Tiger Corporation will exhibit a “Disaster Prevention Rice Cooking Experience Booth” at the “Hyogo Safety Day Gathering” on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.


Tiger Corporation will exhibit a “Disaster Prevention Rice Cooking Experience Booth”
at the “Hyogo Safety Day Gathering” on Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

Tiger Kamado, which can cook rice without electricity using only a piece of newspaper,
will be used to provide warm and delicious rice even in times of disaster.

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma, Osaka), a world leader in heat control technology, will exhibit at the “Hyogo Safety Day” on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, the 29th anniversary of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. We will exhibit a “Disaster Prevention Rice Cooking Experience Booth” where visitors can try cooking rice using “Tiger Kamado ,” a rice cooker developed to enable people to enjoy freshly cooked, delicious rice even in times of disaster. We decided to exhibit at this booth in support of the “Hyogo Safety Day” event, which aims to pass on and disseminate the experiences and lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake beyond regional and generational boundaries.

Hyogo Safety Day was established as a day to inherit the experiences and lessons learned from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and to create a safe and secure society, calling for the practice of disaster mitigation activities and promoting the “Prefectural Citizen’s Campaign to Strengthen Disaster Prevention Capabilities” in which individuals, communities, and businesses take the initiative in disaster prevention and mitigation activities.

At the “Hyogo Safety Day Gathering,” we will offer a rice cooking experience and tasting of “Tiger Kamado ,” which went on sale in October of this year. This product uses newspaper as fuel and can easily cook freshly cooked rice without electricity, and is expected to be of great help in times of emergency. We hope you will take this opportunity to experience this disaster prevention rice cooker, which allows you to easily eat “freshly cooked” rice by repeatedly lighting newspapers on fire, without using electricity or gas until lifelines are restored after a disaster.

Outline of the event

Hyogo Safety Day Gathering

Date:January 17, 2024 (Wednesday)
Location: Location: Around HAT Kobe (Chuo-ku, Kobe City)
Booths will be set up at the Koryu Hiroba in the Nagisa Park area.

Tiger Corporation “Disaster Prevention Rice Cooking Experience Booth”

Morning session: 10:00 – 12:30
Rice cooking experience
*Tasting will be available after 12:30pm. Those who experience rice cooking will receive a ticket to exchange for a tasting.

Afternoon Session: 12:30 – 14:30
Rice cooking & tasting

Provided by the Hyogo Prefectural Citizens’ Council for Safety Promotion Secretariat

Explanation of the “Tiger Kamado Gohan” used in the Disaster Prevention Rice Cooking Experience

Tiger Kamado (KMD-A100) *Official online store limited products


In Japan, where natural disasters occur frequently, we came up with the idea of this product with the hope that people will be able to eat a hot meal anytime they want, and that they will be able to maintain even a little peace of mind and body in the severe environment of a disaster-stricken area. We developed this product with the aim of creating a product that would be truly needed in times of disaster.By using a structure that transmits heat in the same way as a real kamado, the product brings out the sweetness and bounce of the rice, so that even in the event of an emergency, you can still enjoy the taste of freshly cooked delicious rice.At the booth, visitors can actually experience cooking rice using the product.

Product features

(1) Uses newspaper as a fuel source

The most distinctive advantage of the product is its ability to cook rice using just one newspaper (36 pages to cook 3 rice cups of rice) without electricity or gas.

(2) Very simple way to cook rice

Insert pages from a newspaper alternately into two openings at the bottom of the oven and set fire to them. Repeat this step to control the heat level by starting with low heat and then rapidly increasing to high heat in the middle of the cooking process. Then, if you get used to this, you can cook rice easily with the rice cooker.

(3) Easy to clean up

The pot stained with soot can be cleaned by just wiping it with a wet sponge. No detergent is needed, so that the product can be cleaned in an eco-friendly way. Not much ash left after cooking so it can be disposed of easily.

(The image shows the outside of the pot, before and after cleaning.)

(4) Compact to store

The minimum height of the product for storage is approx. 18 cm, making it compact to fit in small spaces. It is also recommended to store it near other disaster supplies.

*Do not carry or move the rice cooker during use. *Do not use the product in an area where the use or handling of fire is prohibited.
*Do not use the product in a place with poor ventilation such as indoors or in a tent or car. *Read the Safety Precautions in the instruction manual to use the product properly.

The secret of cooking delicious rice with Tiger Kamado

This product is designed to have a structure that enables heat transfer in the same way as a genuine clay oven, so as to bring out the sweetness and plumpness of rice. The structure allows high heat to be applied to the bottom of the pot and the purposely exposed upper part of the pot causes a temperature difference between the upper and lower parts in the pot, produce convection to cook delicious rice.

How to use Tiger Kamado

To cook 3 rice cups of white rice, you need to allow for a water absorption time of 30 minutes in summer or 40 minutes in winter, a rice cooking time of 20 minutes, and a steaming time of 15 minutes. You can also cook mixed rice with this rice cooker.

Hyogo Safety Day Gathering

Every year on January 17, “Hyogo Safety Day” is held to convey the experiences and lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. In addition to the “1.17 Gathering” memorial event and the Memorial Walk through the reconstructed cityscape, Tiger Corporation will exhibit its disaster prevention activities at the “Koryu Hiroba” (Exchange Plaza), and a stage will be set up for youth groups from the prefecture to perform on stage.

Hyogo Safety Day official website: https://19950117hyogo.jp/

Provided by the Hyogo Prefectural Citizens’ Council for Safety Promotion Secretariat

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