Vacuum Insulated Bottle MSC-B035/B050

– Vacuum-insulated stainless double wall
– Compact and light to store in bags
– Take-apart stopper
– 4.0cm wide mouth
– Keep hot / cold

CapacityModel No.
* 0.35L size is not sold in Philippines and Korea

High-grade SUS304 (18/8) stainless steel

Our stainless steel products are made of SUS304 (18/8)
having excellent corrosion resistance for long-term use.

Even stronger against stains and odors with Super Clean

The smooth finish makes it hard for stains and odors to stick, making it easy to clean.

Product number MSC-B035 MSC-B050
Color Stainless Blue<XF> Stainless Blue<XF>
Capacity 0.35L 0.5L
Heat Retention (6h) 70℃ or more 74℃ or more
Cold Retention (6h) 9℃ or less 8℃ or less
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 6.8×6.8×18.9(cm) 6.8×6.8×23.8(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 0.31kg 0.36kg
Caliber (Approximate value) 4(cm) 4(cm)
Producing Country China China
Heat Retention (24h) 40℃ or more 48℃ or more