IH Rice Cooker JPW-G10W/G18W

Advanced functions to enable you to easily cook rice and other dishes packed into one rice cooker. A high-value model with a variety of cooking settings and a focus on daily use.

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Far-infrared 3-layer ceramic coated inner pot

The far-infrared three-layer ceramic coated inner pot is constructed of multiple layers of thermally conductive materials covered with heat-sealing coatings. The inner pot with the three-layer metal structure is heated efficiently. The far-infrared coating on the material of the ceramic inner pot enhances the far-infrared effect, evenly distributing heat to each grain to produce sweet, flavorful rice.

High heat Powerful IH

Powerful IH (Powerful induction heating) that brings out the original sweetness and flavors of rice. The bottom and walls of the inner pot are heated as if the entire inner pot was encompassed by a strong fire so that the cooked rice can be plump to the core. The rice is also steamed at high temperatures which accelerates gelatinization of the rice to bring out the original sweetness (flavor) of the rice.

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“Express Limited cup” menu

The setting to cook a bowl of rice (half cup) in a minimum of about 20 minutes * is provided to allow you to eat freshly cooked rice on busy days. Heat is efficiently transferred to the rice in each of the heating and steaming processes, enabling a small amount of rice to be cooked quickly.

* Only rice cookers with a capacity of 5.5 cups can be used to cook half cup of rice. It takes about 23 minutes to cook 1 cup of rice (minimum amount) with a rice cooker with a capacity of 10 cups.

“Premium” setting

This luxurious setting brings out all of the sweetness, springiness, aroma, stickiness, and softness that define delicious rice. The water-absorption process takes about twice as long as the standard White Rice setting in order to bring out the original flavor of the rice.

“Sushi” setting

The “Sushi” setting produces grainy rice perfect for hand-rolled sushi.

“Cake” setting

This fun-to-use setting allows you easily to bake This fun-to-use setting allows you to easily bake a soft sponge cake. In addition to whole cakes, french toast can also be cooked.

Perfect for people who want to cook various rice with one machine

What would you like today? Porridge? Or multigrain? For people like you who want to eat rice in various ways, we’ve prepared a variety of cooking settings that let you cook rice easily and in the best way.

Selective cooking settings that allow you to enjoy various rice dishes. In addition to the 3 Plain setting menus, it allows you to enjoy “GABA,” “Multigrain,” and “Brown” which are optimal for health-conscious people, and the selective cooking menus that bring out the deliciousness of each dish, such as “Porridge,” and “Sweet,” and “Mixed.”

Multigrain rice
Multigrain rice
Mixed rice
Brown rice

Cooking setting to cook a variety of dishes

Ready to cook various dishes!
The “Cooking” setting useful for quick cooking is provided.
On this setting, the rice cooker heats foods automatically without using fire so that you can just wait until it finishes cooking a dish.

  • Pot-au-feu with vegetables and chicken
  • Braised pork belly
  • Beef and potato stew

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Easy to clean

(1) Inner pot
(2) Inner lid

The daily cleaning is minimized.
The easily removable inner lid makes it easy to clean the product every day.

*The product in the photo is a Japanese model.

Easy-to-wipe top surface with little unevenness

Easy to clean due to the simple design and low form The flat top surface without a pressure control device is easy to clean by quickly wiping it.
To be hygienic for everyday use.

  • IH Rice Cooker

    • Dark Gray<HD>
  • IH Rice Cooker

    • Dark Gray<HD>
Product number JPW-G10W JPW-G18W
Color Dark Gray<HD> Dark Gray<HD>
Rated Voltage 230V 230V
Rated Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
Heating System IH IH
Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.09-1.0L
0.5-5.5 Cups
1-10 Cups
Capacity 1L 1.8L
Electric Rating 1088W 1206W
Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 26×35.4×20.1(cm) 28.8×38.6×23.8(cm)
Height With Lid Open (Approximate value) 40.20(cm) 46.60(cm)
Weight (Approximate value) 4.1kg 5.1kg
Cord Length (Approximate value) 1.5m 1.5m
Producing Country Japan Japan