

To be released on August 1, 2024

Tiger Pressure IH Rice Cooker Entry Model

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Cook tasty rice.
Save time.

Every day is a busy day.
Do you want to save time?
Do you want cleaning to be easy?
Do you also want to eat delicious rice that
tastes like it was cooked in a ceramic inner pot?
Your wishes have been granted.
Savor the taste of rice cooked in a ceramic inner pot, regardless of whether it’s freshly cooked or kept warm.
It’s delicious and hassle-free.

Springy and Firm Texture
“Pressure Cooking”

A pressure of approximately 1.25 atm is applied during cooking to raise the temperature inside the inner pot to approximately 106 degrees Celsius*, bringing out the stickiness and sweetness of the rice.

*Temperature of the inner pot when boiling at 1.25 atm (based on our research)

Enhanced Flavor & TSUBUDACHI Keep Warm

The refined sweetness and springy texture can be tasted in each and every single grain of rice.

This is not limited to freshly cooked rice. Even the flavor of rice that has been kept warm has been enhanced.

Far-infrared, five-layer, ceramic-coated inner pot

Heat is distributed as evenly as possible in the pot, ensuring each grain of cooked rice is plump. The layers of different metals increase the thermal diffusion effect. The high temperature produced by induction heating (IH) is quickly and directly transferred to the rice.

The outside of the pot is finished with far-infrared coating. The “far-infrared ceramic coating” on the inside of the pot causes the rice and water to boil with fine bubbles as if the rice was cooked in a clay pot. These coatings produce a delicious taste comparing favorably with that of rice cooked in a clay pot, bringing out the natural sweetness of the rice and its springy texture.

UMAMITSUBUDACHI rice cooking program for cooking tasty firm plump rice
that bring out the stickiness and springiness of the rice

This device features unique rice cooking programs derived from clay pot cooking methods.

The grains are allowed to absorb water at a lower temperature for a longer period of time before the temperature is rapidly raised, resulting in sweet and springy rice.

Preserves the delicious taste of freshly cooked rice
“TSUBUDACHI keep-warm program”

A steam sensor on the lid detects the steam from the rice.

It also controls the temperature while the rice is kept warm to prevent it from yellowing and drying. The moisture is trapped inside of the rice, preserving the taste and firmness of freshly cooked rice for a long time.

(Conceptual image)

3-year warranty on the inner pot (inner side)

We provide a 3-year warranty for the inner pot coating(inner side) so that the product can be used for many years.It is safe to use even if the coating comes off.

* The warranty applies to the coating on the inner surface of the inner pot. It does not cover damage resulting from failure to follow the guidelines in the instruction manual.

Hassle-Free Rice Cooking & Time-Saving Menu

For those who do not have much time but want to enjoy efficient, hassle-free meals, the device is equipped with a wide variety of rice settings and convenient cooking settings.

“Small Portion and Quick” setting

With this setting, rice can be cooked in as quickly as about 15 minutes.
Enjoy freshly cooked rice even on busy days.

A setting to cook a bowl of rice (0.5 go) in a minimum of about 15 minutes and 1 go in about 17 minutes* is provided to allow you to eat freshly cooked rice on busy days.

* Only JPV-T100 can cook 0.5 go of rice. For JPV-T180, the minimum amount of 1 go of rice can be cooked in about 17 minutes.

“Special Small Amount Cooking” setting

The rice cooker is able to cook even a single bowl of delicious, firm rice.

The heat control is suitable for small amounts of rice, even a single bowl’s worth. It brings out the sweetness of the rice and gives it a firm texture. Small portions of 0.5 to 2 go may be cooked with delicious results.

* For JPV-T180, these amounts are 1 go to 3 go.

“Frozen Rice” setting

Stock your freezer with the delicious flavors of freshly cooked rice.

In order to eliminate the dryness that occurs when frozen rice is defrosted, as well as the clumpiness that occurs when it is reheated in the microwave, the rice is given a longer time to absorb water than in the regular “White Rice” setting, resulting in a fluffy core with minimal clumps so that the delicious flavor is not lost even after the rice has been frozen.

“Premium” setting

Prepare a luxurious meal for a special occasion.

This luxurious setting brings out all of the sweetness, springiness, aroma, stickiness, and softness that define delicious rice.

The water-absorption process takes longer than the standard “White Rice” setting in order to bring out the original flavor of the rice.

“Brown Rice GABA” setting

GABA is a remarkable ingredient that is said to reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep*1 and is also a type of amino acid. Brown rice is cooked for a longer time than usual to promote the work of enzymes contained in brown rice,and is cooked with more than 4.5 times the amount of GABA*2 than brown rice in its raw state.

*1 Effects are not necessarily guaranteed due to differences in intake amounts, timing of intake, and individual differences.
*2 Comparison of GABA content per 100g of brown rice (raw rice). “Brown rice GABA” menu: 13.8mg, Brown rice (raw rice): 3.01mg (our research)Translated with (Based on our research)

Other mixed rice settings

Mixed Rice
Brown Rice
Mixed Grains


Recommended recipes

Cream risotto with clams and mushrooms
Sichuan-style bean curd and ground pork with a spicy taste
Beef shank simmered in demi-glace sauce
Nikujaga prepared without water

These dishes are heated without using fire, so you can just leave them to cook without worry. Just add the chopped ingredients and seasonings and let the rice cooker take care of the rest.
The same rice cooker can be used both for slow cooking and for quick cooking that takes less than 20 minutes. It widens the range of recipes you can cook.

Easy cooking in a rice cooker

“Quick Cooking” menu

It is ideal for quick cooking as it continues to heat at a high temperature after boiling. The cooking time can be set in 1-minute increments from 1 minute to 30 minutes with the menus convenient for busy weekdays.

“Slow Cooking” menu

For the first 60 minutes, the rice is heated at a higher temperature, and after that, the heat is reduced and the steam is suppressed to slow cook the rice, eliminating the risk of overcooking or boiling over.The cooking time can be set from 30 minutes to 360 minutes, making it ideal for slow cooking.
On weekends, you can relax and enjoy meals at home by letting your rice cooker do the work of making authentic stewed dishes.

Healthy waterless cooking is also available with the Slow Cooking setting.

“Quick Cooking” menu

Easy acqua pazza-style basil-flavored mackerel

“Slow Cooking” menu

Beef shank simmered in demi-glace sauce
Nikujaga prepared without water


Hassle-Free Cleaning & Operation

The device is complete with convenient features that make it easy to clean and operate.

The easy-to-clean frame has a grained surface
to ensure scraps of starch come off easily.
Easy-to-wipe top surface with little unevenness

Only 2 parts to clean

With only 2 parts (inner pot and inner lid) to wash, the product was made with attention to everyday ease of use.Plus, the inner lid is dishwasher-safe.

The device is a convenient addition for any busy household.

You only need to clean the inner lid and the inner pot every day
The inner lid can be attached and removed with one easy touch, enabling easy cleaning.
The inner lid is dishwasher-safe!

Minimize unwanted odors and stains
“Pressure cleaning course”

The pressure cleaning course uses high-temperature steam and pressure to clean the device in a short amount of time. It takes care of any smells and stains that remain after using rice cooking settings such as those for mixed rice and other cooking programs.

* The indicated cleaning time is an approximation. Actual completion times vary slightly depending on usage conditions (based on company research).

* Some smells may not be completely eliminated.

Bright gray clear LCD

The LCD screen is easy to see when operating.It has high visibility and can be used without stress.

A lid that opens and closes smoothly

The open/lock button has been enlarged to make it easier to press.

The lid can be opened and closed easily.

Inner pot with handles

The handles on the inner pot make it easy to remove the pot from the main unit and carry it.

Because we want our customers to use our products hygienically—
Freestanding rice scoop with antibacterial finish

Our SIAA-certified rice scoops boast a high degree of cleanliness.
They are freestanding scoops that do not require a stand.

*The SIAA marks are symbols for antibacterial properties established by the Society of International Sustaining Growth for Antimicrobial Articles.
Products that meet the three criteria of [1] Antimicrobial properties (*1), [2] Safety (*2) and [3] Appropriate labeling (*3) may carry the SIAA marks.

SIAA ISO22196 antibacterial finishing

The proportion of bacteria on the surface of the product must be equal to or less than 1/100 that of a non-treated product, and the antimicrobial effect must remain after durability tests.Antimicrobial resistance is determined based on the results of tests conducted in accordance with the international standard ISO 22196.
The safety criteria uniquely established by SIAA must be met.
The types of antibacterial agents used and parts treated must be clearly indicated.

[ Antibacterial finishing ]
The rice scoop included with the JPV-T series has a silver-based (Ag) antibacterial finish.

  • Testing organization
    Evaluation Technical Center, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Test method
    The antibacterial finishing has been tested in accordance with JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196).
  • Processing method
    Kneaded into the plastic material
  • Antibacterial agent used
    Silver-based antibacterial agent
  • Test result
    2.0 or higher antibacterial activity value
  • SIAA registration number

Functions and specifications


Inner pot

Heating system

Good flavors

Menu settings

Convenience and ease of use

Ease of maintenance



  • Pressure IH Rice Cooker

    • Mauve Black<KV>
  • Pressure IH Rice Cooker

    • Mauve Black<KV>
Product number JPV-T100 JPV-T180
Color Mauve Black<KV> Mauve Black<KV>
Rated Voltage 100V 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Heating System IH IH
Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.09-1.0L
0.5-5.5 Cups
1-10 Cups
Capacity 1L 1.8L
Electric Rating 1100W 1210W
Maximum cooking capacity class B D
Annual Power Consumption 93.5kWh/年 145kWh/年
Power Consumption when cooking rice per time 187Wh/time 241Wh/time
Power Consumption during heat insulation per hour 17.5Wh/hour 24.1Wh/hour
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 25.7×38×21.4(cm) 28.6×40.6×25.3(cm)
Height With Lid Open (Approximate value) 42.30(cm) 48.60(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 5.5kg 6.7kg
Energy conservation standard achievement rate 102% 101%
Label 目標年度2008年度 目標年度2008年度
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1m 1m
Producing Country Japan Japan
  1. Open price *For open-priced products, there are no suggested retail prices from the manufacturer.
  2. *1. Electromagnetic induction heating system (IH) … B: 0.99 L or more but less than 1.44 L. D: 1.80 L or more
  3. *2 This figure is based on the measurement method for electric rice cookers specified by the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. (Class names are also based on this law.)
  4. *3 Energy consumption per rice cooking cycle is for the “Eco” setting. Energy consumption per hour for the “keep warm” function is also for the “Eco” setting. (Factory settings) Energy consumption varies depending on the amount of rice cooked and the setting used.

Energy saving symbolEnergy saving symbol

These symbols indicate the energy-saving performance of the products that bear the symbols. The green symbol is for models that meet the energy conservation standard, and the orange symbol is for models that do not meet the standard. Choose a product with reference to these symbols.
The “achievement rate of energy conservation standard” or “achievement rate” indicates how much the product has achieved the 2008 target value specified in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. The higher the percentage, the better the energy efficiency.