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Kurumi (Walnut) Mochi くるみ餅

  • Dessert
  • Japanese
  • Vegan

It’s dessert time!

Dig into this toasted walnut loaded kurumi mochi recipe with abandon. Vegan, gluten free and 100% delicious!


  • 8 cups (supplied measuring cup) Mochi rice
  • 1 cup Walnuts
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1.7 cup water (for steaming)


  • Wash the mochi rice and soak in water (separate from steaming water) for at least for 6 hours. Strain the rice for about 30 minutes.
  • Insert the water (for steaming) in the water reservoir. Mount the inner container and turn clockwise to set in the mochi make. Mount the impeller to the motor shaft and turn until it stops.
  • Place the rice and then the soy beans on top in the inner container and lightly level the rice by hand. Place the lid on top, making sure to not press down the rice. Connect the power pug and push “STEAM” button to start the steaming.
  • Roast the walnuts and then chop once cooled.
  • The buzzer will ring when completed to show that the steam has ended. Press the “OFF” button to turn off the machine. Remove the lid and check if rice is soft.
  • Leave the lid off and push the “POUND” button to start pounding the mochi.  Sprinkle some salt and insert the chopped walnuts once the rice has started to become sticky.
  • Push the “OFF” button after 10 minutes. Use mitten gloves to hold the upper rim of the inner container and remove the container from the body by turning counterclockwise (LOOSEN arrow). Take caution as the inner container is hot.
  • Flip the container over on the cover to take out the mochi. If the impeller comes off with the mochi, remove it with caution.


Kurumi mochi (くるみ餅) consists of a chewy Japanese rice cake infused with walnuts. The walnuts (kurumi) can be ground into a sweet paste which is spooned on top of the mochi – or can be toasted, chopped and added to the mochi as it is being pounded.

We’ve opted for the latter for this yummy dessert.

Now, while you may be familiar with the mochi used in iconic sweet desserts like Hawaiian butter mochi and mochi ice cream – kurumi mochi tends to stay on the milder side of the sweet spectrum.

You see, there’s no added sugar in this nutty vegan dessert. The natural sweetness from the glutinous rice (mochigome) is enough!


The best part of this dessert recipe (aside from the nutty, sweet flavor) is that it is 100% plant based.

That makes it an easy dessert choice to prepare for potlucks and gatherings where people with different dietary choices will all gather together to share a meal.

Because, aside from being vegan, this kurumi mochi recipe is also gluten free!


Making mochi can be a somewhat laborious process. So it’s typically made at home on big holidays like New Year’s Day. Other times it can definitely seem easier to grab mochi from the store – or a sweets shop.

Now, we’re obviously ALL about making mochi from the comfort of home😋

And with your Tiger mochi maker, you’re never more than a few easy steps away from eating delicious sweet treats like kinako mochi – or more savory preparations like natto mochi.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for this easy dessert recipe under the directions tab on this page.

And for a deeper dive on Japanese rice cakes in general, check out our post about mochi.

But, for now, just dig in to this chewy, nutty and sweet walnut mochi.


Mochi made from Tiger’s SMJ-B18U.

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