Tiger and Koganei City conclude an environmental agreement


Expanding Partners to Realize a Sustainable Society

Concluded an “Agreement on promoting the development of an environment for using my bottles”
with Koganei City(Tokyo) which aims to promote a lifestyle that does not generate waste.

Tiger Corporation (President: Yoshisato Kikuchi, Headquarters: Kadoma City, Osaka), a world leader in thermal control technology, concluded the Agreement on promoting the development of an environment for using my bottles with Koganei City (Tokyo) today, May 18, 2023.

Considering recycling-oriented manufacturing as its duty to implement a sustainable society as a manufacturer of stainless-steel bottles, Tiger Corporation has been making a broad range of efforts to accept and recycle stainless-steel bottles.

This time, we have set up an “agreement on the promotion of the environment for using my bottles” with Koganei City(Tokyo), which is working to promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), with the future vision of becoming a recycling-oriented city, “Zero Garbage Town Koganei City.” After signing the agreement, we will work together to promote initiatives that lead to changes in the behavior of citizens through the popularization of My Bottles in the city and the collection of used stainless steel bottles.
This is the third case that our company has concluded an agreement with a local government, following Kameoka City (Kyoto) and Kadoma City(Osaka).

At Tiger Corporation, we will continue to promote the circular economy action and contribute to the implementation of a sustainable society by working together with local governments and companies that advocate our efforts as well as encouraging as many people as possible to participate in the recycling of stainless-steel bottles.

Recycling model of used stainless-steel bottles (stainless-steel and resin materials)

The stainless-steel bottles no longer needed at home are collected at schools, companies, and city offices and gathered at a professional recycler. From the gathered raw materials to be recycled, recycled stainless-steel materials and resin products are produced. We are establishing a recycling model whereby the recycled stainless-steel materials are used to manufacture new products and delivered to customers again and the recycled resins are used in our production factories.

We aim to achieve a circular economy (recycling-oriented economy) that can reduce environmental load and achieve sustainable economic growth through the recycling of resources instead of consuming and disposing of goods.

[ Conceptual image of the recycling model ]

*Note for collection: Plastic/aluminum bottles or pouches supplied with stainless-steel bottles are not accepted for collection. Bring the bottles with the lids to the collection sites after thoroughly cleaning and draining them.

*Not all the products using the recycled stainless-steel materials are stainless-steel bottles.

[ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that we contribute to through this model ]

Tiger Corporation Concluded the Agreement on promoting the development of an environment for using my bottles with Koganei City (Tokyo)

In May 2023, Koganei City, Tokyo (Mayor: Toru Shirai) and our company will conclude an agreement on promoting the use of personal bottles, including the promotion of personal bottles and the collection and recycling of used stainless steel bottles.

It was concluded on the 18th.Koganei City has identified the amount of waste generated within the city as an issue, and from 2021 has set the slogan “Recycling City ‘Gomi Zero Town Koganei City’ ~Towards a lifestyle that does not generate waste~” and promotes the 3Rs. (reduce, reuse, recycle).

By concluding an agreement with our company, we will start installing used stainless steel bottle collection boxes at the city hall, and will expand the installation locations in the city as needed. In addition, we will sell Koganei City’s original stainless steel bottles and promote the use of my bottles.

Overview of the agreement

Date of conclusion: Thursday, May 18, 2023

Initiatives with Koganei City:

  • Achieving a new lifestyle with the use of Vacuum Insulated Bottles
  • Building a recycling model of used stainless-steel bottles (stainless-steel and resin materials) through co-creation
  • Raising awareness for the popularization of my drinks bottles

Example of used stainless steel bottle collection box

Reference information: Goals that Tiger Corporation aims to achieve by 2030


In the circular economy (recycling-oriented economy) action for stainless-steel bottles, Tiger Corporation set the following goals to achieve by 2030: the recycling rate of used stainless-steel bottles (1) = 10%, the percentage of stainless steel bottles that uses recycled resins = 50% (2), and the number of partners to cooperate with = 100 companies (including companies, municipalities, and organizations).

*1 This accounts for 10% of the stainless-steel bottles Tiger Corporation sells annually in Japan

*2 For the stainless-steel bottles shipped by Tiger Corporation in Japan

Reference information : The four pledges of Tiger’s vacuum insulated bottles

URL : https://www.tiger-corporation.com/en/jpn/about-us/sustainability/

1. No conflict minerals

Tiger Corporation manages won’t use conflict minerals.
Tiger Corporation uses no raw materials that were made on the foundation of people’s suffering whatsoever.

*Conflict minerals: Tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold mined from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nine surrounding countries.

2. NO fluorine

Our all vacuum insulated bottles use a different technology to achieve the same level of stain resistance without using environmentally harmful fluorine coating. The coating does not peel off, meaning that the bottles can be used for many years.

3. YES our own factories

In order to protect the health of our customers and ensure quality, we manufacture around eight million vacuum insulated bottles (*) at our own production facilities, even if doing so increases costs.

*As of 2018

4.No plastic wast

Approximately 580 billion plastic bottles (*) are consumed annually worldwide.
The use of Tiger vacuum insulated bottles contributes to reducing plastic waste.

*As of 2021

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