Coffee Makers ADC-A061

The Taste Meister that allows you to brew your coffee to the desired strength

Anybody can adjust the taste of coffee easily to either of two levels, mild or strong, as if coffee was manually brewed to the desired strength.

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The Taste Meister component for two-level strength adjustment

With the Taste Meister component, the coffee maker is capable of changing the way of pouring hot water and the time for moistening ground coffee beans as if coffee was manually brewed to a desired strength.

Choose mild or strong taste according to your preference or the occasion.

You can adjust the strength of the coffee in an easy operation of turning Taste Meister upside down and setting it in place.

– Mild

The cone shape lets hot water be distributed to and poured through the four holes around the center cone, making the taste of coffee light.

– Strong

The inverted cone shape lets hot water gather toward and be poured through the six holes at the center, making the taste of coffee strong.

“Shower dripping” to extract the flavors of coffee evenly

In shower dripping, a spray of hot water is poured all over the ground coffee to allow the ground coffee to bloom slowly.

Shower dripping that allows hot water to be poured all over
Conceptual image

Coffee can be dripped directly into a mug (with the dedicated mug tray)

Coffee can be dripped into the server and, if the dedicated mug tray is installed, it can also be dripped directly into a mug.

With the dedicated mug tray

Filter holder with long ribs to bring out a deep and rich flavor of coffee

To cause the ground coffee to grow and rise adequately, the filter holder with long ribs is used.

The long ribs arranged inside the filter holder make some space between the paper and filter holder, allowing the deep and rich flavor of coffee to be brought out.

Upright slim type

The operating section is located on the front and the filters and tank can be removed and attached in front of the unit, which makes the product easy to use even if the product is installed in a narrow space and allows it to be placed anywhere.

*Width of the main body: 15.4 cm

Easy-to-fill detachable water tank

The water tank that can be removed from the main unit makes it easy to supply water and is convenient for maintenance.

The water tank is graduated so that you can supply water with ease.


Easy-to-wash unbreakable stainless steel server (single-wall structure)

The easy-to-wash unbreakable stainless steel server (single-wall structure) can contain up to six cups of coffee.

*This server does not have a vacuum bottle structure.

Easy-to-clean entirely washable filter

The front panel integrated with the filter holder is entirely washable, making it easy to clean the product after use. Product Award 2023 Gold Award Winner

The Product Award is an award that selects “products that were most supported (highly satisfied) by users that year” based on product review ratings.

The ADC-A061 coffee maker won a gold medal in the “Cooking Appliances Coffee Maker Category”.


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    • Dark Brown<TD>
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Product number ADC-A061
Color Dark Brown<TD>
Grazed White<WG>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Capacity 0.81L
Electric Rating 550W
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 15.4×27.2×30.1(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 1.9kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.2m
Producing Country China

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