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Compact, small-capacity 3 go cooker. The compact rice cooker is also a perfect fit for the room of people who live alone.

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3 go cookerJAI-R552Open price
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The inner pot with a black far-infrared coating is used

In the black thick inner pot with a high far-infrared radiation effect, fluffy delicious rice can be cooked evenly. (Thickness of the inner pot: 1.0 mm)
1-year warranty on the inner pot

Saves electricity and reduces steam! Eco setting

The smart setting to cook rice and save money on electricity.
When boiling begins, heat is controlled in a smart way to the minimum level at which boiling can be maintained.
The Eco setting helps saving electricity by saving steam.
In the Eco setting, money on electricity can be saved by about 10% and the amount of steam emitted can be reduced by about 30% compared with those in the White Rice setting.
*Comparison between the Eco and White Rice settings when 2 go of rice is cooked in each setting with the 3 go cooker

Cook stewed dishes easily with 炊きたて!

With this rice cooker, you can easily enjoy cooking elaborate dishes which are usually difficult to cook with the right amount of heat.
In the Stew setting, the ingredients are first simmered at a high temperature close to boiling and then the heating temperature is reduced slowly to stew them for a while. After that, the temperature is further reduced to continue stewing. The heating temperature is slowly reduced to stew and flavor the ingredients deeply, so that you do not have to worry about boiling dry even if heating is continued for a long time.

Pot-au-feu with vegetables and chicken
Stewed pork shoulder and lentils

Cooking timer settings registerable in memory (two settings)

Cooking timer settings registerable in memory to complete cooking at the desired time.
Two timer settings can be registered.


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Product number JAI-R552
Color <W>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Heating System Side heater+Bottom heater
Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.09-0.54L
Capacity 0.54L
Maximum cooking capacity class E
Annual Power Consumption 41.5kWh/年
Power Consumption when cooking rice per time 94.5Wh/time
Power Consumption during heat insulation per hour 14.0Wh/hour
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 22.4×28.3×18.9(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 2.2kg
Energy conservation standard achievement rate 100%
Label 目標年度2008年度
Producing Country China
  • Maximum cooking capacity class:Electromagnetic induction heating system (IH) … E: 0.99 L or more but less than 0.54 L.
  • “Power consumption per rice cooking cycle” is the figures are based on the measurement method for the specified equipment “electric rice cookers” defined in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use.(The class names are also based on the law.)
  • The energy consumption per rice cooking cycle and the energy consumption per hour for keeping warm are the values in the “Eco” setting. (Factory settings) Energy consumption varies depending on the amount of rice cooked and the setting used.

Energy saving symbol

These symbols indicate the energy-saving performance of the products that bear the symbols. The green symbol is for models that meet the energy conservation standard, and the orange symbol is for models that do not meet the standard. Choose a product with reference to these symbols. The “achievement rate of energy conservation standard” or “achievement rate” indicates how much the product has achieved the 2008 target value specified in the Act on Rationalizing Energy Use. The higher the percentage, the better the energy efficiency.