Coffee Makers ACT-E040

Brew coffee like a pro with the touch of a button.
Enjoy our three methods, regular drip, drip bags, and Drip Pods
all at home with ease.

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With our 3-Way Coffee Maker, you can choose a setting according to the occasion!

Depending on the usage scenario, you can choose to brew coffee using one of three methods at the touch of a button: regular drip, drip bag, or Drip Pod. For regular drip, you can choose the strength of the coffee from mild or strong according to your preference.


Steaming – the key to regular drip

Plenty of steam is applied to the coffee powder to facilitate extraction of the compounds in the coffee before dripping. This method brings out the best flavor of coffee.


Drip a cup’s worth of coffee directly

This new product allows you to brew one cup’s worth of coffee using regular drip.

As with drip bags and Drip Pods, you can easily enjoy a single cup of regular drip coffee.

Direct drip

Using the Drip Bag setting, achieve the optimal drip with the touch of a button

Drip bags, which require careful brewing, can also be used to make coffee with the touch of a button, resulting in optimal hot water temperature and an appropriate steeping time. Brewing volumes of 140 or 180 mL can be selected.

Compatible with both hook-type and top-mounted coffee bags

Enjoy a single, exquisite cup of coffee with a Drip Pod

This product can be used with UCC Drip Pods for specialty coffees and other types of coffee. Brewing volumes of 70, 140, or 180 mL can be selected according to the type of Drip Pod.

Drip Pod compatible

New Drip Pods that emphasize the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee Drip Pod is a registered trademark of UCC UESHIMA COFFEE CO., LTD.

Pour into a vacuum insulated stainless steel server, stainless steel bottle, or cup depending on the occasion and the number of people.

The tray can be adjusted to four different heights, so you can brew coffee into a vacuum-insulated stainless steel server, your own bottle, or a cup, depending on the number of people and the occasion.

Stainless steel server
When drinking coffee with multiple people
(for regular drip)

Stainless steel server (2 to 4 cups)

Stainless bottle
Before going out
(for regular drip or Drip Pod)

Stainless bottle

When relaxing by yourself
(for regular drip or Drip Pod)


*When using a drip bag, place the drip bag on the cup and adjust the tray according to the height of the drip bag.

Save energy as you keep your coffee warm! A “stainless steel vacuum bottle server” with a double vacuum structure

The absence of a heater to keep the brewed coffee warm prevents the coffee from being boiled down and its flavor and aroma from being lost, all while saving energy. The server can also be washed whole. (Do not presoak the bottle for cleaning.)
The stainless steel structure makes the server durable and unbreakable.


Easy-to-fill detachable water tank

The water tank that can be removed from the main unit makes it easy to supply water and is convenient for maintenance. The water tank also has indicators to serve as a guide for how much water you need to add.

Detachable water tank

Endorsed by UCC Academy instructor Teruhiko Fujii!

Mr. Teruhiko Fujii’s major qualifications

  • UCC Coffee Advisor
  • UCC Coffee Appraiser
  • Coffee Appraiser (Brazil)
  • UCC Coffee Brewer
  • CQI Certified Q Arabica Grader (U.S.)
  • Mild Coffee Quality Control Specialist (Columbia)
UCC Academy instructor Teruhiko Fujii!

How would you briefly describe Tiger’s ACT-E series coffee maker?

While many coffee makers are dedicated to making regular coffee, this is a multi-purpose device that can be used to brew various types of coffee with a single machine. It’s functional and stylish, so you’ll want to keep it close by.

What is the effect of steam?

Steaming involves pushing out the carbon dioxide gas that fills the gaps between the coffee beans, thus creating a path for the hot water to brew more coffee. With steam, the hot water spreads evenly throughout the coffee, helping bring out the flavor.

What are the benefits of brewing coffee with drip bags using the ACT-E series?

Drip bags are known for their ease of use, but when you try to brew drip bag coffee on your own, the taste tends to be inconsistent. The ACT-E series brews coffee with the proper steeping time and timing of pouring, so you can always enjoy the flavor of drip bag coffee at its best.

What are the features of the vacuum-insulated stainless steel server?

Above all, the best feature is that it makes it easy to maintain the taste of freshly brewed coffee. Coffee oxidizes as it is exposed to air and heat, resulting in a loss of aroma and flavor, but the vacuum-insulated stainless steel server is an excellent product that minimizes the effects of oxidation.

What can you do to maintain the usual delicious flavor of coffee?

You should clean them as often as possible to prevent water stains and coffee grounds from sticking to the surface. The parts of the ACT-E can be easily removed and washed in water, so it is recommended for those who are not a fan of cleaning.

The parts of the device can be easily removed and washed with water.


A vacuum-insulated stainless steel server with an “inner surface mirror finish”

The “inner surface mirror finish” of the vacuum-insulated stainless steel server helps prevent stains and odors.

The inner surface of the server is given a mirror finish to prevent stains and odors.
The untreated inner surface has small projections and depressions even though it looks smooth. Stains and odors collect and stay there.

*Photos and images are for illustrative purposes only.

Cleaning function

The device is equipped with a function to clean the water passage inside the body.


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    Coffee Makers

    • Cream White<WM>
Product number ACT-E040
Color Cream White<WM>
Rated Voltage 100V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Capacity 0.54L
Electric Rating 1000W
Brewing Method Drip Brewing Method
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 18.1×27.9×34.2(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 3.2kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.25m
Producing Country China

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