Precautions for the safe use of gas cartridge stoves


Thank you very much for your continued use of Tiger products. To ensure the safe use of our gas cartridge stoves, we ask that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the following information before using the product.


Please use your Tiger gas cartridge stove and designated cartridge (canister) correctly after thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the contents of the instruction manual.
Improper use may cause burns, injury, fire, or other accidents. Please pay special attention to the following.

Use a designated cartridge (canister) for your Tiger gas cartridge stove.

[1]Align the cartridge (canister) cutout with the convex cartridge insertion guide on the cartridge stove and load it in place.

It is dangerous to load the cartridge (canister) into the cartridge stove incorrectly.
If gas leaks occur, or if the gas is ignited while leaking, the resulting flames can cause burns, injury, or fire.
Load the cartridge (canister) correctly according to the procedure described in the instruction manual.

1) Remove the cartridge cap and insert it with the cartridge cutout (arrow print on the cartridge) facing upwards and aligned with the convex cartridge insertion guide.

2)Push the cartridge loading lever down to the “loaded” position.

• Make sure that the convex cartridge insertion guide is positioned at the notch in the cartridge.
After loading the cartridge (canister), ensure that gas is not leaking before igniting the stove.
If you notice the smell of gas or a hissing sound, raise the loading lever immediately and remove the cartridge (canister).

If gas leaks even after loading the cartridge (canister) in the correct position, there is a possibility of malfunction.
Please stop using the product immediately and contact the Tiger customer service line.

[2]Do not use or store the gas cartridge stove on another heat source (including electric cooking stoves, fish grill vents, electromagnetic cookers, etc.).

The cartridge (canister) may explode if another heat source is turned on.

[3]Do not use two or more gas cartridge stoves side by side.

The cartridges (canisters) may explode.

[4]Do not use large cookware that covers the gas cartridge stove.

The cartridges (canisters) may explode.

[5] Do not use for purposes other than cooking (firing of charcoal, briquettes, etc.).

The cartridges (canisters) may explode.

[6]Do not use the gas cartridge stove with the spill tray turned upside down or removed.

The cartridges (canisters) may explode.

If you have any questions about the safe use of gas cartridge stoves, please contact our customer service line.

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