Electric Skillets CQD-B301

The grill pan with a large capacity is great for serving a large group and adopts the main unit and guard designed to be entirely washable!

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With three plates, you can cook a wide range of dishes

Grill pan very useful for multiple purposes
The grill pan widens the range of recipes you can cook!

The perforated/corrugated plate allows oil to smoothly drain off

The corrugated plate prevents oil from splashing, allowing you to quickly and thoroughly cook meat and vegetables.

A large 5 L capacity deep pan with the far-infrared ceramic coating

With the large-capacity grill pan, you can cook any one-pot meals by boiling or stewing.
You can enjoy one-pot meals on a table with your family and friends.

A highly popular takoyaki (octopus ball) plate

This plate can cook 21 pieces of takoyaki at a time.

The perforated/corrugated plate with the oil catcher structure allows oil to smoothly drain off

Tiger developed a structure where the corrugated parts of the plate are sloped like a bowl to let oil run down from a high place into the central hole.
The corrugated wall with straight ridges is easy to clean.

Far-infrared radiation effect that slowly brings out the flavors of foods and durability! A deep pan with far-infrared ceramic coating

Through the far-infrared radiation effect, the flavors of foods can be brought out slowly.

The highly durable far-infrared long-lasting coating

The surfaces of the perforated/corrugated plate and takoyaki plate have a fluorine resin coating containing ceramic.
The coating is scratch-resistant and has a high far-infrared radiation effect.

Safe and secure functions

Glass lid for a clear view of the cooked food

The glass lid allowing the cooked food to be seen without opening it is convenient.
It prevents you from overcooking or overboiling so that you can cook a delicious meal.

Safe design of the magnetic plug

The magnetic plug can be connected firmly and disconnected quickly.
The magnetic plug is used to prevent the main unit from moving or the contents from spilling even if the power cord is caught on an object.


Easy to clean! The main unit guard is entirely washable

The temperature controller, heater, and heat-insulating board assembled as one unit can be separated from the main unit guard, so that the entire main unit guard can be washed easily.
The part that is likely to get dirty can be washed easily to always keep it clean.

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    Electric Skillets

    • Metallic Brown<TH>
Product number CQD-B301
Color Metallic Brown<TH>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Electric Rating 1200W
Power Consumption 1200W
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 43.2×40.2×18.8(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 7kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.8m
Plate Variation Plate with Grooves and Wave Shapes, Takoyaki, Deep Pan
Depth of Pan/Plate (Approximate value) たこ焼き:0.94(cm)
Plate Size (Approximate value) 穴あき・波形:29.20(cm)
Producing Country China

*Sizes are with the deep pot set and lid on.

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