Electric Griddle Cooking Wares CRL-A30S


Enjoy “food stand” cuisine at home. Morning, noon and night. Enjoy easy-to-cook “food stand” cuisine at home.




One more dish, plus another dish.By using the plate with handles which you can remove easily while it is still hot, you can make another dish right after you’ve cooked one by replacing it with another plate.

1. With handles useful for carrying the pan

Since handles are added to the pan, it is easy to remove the pan from the heater. It is also useful when you want to cook multiple dishes such as for house parties. In addition, it is designed so that it’s easy to clean.

2. Easy to use temperature adjusting lever

Skilet Symbol: About 70°C
| : About 100°C
|| : About 180°C
||| : About 250°C

3. “M-shaped heater” which transfers heat evenly

Since the “M-shaped heater” which transfers heat evenly and prevents uneven browning is used, you can even make beautiful pancakes which can easily brown unevenly. The plate’s underside is shaped so that heat from the heater is efficiently transferred to the plate.

4. Long-lasting durability

The pan is metallic fluorine coated which is superior in durability so that it will hold up in heavy use. With the ribbed-surface grill plate, you can create delicious looking, sharp grill marks.

5. The large pan prevents ingredients from falling in between the pan and the heater

Since the upper part of the pan is larger than the heater, it prevents small ingredients like rice and chopped materials from falling in between the pan and the electric skillet.

6. It always looks neat because you can stack the plates together

Since the plates can be stacked together, it looks neat when placed in the kitchen, on a dining table, or stored in an open shelf.

7. For both grilling and simmering

The depth of the pan is “approximately 46 mm!” The plate’s underside is shaped so that heat from the heater is efficiently transferred to the plate, making cooking food with many ingredients such as paella, pot-au-feu, and stews easy. You can even enjoy cheese fondue.

8. You can enjoy “takoyaki,” a popular food in Japan, at home

“SIZZLE” “SIZZZLE…” “FLIP” “HUFF HUFF” You can cook a local specialty of Osaka called “takoyaki” popular in Japan at home, since there is a takoyaki plate available. Cook and enjoy fresh hot takoyaki with your family and friends or savor it alone.

Product number CRL-A30S
Color Black<K>
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
Capacity 2.59L
Temperature Control Range (Degrees) (Approximate value) Keep warm(60~80℃)~250℃
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 39.7×24.7×17.7(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 5.4kg
Plate Variation Deep pan,Grill plate,Ball plate
Inner Size of Pan/Plate W×D (Approximate value) Pan:20.00×26.40(cm)
Grill plate: 19.60×26.40(cm)
Takoyaki grill plate: 20.00×26.60(cm)
Depth of Pan/Plate (Approximate value) Pan:4.60(cm)
Grill plate: 3.90(cm)
Takoyaki grill plate: 4.40(cm)
Producing Country China
Rated Voltage 220-230V
Electric Rating 956-1000W