Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cookers〈炊きたて〉JBS-A055

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Enjoy fluffy, delicious rice and authentic cooking with a
microcomputer-type model

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Fluffy Rice Cooked in an Extra-thick Far-infrared Black Pot

Fluffy Rice Cooked in an Extra-thick Far-infrared Black Pot
Rice topped with egg

3 mm thick pot with high heat cooking power
The 3 mm-thick, extra-thick, far-infrared black pot enables high heat retention and a far-infrared effect, and the “pot-encasing heater” wraps around the entire pot to cook at high heat, resulting in rice that is fluffy and sticky to the core.

Conceptual image

Extra-thick pot that brings out the best flavor
The pot for the new model is three times thicker than that of previous models*3, which produces evenly cooked rice that is fluffy to the core, and significantly increases viscosity by approximately 25% and springiness (chewiness) by approximately 10%. You can enjoy the sweetness of the rice and its springy texture.

*Compared to our previous product, the JAI-R552 (2019 model). Tested at a room temperature of 23°C and water temperature of 23°C. Results will vary depending on the kind of rice, room temperature and water temperature. (Based on company research)

Stickiness (viscosity) comparison
Chewiness comparison

Specialty Rice Settings

“Premium” setting

This luxurious setting brings out the sweetness, aroma, stickiness, and softness that define delicious rice. The water-absorption process takes twice as long as the standard “White Rice” setting in order to bring out the original flavor of the rice.

“Frozen Rice” setting

More time is taken for the water-absorption process compared to the standard “White Rice” setting in order to eliminate the dryness of frozen rice and the clumpiness of rice is that is reheated in the microwave. The resulting rice is fluffy to the core with minimal clumping, retaining its delicious flavor even after being stored in the freezer. You can enjoy the taste of Takitate anytime by stocking up your freezer.

“Eco” setting

Under this setting, white rice can be cooked with less energy consumption than the standard “White Rice” setting, which is why Eco is recommended for those who are concerned about their electricity bill.

*White Rice and Eco were compared by cooking 2 go of rice with each setting. Tested at a room temperature of 23°C and water temperature of 23°C. Results will vary depending on the kind of rice, room temperature and water temperature. (Based on company research)

“Quick Cook” setting

The high heating speed and shortened steaming time allow the rice to be cooked in a shorter time than with the standard “White Rice” setting. This setting is recommended for when you’re having a busy day, or when you want just a bit of extra rice.
Estimated cooking time:
“Quick Cook” setting: Approx. 24 min. for 0.5 go, approx. 41 min. for 3 go
“White Rice” setting: Approx. 46 min. for 0.5 go, approx. 57 min. for 3 go

*Tested at a room temperature of 23°C and water temperature of 23°C. Cooking times will vary depending on the kind of rice, room temperature and water temperature.

Easy, Delicious Brown Rice and Takikomi

Brown Rice

“Brown Rice” setting

This setting produces fluffy, delicious brown rice, which is usually difficult to cook with the right amount of water and heat. Brown rice is an efficient source of vitamin B1 and other nutrients.

Mixed Grains

“Takikomi” setting

This is the optimal setting for cooking takikomi or okowa.
These dishes are an easy way to supplement nutrients while you enjoy the flavor of the ingredients.

A Wide Range of Cooking Settings

In addition to conventional cooking functions, a low-temperature cooking function and a retort warming function have been added anew. The product can also be used as a multi-purpose cooking device to expand the range of your repertoire.

Low Temperature Cooking setting

It is difficult to maintain low temperatures when cooking,
but this rice cooker setting makes it easy.

High Temperature Cooking setting

Cook everything from quick and easy meals to
stewed dishes by simply configuring the cooking time.

You can heat retort pouches, too.

Fill the inner pot with water and a retort pouch and select the High Temperature Cooking setting. Once the time is set and the Cook key is pressed, the pouch can be left alone until the buzzer sounds, which is very convenient when you are busy.

“Bread Fermentation” and “Bread Baking” setting

It is difficult to maintain the optimal temperature when making bread, but this device makes it a breeze with the Bread Fermentation and Break Baking settings. It’s easy to make homemade bread that is fragrant on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Round Bread
Round Bread

It blends with your interior with its

Compact Design

Compact design that blends with the interior

With its compact and of high quality form, this device will subtly complement your interior design.

Excellent usability with the

Flat Top

Excellent usability with the flat top

Equipped with a clear gray LCD for increased visibility, this flat top is easy on the eyes.
The easy-to-use, easy-to-press key layout enables stress-free daily use.

There are only 2 parts to clean.

Easy Cleaning

(1) Inner pan
(2) Inner lid

With only two parts to clean, your day-to-day routine is made much easier.

Only 2 parts to clean!
Flat Top

Flat Top

The absence of a steam cap makes it easy to clean with a single wipe.

Textured frame for cleaning

Textured frame for cleaning

Scraps of starch can be peeled off the surface easily.

Functions and specifications


Inner pot

Heating system

Good flavors

Menu settings

Convenience and ease of use

Ease of maintenance



  • Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cookers 〈炊きたて〉

    • Matte Black<KM>
    • Matte Black<WM>
Product number JBS-A055
Color Matte Black<KM>
Matte Black<WM>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Heating System Wide Coverage Heater
Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.09-0.54L
0.5-3 Cups
Capacity 0.54L
Electric Rating 350W
Maximum cooking capacity class E
Annual Power Consumption 39.0kWh/年
Power Consumption when cooking rice per time 90.1Wh/time
Power Consumption during heat insulation per hour 13.0Wh/hour
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 24.7×27.8×19.2(cm)
Height With Lid Open (Approximate value) 38.50(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 2.7kg
Energy conservation standard achievement rate 100%
Label 目標年度2008年度
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.2m
Producing Country China

Energy saving symbol

These symbols indicate energy-saving performance. The green symbol is for models that meet the standards, and the orange symbol is for models that do not. Please consider these symbols when selecting a product. “Energy conservation standard achievement rate” and “achievement rate” indicate the rate of achievement with regard to the 2008 standards set forth in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. The higher the percentage, the better the energy efficiency.

  • 1 For methods other than electromagnetic induction heating systems (IH) … E: 0.54 L or more and less than 0.99 L.
  • 2 This figure is based on the measurement method for electric rice cookers specified by the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. (Class names are also based on this law.)
  • 3 Energy consumption per rice cooking cycle is for the “Eco” setting. Energy consumption per hour for the “keep warm” function is also for the “Eco” setting. (Factory settings) Energy consumption varies depending on the amount of rice cooked and the setting used.

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