“#Let’s eat rice campaign” Starts on Thursday, October 13, 2022! (Application terms page)


This page is the application terms page for (1) “Let’s eat delicious rice! Quiz campaign” and (2) ” Let’s eat delicious rice! Present campaign to win a Tiger pressure IH jar rice cooker”.

(1) Let’s eat delicious rice! Quiz campaign

On the Tiger Thermos official Twitter account (@Tiger_PR_JPN), we will introduce how to eat rice deliciously and trivia related to rice in a quiz format. Those who answer correctly will be given 2 kg of specially cultivated rice “Omi no Tora” new rice by lottery .

[Question date]

  • October 13th ( Correct answers announced on October 19th )
  • October 20th ( Correct answers announced on October 26th )
  • October 27th ( Correct answer announced on November 2nd )

[Application period]

Until 2 3:59 the day before the correct answer announcement date for each question

[Number of winners]

10 people by lottery from those who answered each question correctly (total of 30 people)

[Present content]

Special cultivation rice “Omi no Tora” 2 kg (new rice)

[Application method]

  1. Follow the official Tiger Thermos Twitter account (@Tiger_PR_JPN).
  2. Add “# Let’s eat rice” to the quoted RT (hereinafter referred to as “application RT”) of the question post and post the number that you think is the correct answer.

(2) “Let’s eat delicious rice! Present campaign to win a Tiger pressure IH jar rice cooker”

Conducted a campaign to win a tiger pressure IH jar rice cooker JPV-A100.

[How to apply: Twitter]

  1. Follow Tiger Mahobin official account (@Tiger_PR_JPN).
  2. RT the target post of this campaign (hereinafter referred to as “application RT”)

[How to apply: Instagram]

Presented by lottery to followers who “liked” the target post of this campaign (hereinafter referred to as “application like”)
*We will not be able to contact you about winning, so please follow our account.

[Application period]

October 13 , 2022 (Thursday) to October 31, 2022 (Monday) 23:59

[Number of winners]

5 people on Instagram
Twitter 5 people

[Present content]

Pressure IH jar rice cooker JPV-A100 1 unit
*You cannot choose the color.

“Let’s eat delicious rice! Quiz campaign” “Tiger pressure IH jar rice cooker win #Let’s eat rice gift campaign” application rules

Campaigns planned and implemented by Tiger-Corporation”Let’s eat delicious rice! Please read the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) carefully before applying for the “Campaign”). In addition, those who apply for this campaign (hereinafter referred to as “applicants”) are deemed to have agreed to the following at the time of application.

[Qualification requirements]

All of the following conditions must be met.

  1. Those who have a Twitter or Instagram account.
  2. Those who have set their Twitter or Instagram account to public.
  3. Those who live in Japan and whose delivery address is within Japan.
  4. Those who agree to all the conditions of this application agreement.
  5. If you are a minor, you have obtained the consent of your parental authority.
  6. Those who are not Tiger Mahobin employees, their families, or people involved in this campaign.

*If you unfollow the official Tiger Thermos Twitter (@Tiger_PR_JPN) or official Instagram (@tiger_pr_jpn) account before the winning notification, if the account is deleted before the gift is shipped, RT or apply before the gift is shipped Please note that winning may be invalidated if the post is canceled, the account is set to private, or if the DM (direct message) is set to not be received.

*Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding the lottery and lottery results.

[Winning announcement]

Winners will be sent a shipping address registration form URL by DM (direct message) to the Twitter or Instagram account used at the time of application. Gifts will be sent out in order after the registration form is filled out.
*Rights of winning and presents cannot be transferred, exchanged for money, resold, or otherwise transferred to a third party. In addition, please refrain from exhibiting at auctions, etc.

*Please note that if you do not enter the necessary information in the shipping address registration form, or if you cannot match the Twitter or Instagram account ID you applied for, you will not be able to win.

*Please do not change your Twitter or Instagram account ID until the end of November 2022 even after completing the application. Any changes may invalidate your winnings.

*Winning notifications by DM on Twitter or Instagram are only sent from our company. Please note that we cannot accept replies.

*If there is a problem with the delivery, such as the prize not arriving at hand, please contact us by DM by November 30, 2022. Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries received after the deadline.


  • Please note that this campaign, including the contents of the gift, may be changed, canceled, or terminated without notice. Also, please note that these application terms are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for any damage caused by these changes, suspensions, or terminations.
  • We are not responsible for any troubles or damages (regardless of direct or indirect damages) caused by applying for this campaign.
  • Communication charges for applying for this campaign and making inquiries will be borne by the applicant.
  • We are not responsible for any content posted by applicants on Twitter or Instagram, including posts about this campaign, or any trouble that may arise between applicants and third parties.
  • In the event of a dispute between the applicant and a third party in connection with the application for this campaign, the Company will not be held responsible, and the user will be responsible for the dispute at his/her own expense. shall be resolved and shall not cause any damage to the Company.
  • This campaign is not provided or sponsored by Twitter or Meta. When using Twitter or Instagram, the company’s terms of use will be applied separately, so please be responsible for checking before using.
  • If you cannot apply for this campaign due to maintenance or malfunction of the service provided by Twitter or Instagram, malfunction of the communication terminal used by the applicant or the service provided by the telecommunications carrier, etc., information leakage or other damage We do not take any responsibility even if it occurs to the applicant or a third party.
  • If the Company determines that the application terms have been violated, the Company may take necessary measures such as blocking the account, and even if the applicant suffers damages in connection with this, the Company will not accept any liability. shall not be held liable for
  • The rights acquired by winning this campaign cannot be transferred to a third party. If you share the shipping address registration form with a third party, the winning will be invalid.
  • If the gift cannot be delivered due to unknown address, long absence, etc., the winning will be invalidated.
  • Japanese law will be applied to matters related to this campaign and this application agreement.
  • Applicants may use, post, reprint, or use the contents of the application free of charge and indefinitely for the purpose of using it for PR purposes. You consent to public transmission, etc.
  • In addition, the entrant shall not make any claim to the Company regarding any rights based on the author’s moral rights.

*In the use by our company in the preceding paragraph, we shall consent to the application posting or partial rewriting of the application content without obtaining the consent of the applicant.

[Prohibited matter]

Posts or actions that fall under any of the following are prohibited. Please note that these posts will not be considered valid entries for this promotion.

  • Posts that violate or may violate any or more of the provisions of laws and regulations, public order and morals, these Terms of Entry, and the terms of use of Twitter or Instagram.
  • Posts that infringe or threaten to infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, privacy rights or other rights or interests of a third party.
  • Posts that slander others
  • Posting for profit
  • Posts that induce criminal behavior
  • Photos that promote obscenity, child pornography, sexual exploitation of children, or other offensive posts
  • Posts containing personal information
  • Acts that interfere with the operation of this campaign
  • Other acts similar to the acts listed in the preceding items.

[Handling of personal information]

In this campaign, we will acquire the applicant’s personal information and Twitter or Instagram account as described in our group’s privacy policy. The personal information of applicants will be used by the Company for the purpose of contacting prize winners, shipping, replying to inquiries, developing better products and services in the household products business, and other purposes stated in the Group’s privacy policy. Let me do it.

In addition, we may outsource the handling of personal information, etc. to the extent necessary for the implementation of the purpose of use of the business.

In addition, we will provide or disclose the applicant’s personal information, etc. to the contractor only to the extent necessary for the implementation of the purpose of use, request the appropriate handling of personal information, etc. by contract, etc., and periodically review the situation to confirm.

Applicants’ personal information will not be provided to a third party without the applicant’s consent, except when it is provided to a subcontractor to the extent necessary (except when disclosure is required by law).

For other handling of applicants’ personal information, please refer to our group’s privacy policy.

●Intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights

All copyrighted works, portraits, characters, marks, and other information on this site are copyrights, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights (trademarks and service marks), or rights to use them. We reserve the right to Please refrain from diverting (copying, uploading, posting, quoting, etc.) the information and programs on this site to other websites or printed materials . In addition to the above, characters may not be stored or reproduced on any long-term storage media such as hard disks, floppy disks, CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs.

●Temporary suspension of service provision

The Company may suspend the service without prior notice to the customer in the following cases. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you or a third party due to this interruption.

  1. When maintenance of hardware, software, etc. is performed regularly or urgently.
  2. When services cannot be provided due to earthquakes, fires, floods, eruptions, power outages, etc.
  3. When the service cannot be provided due to war, disturbance, riot, etc.
  4. In addition, when the Company determines that it is necessary to suspend the service for operational and technical reasons.


This site takes the utmost care when posting information. does not make any guarantees regarding

In addition, please note that we are not responsible for any damages suffered by the customer or a third party in the following cases.

  1. In the event of software or hardware accidents resulting from the use of this site, troubles between customers or between customers and third parties.
  2. When the prize cannot be received if the customer has not entered true and correct data when sending the prize.
  3. If you cannot apply normally due to the browser you use is different from the recommended environment or the communication environment is inadequate.

●Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All matters including disputes regarding this site shall be governed by Japanese law, and the Osaka District Court in Japan shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court.