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Ceramic Pot Pressure IH Rice Cookers <炊きたて>土鍋ご泡火炊き JPJ-G060

Create authentic flavors in an authentic donabe. The Donabe Gohobi-Daki can also be used with small pots.

The heat retention and far-infrared effect of donabe enable a high heat output of approximately 220 degrees Celsius, which is close to the heat of a kamado.
The four-ring rippled bottom further enhances the bubbling of the donabe, locking in the sweetness and flavor of the rice as it cooks.


The Donabe Gohobi-Daki preserves the delicious flavor of rice using high heat and gentle bubbling.

Donabe Gohobi-Daki

The high heat of a donabe
220°C high heat and adjustable double pressure bring out the flavor and sweetness of the rice
The authentic donabe inner pot is made of real earthenware and has high heat retention properties. Transmits high heat to the rice at a maximum temperature of approximately 220°C*.
* The temperature of the outside of the bottom of the pot (based on our own research)

A far-infrared large kamado that heats the entire pot effectively
Tiger’s original kamado, which covers the authentic donabe, has been enlarged.
It has a double heating structure with the authentic donabe and a far-infrared large kamado.

*Conceptual image

Far-infrared effect from the donabe
The far-infrared effect is about 2.5 times* more effective than that of metal pots.

It slowly heats each grain of rice to the core with the radiant heat from the far-infrared effect of the donabe.

※ Based on a comparison between the JPJ-G060 and conventional products made by Tiger. Temperature taken from the inside of the bottom of the pot.
This is a comparison of the amount of far-infrared radiation energy at peak temperatures for a donabe at 200°C and a metal pot at 110°C (presumed temperatures for cooking rice).


A donabe that produces gentle bubbling
The large amount of fine bubbles only produced by donabe surround the rice and protect the surface, so the grains are less likely to be damaged by bumping into each other. This traps the starch and produces a springy texture in the rice. The end result is a pot of springy rice with a lustrous surface.
In addition, the bottom of the donabe has a four-ring rippled bottom to further enhance bubbling.

Magnified view of the material

With the adjustable double pressure, each grain of rice can be fluffy and springy
A pressure of 1.25 atm is applied during cooking to produce glutinous and springy rice.
After cooking, the pressure is reduced to 1.05 atm, and high-temperature steaming is used to cook the rice grains and produce firm rice with minimal sticking.

Adjustable double pressure

You can even cook just one bowl!

Rice can be cooked in amounts as little as a single bowl (0.5 cup), making it easy for you to enjoy the delicious taste of rice cooked in a donabe.


A three-level cooking function for different textures

The consistency of the cooked rice can be selected from three levels: grainy, standard, and springy. For example, if the rice is for mixed fried rice or curry, it should be cooked using the “grainy” setting. If you are making rice balls or bento boxes, or if you are using the rice to accompany Japanese side dishes, you should use the “springy” setting.
You can choose the cooking style that best suits your taste and the type of cuisine.
* These settings are only available only when the White Rice setting is selected.

Different cooking functions

3-level heat control

This function is available for the White Rice and Takikomi settings. You can enjoy the aromatic scorched rice only possible in donabe.

* The type of rice and the amount of water used may affect the way the rice is cooked.
Due to the nature of donabe pressure induction cookers, scorched rice may form even when the heat setting is low.

Scorched rice

Two types of warranty to protect the inner pot (donabe): 3-year warranty for the inner pot

We provide a 3-year warranty against cracks and peeled fluorine coating in the inner pot.
The new development of a fluorine coating has enabled the temperature to rise during the boil maintenance process to enhance bubbling and further bring out the stickiness and sweetness of the rice.

The inner pot is made of Yokkaichi Banko ware, a traditional craft of Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, known as the home of pottery, and is over twice as strong* as ordinary donabe.

*Based on a comparison of bending strength of the donabe (based on our own research)
Authentic donabe 70–80 Pa
Conventional Banko ware donabe for gas heating 20–40 MPa

3-year warranty on the inner pot

The glazed inner lid allows you to enjoy the vibrant taste of Takitate anytime.

This product features a glazed inner lid that has a hydrophilic effect. By applying a thin film that is resistant to the formation of droplets, water quickly evaporates when heated, removing unwanted moisture.
When keeping the rice warm, the inner lid is covered with a film of moisture to prevent the rice from drying and to keep it moist and warm. Droplets do not form easily, so your rice is protected from dripping water.
A room temperature sensor is also installed to control the temperature according to the room temperature, thereby preventing the rice from drying out or producing unpleasant smells when kept warm.


Bringing the delicious flavor of barley rice to your dining table

The Barley Rice Oshimugi setting
A two-stage water absorption process is used for white rice and barley.
The Barley Rice Mochimugi setting
Water is absorbed well and cooked at high temperature to suppress odors.

Barley Rice Oshimugi & Mochimugi settings

Boiled Barley (Oshimugi/Mochimugi) settings

The Boiled Barley (Oshimugi/Mochimugi) setting allows you to easily cook boiled barley by simply adding water. Boiled barley can be used in various dishes such as salads and soups, so you can easily incorporate barley into your diet.

Boiled Barley (Oshimugi/Mochimugi) settings

Small capacity and compact size, so it can be placed anywhere

The device’s short form allows it to fit neatly into a pull-out kitchen rack.
It can be also blend in with your interior decor.

* Keep away from walls and furniture when in use, as steam and heat can cause damage, discoloration, and deformation.
When using kitchen storage cabinets (sliding drawers), please take the following precautions.
Provide sufficient space above the steam holes.
Prevent steam from accumulating inside.
Keep steam away from the operation panel and the plug.
Sliding drawers should be pulled out to prevent steam from coming into contact with them.
Check the load capacity of the drawer on which it is placed before use.

It's compact, so it can be placed anywhere

Simple, large LCD screen
The clear, large screen, white backlit LCD makes text clearly visible, and the easy-to-operate key layout makes daily use stress-free.



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• Product name: Donabe Pressure IH Rice Cooker “Takitate” JPJ-G060
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With only 3 parts, this product is easy to clean

(1) Inner pot
(2) Inner lid (removable)
(3) Steam cap

The parts are easy to remove, so cleanup is always a breeze.

Just 3 parts

Fully washable inner lid that can be removed in a single motion

Inner lid

Easy-to-wipe top surface with minimal unevenness

Easy-to-wipe top surface

Frame with textured finish for cleaning

Scraps of starch can be peeled off the surface easily.

Frame with textured finish

Easy cleaning! Pressure cleaning course

The pot is cleaned under pressure at high temperature for a short time to remove any undesirable odors, enabling a pleasant experience even after the Takikomi setting has been selected.

Washing course
Pressure Cleaning setting


  • メイン画像

    Ceramic Pot Pressure IH Rice Cookers <炊きたて>土鍋ご泡火炊き

    • Stone Black<KS>
Product number JPJ-G060
Color Stone Black<KS>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Heating System Ceramic Pot Pressure IH+Variable Double Pressure IH
Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.09-0.63L
0.5-3.5 Cups
Capacity 0.63L
Electric Rating 850W
Maximum cooking capacity class A
Annual Power Consumption 48.7kWh/年
Power Consumption when cooking rice per time 104Wh/time
Power Consumption during heat insulation per hour 16.9Wh/hour
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 23.7×27.8×22.9(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 6.3kg
Energy conservation standard achievement rate 100%
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1m
Producing Country Japan