Precautions for the safe use of electric kettles and water boilers


Thank you very much for your continued use of Tiger products.

To ensure the safe use of our electric kettles and water boilers, we ask that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the following information before using the product.


Please use your Tiger electric kettle or electric water boiler correctly after thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the contents of the instruction manual.Improper use may cause burns, injury, fire, or other accidents.Please pay special attention to the following.

[1] Do not boil anything except water

(1) Preparing instant noodles, frozen udon noodles and other food
If food is added to the water when boiling water, it may foam and spill over, causing burns.
In addition, food or foam may interfere with boiling detection, or cause problems such as burning of cooked food, corrosion, or unusual odors.

(2) Beverages other than water, such as tea, tea leaves, milk, and alcohol
Foam that forms during boiling may cause the water to spill over, causing burns.
If tea leaves enter the steam path, they can cause malfunctions such as boiling detection failures.

(3) Heating canned coffee, canned foods, retort pouch foods, etc. in hot water
Hot water may spill over, causing burns.The temperature inside the unit rises, causing abnormal operation or failure.

[2] Do not wash the entire unit

Water may enter the main unit, which can cause short-circuiting, electric shock, and malfunctions.

[3] Do not boil water with the lid off

If the water does not stop boiling, it may splash out and cause burns.

[4] Do not boil if the water exceeds the full capacity mark

The water may boil over, causing burns

[5] Do not use near gas stoves or other sources of open flame

Flame may cause plastic parts to melt, ignite, become deformed, or malfunction.

If you have any questions about the safe use of electric kettles and water boilers, please contact our customer service line.

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