Electric Griddles <これ1台> CRC-B302

Make delicious, healthy meals by removing excess oil.

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A plate made with hard ceramics and hard fluorine coating

This plate is made with hard ceramics and hard fluoride coating, making it hard to burn and highly durable.

Perforated and corrugated plates to remove oil for healthy meals

Oil is removed smoothly by the perforated and corrugated plates positioned in an angled oil-catching structure that allows oil to flow easily.

Perforated and corrugated plates

3 plates to expand your cooking repertoire

Flat/Perforated and Corrugated/Takoyaki

A square model with easy-to-use form

The easy-to-reach, low-profile design makes it easier to eat and increases safety. Also, since it is a square model, it can be placed on a square table without wasting space.

Long 3 m cord (power cord)

With a generous cord of 3 meters, there’s no need for an extension cord.

Even when all plates are stacked on top of each other, the height is only about 17 cm, making it compact and convenient for storage.

Despite its large size, it is light (the main unit is approx. 6.0 kg) and easy to use.


The corners are round and the water tray is small, so it’s easy to wash.


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    Electric Griddles <これ1台>

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Product number CRC-B302
Color Brown<T>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1200W
Temperature Control Range (Degrees) (Approximate value) Keep warm~250℃
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 48.4×35.8×12.7(cm)
※ 平面プレートをセットした状態でふたをして、温度調節器をセットしたときのおおよその数値です。
Weight (Approximate value) 6kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 3m
Plate Variation wave shape, flat, takoyaki
Inner Size of Pan/Plate W×D (Approximate value) 穴あき波形:35.00×28.50(cm)
Depth of Pan/Plate (Approximate value) 穴あき波形:2.20(cm)
Producing Country China

*Size (48.4×35.8×12.7) : The values are those when the lid is closed with the flat plate set.

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