Quality Policy

Quality Policy

“Quality is the foundation of everything.” – We strive to manufacture products that earn the trust of our customers.

We contribute to society by responding flexibly and speedily to diversifying and individualizing consumer needs and by continuing to supply superior products such as electric appliances and vacuum bottles at appropriate prices on a global basis.

(1) Going back to the basics of “quality is the foundation of everything,” we always strive to improve quality. We strive to improve the quality of not only our products, but also our services, human resources, business processes and brand value.

(2) Under the supervision of top management, each and every employee shall do his or her best in everything from planning and development to production, sales and service.

(3) Aiming for the highest level of consideration for the environment, we provide safe and secure products and services by thoroughly fulfilling the applicable requirements, including compliance.

(4) We continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and establish and review quality targets to achieve this Quality Policy.

This Quality Policy is shared with all employees and all people who work with the Company, and we provide the public with appropriate information about our products and services.

Enacted: April 21, 2024

Tiger Corporation

President and Representative Director, Yoshisato Kikuchi