A surprise from a teacher and Tiger Corporation to the graduates of Kurashiki Suisho High School in Okayama Prefecture! Tiger Corporation #Seisyun wo samasuna Bottle Presentation Ceremony” was held.


A surprise from a teacher and Tiger Corporation to the graduates of Kurashiki Suisho High School in Okayama Prefecture!
Pack your hot youth into “vacuum insulated bottles” for memories that will never cool down.

Tiger Corporation #Seisyun wo samasuna Bottle Presentation Ceremony” was held.
– Tezukayama Gakuin High School Dance Club, the winner of Dance Koshien, also came from Osaka to celebrate! –

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Head Office: Kadoma, Osaka), a world leader in thermal control technology, held a “Tiger Corporation #Seisyun wo samasuna bottle presentation ceremony” on Thursday, February 15, 2024 to present a surprise originally designed bottle to a total of 342 people, 266 graduates who will graduate in the spring of 2024 and 76 teachers from Kurashiki Suisho High School in Okayama Prefecture.

From left, Mr. Mae, the teacher who submitted the application, five graduates of Kurashiki Suisho High School, and two Tiger Corporation public relations staff members.

About the “#Seisyun wo samasuna! Vacuum Insulated Bottles Campaign”

This campaign is designed to help students who are graduating from high school to remember the warmth of their ideas, and how Tiger Corporation, which has been refining its “temperature” technology for 100 years, can make even a small contribution to their memories. The winner of the campaign will receive an originally designed bottle of the winner’s choice as an item that reminds them of the “warm memories” and “strong bonds” of their youth and pushes them forward into the future. This project is part of the “#Seisyun wo samasuna! Vacuum Insulated Bottles Campaign Vol. 3,” with entries being accepted from November 2023.

About Kurashiki Suisho High School in Okayama Prefecture, which won this campaign.

After a strict selection process, the winner of the “#Seisyun wo samasuna! Vacuum Insulated Bottles Campaign Vol. 3” was won by Mr. Mae (Mae), the head of the third grade at Kurashiki Suisho High School. The teacher says he was encouraged by the “cheerful, energetic, and passionate” students, even though they had to change various events due to the Corona disaster. They started the school’s official TikTok last school year, and the video of the dance club and the dance beginner teacher, which received 10.7 million views, was one of the most memorable moments in his life. Many of the students who appear in the official TikTok are third-year students. The entire school wanted to return the favor to these third-year students who had worked so hard to make the school a great place to be. (Kurashiki Suisho High School official TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@suisho_es )

Moved by the teacher’s passion for his students and the positive attitude of the students, who were enjoying their student life and taking on new challenges, we decided to select Kurashiki Suisho High School as this year’s winner and hold a surprise bottle presentation ceremony to make it a memorable event for the students before graduation. In addition to the surprise for the graduates, the head teacher of the school wanted to present matching bottles to the teachers who had spent three years with the students, so a total of 342 original bottles were presented to the graduates and teachers, designed with the words “for what?” of the school year goals. In addition, the “#Seisyun wo samasuna! Vacuum Insulated Bottles Campaign” ambassadors, the Tezukayama Gakuin High School Dance Club also made a surprise appearance and performed a passionate and moving stage performance.

Bottle presentation ceremony

The presentation ceremony began with the graduates assembled in the gymnasium to practice for the graduation ceremony. The winner of this campaign, Mr. Mae, the senior vice principal of the school, presided over the ceremony and made a presentation about the project along with his congratulatory comments to the graduates. Mr. Mae said, “I entered the campaign so that everyone’s three years of youth would not be cooled down. Out of the many applications, we, the graduates of Kurashiki Suisho High School, were chosen!” I told them. The graduates were surprised by the unexpected surprise, but their smiles were happy to see the warmth of Mr. Mae’s wishes, and their applause was filled with joy.

Surprise gift of original bottles to 266 graduates

The applicant, Mr. Mae, Head of the Grade School

Tiger Corporation spokesperson explaining the project

A surprised graduate with bottle in hand

Afterwards, a Tiger Corporation spokesperson presented the graduate representative with an originally designed Tiger bottle. The student representing the graduating class said, “Thank you very much for giving me such a valuable experience! I will take good care of this original bottle so that the memories of the past three years will never get cold. The other students also received the bottle and were happy to hear that it was a special bottle that could hold carbonated beverages and that it came in four different colors so that they could use it for a long time in their college life.

Tiger Corporation spokesperson presents bottles to graduates

Graduates’ representative speaks of her delight at the surprise

Also this year, the Tezukayama Gakuin High School Dance Club, the ambassadors of the “#Seisyun wo samasuna! Campaign” ambassadors, the Tezukayama Gakuin High School Dance Club, winners of the 16th Japan High School Dance Club Championships in the official summer national competition, also came from Osaka to perform a special stage performance to celebrate the event. The audience was moved by the powerful performance that brought the entire venue together, and all 260-plus students were riveted to the stage. Since the day before the event was Valentine’s Day, the Tezukayama Gakuin High School Dance Club presented the graduates with a surprise gift of chocolates, which brought them much joy.

The surprise did not end there, as the graduates were also presented with original bottles of the same design as theirs for the teachers who have taken care of them over the past three years. The teacher who has been the homeroom teacher of the current graduates since their first year and now teaches math classes said, “I knew there was a surprise for the students, but I didn’t think there would be a surprise for me and the other teachers in the year group who were helping out behind the scenes, so I was very surprised.” he said with tears in his eyes.

Special stage for Tezukayama Gakuin High School Dance Club

Teachers receiving a reverse surprise from their students

At the end of the presentation ceremony, Mr. Mae, the head of the school year, said to the graduates, “There are only a few days left when we can all gather together in these uniforms. I hope you will all go your separate ways with the memories of your three years in high school in your hearts. The surprise ceremony was a great success and was filled with great emotion.

Thoughts behind the original design

The bottle presented by Tiger Corporation to the graduates of Kurashiki Suisho High School is a bottle with an original design that includes the school year goal, “For what?”, a phrase that all students and teachers have kept in mind throughout their three years of high school. Mr. Mae said, “I hope that students will keep these words in their hearts and play an active role in society, no matter how hard things get in their lives. He also said, “I hope that you will be active in society while keeping these words in mind.

Details of the bottle design

  • Make innovation for Our lives: Slogan for promoting ICT education at Kurashiki Suisho High School
  • For what purpose: Graduates’ grade school goal When any person does something, he or she thinks about “for what purpose” and looks back on himself or herself. This slogan is a reflection of our hope that our students will keep these words in mind and play an active role in society.
  • Symbol: a button design devised by Kurashiki Suisho High School, which was used in the old school uniform.

Official TikTok of Kurashiki Suisho High School


With 99,000 followers (*as of 2/15), it is one of the largest official high school accounts.
The scenes from this presentation ceremony will also be uploaded!

Comments after the presentation ceremony

Kurashiki Suisho Senior High School 3rd Grade Head Teacher, Mr. Mae

I did not expect to win this year’s contest and was very happy when I was contacted by Tiger Corporation. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. It has been about three months since we were notified that we had won the prize, and we have done a lot of preparation for the event. I hope that this experience will encourage them in their future lives.

To the dance club of Tezukayama Gakuin High School

Once again, congratulations to all of you on your graduation! I am very honored to have been given such a great role in this event. Thank you very much. We danced “Haruyokoi” today with a wish that you will have a spectacular life in the future. I would be happy if our dance could be a page of your youth.

Hanabusa, Public Relations Staff, Tiger Corporation

Thanks to the efforts of our ambassadors in addition to the winning schools, we were able to celebrate graduation at both schools for the third installment. We were also filled with warmth by the sight of them enjoying their high school life and their warm friendship. We hope that even in the difficult times of your future life, you will remember your youth in high school without cooling down by holding this original vacuum-insulated carbonated bottle in your hands. Congratulations on your graduation.

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