Electric Griddles <モウいちまい> CRC-B202

Make delicious, healthy meals by removing excess oil.

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The plate with “hard ceramics and hard fluorine coating”

The plate has a highly durable “hard ceramics and hard fluoride coating” that prevents burning and sticking.

The perforated/corrugated plate to ensure efficient draining of oil for healthy meals

With the “oil catcher structure” of the angled surface to let oil flow easily, the perforated/corrugated plate can drain oil smoothly.

Perforated/corrugated plate

Easy-to-use rectangular form

The easy-to-reach, low-profile design gives easy access to the foods cooked on the plate and increases safety. The rectangular unit can be used on a square table without wasting space.

Long 3 m cord (power cord)

A long 3 m cord without need for an extension cord


The plate with round corners and the small water tray are easy to wash.


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    Electric Griddles <モウいちまい>

    • Brown<T>
Product number CRC-B202
Color Brown<T>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1200W
Temperature Control Range (Degrees) (Approximate value) Keep warm~250℃
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 48.4×35.8×12.7(cm)
※ 平面プレートをセットした状態でふたをして、温度調節器をセットしたときのおおよその数値です。
Weight (Approximate value) 4.9kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 3m
Plate Variation wave shape, flat
Inner Size of Pan/Plate W×D (Approximate value) 穴あき波形:35.00×28.50(cm)
Depth of Pan/Plate (Approximate value) 穴あき波形:2.20(cm)
Producing Country China

*Size (48.4×35.8×12.7) : The values are those when the lid is closed with the flat plate set.

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