Use the app to bring even more joy to your meals


Venture beyond your usual brands
and choose rice from all over the country for a new culinary experience.

Rice Brand Sommelier

Recommended brands of rice from all over Japan can be selected from the app.

Select your preference from five types of rice classified according to texture and taste (Medium, Springy, Light, Soft, and Firm) and choose a brand of rice from the list displayed to see the features and detailed charts about the rice. This feature allows you to have fun while picking out a brand of rice that’s right for you. If you find a brand you like, you can rate it five stars to keep tabs on it.

All you have to do is choose your favorite texture!
Select recommended brands of rice with ease

Learn more about rice brand-specific cooking

Make new discoveries in the world of rice.

A home screen packed with information

The TIGER HOME app not only allows you to check the status of your rice, but also introduces seasonal recipes, ryotei restaurants where delicious donabe rice can be eaten, and other content related to cooking rice. You can also check out other tidbits about rice and see reports on your rice cooking history as well as reports on brand name rice cooking results for JPA-X users.

We offer you the opportunity to try a diverse range of rice brands.

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Recommendations from Rice Brand Sommelier
Brand Rice Rankings

You can give brands of rice you have eaten 5-star ratings in Rice Brand Settings
Based on these ratings, Rice Brand Sommelier will notify you of recommendations for rice brands on your home screen.

In addition to rice brand popularity rankings, the TIGER HOME app also allows users to check various other rankings only available on the TIGER HOME app, such as newly registered rice varieties, crop yields, and rice brands recommended by TIGER.

The best way to cook rice for a brand of rice is to leave it to the Rice Brand-Specific Cooking feature.
We hope you try some rice brands that pique your interest.

Checking the status of your rice has never been easier.


Watch over your loved ones’ rice cooking from afar

When the monitoring setting is turned on, a push notification will be sent which is useful for watching over family members who live far away and use the JPA-X model.

The amount of rice remaining can also be checked with the TIGER HOME app.


Rice Delivery

The amount of rice that needs to be cooked is analyzed according to household needs using AI.
Once you configure the amount of rice remaining, the app will estimate how much rice to stock based on the amount of rice cooked for your household, and when it runs low, the app will notify you that it is time to purchase more rice.

An automatic reordering function is also available.

There is no need to worry about purchasing too much rice or running out when you need it. This service eliminates the need to go out and buy heavy bags of rice that you need to carry home, and it prevents forgotten purchases.

■ Amazon Alexa Smart Function
The rice delivery function enables the Tiger Home skill and allows you to connect your rice cooker to Alexa.

About the Amazon Alexa Smart Function

Check the list of rice products offered by Amazon

*Amazon, Alexa, Dash and all related trademarks are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates.

• E-commerce stores

The following e-commerce stores can be used with the Rice Delivery service on the TIGER HOME app. (As of October 2022)

Joshin Web Shop (alphabetical order)

*For details, please refer to the in-app explanations and the application guide .

Application usage procedure

(1) Register as a member of TIGER FOREST

Follow the instructions in the included Getting Started Guide to complete membership and product registration for TIGER FOREST, Tiger Corporation’s membership site.


(2) Configure the app

Download the TIGER HOME app and log in.

(3) Connect to your device

Connect the rice cooker to the wireless LAN router and perform pairing.

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