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Pressure IH Rice Cooker with Clay Ceramic Inner Pot JPX-W10W


Experience extraordinary taste

Capacity Model No.
1.0L(5.5cups) JPX-W10W

"Special soil pot" + "large soil stove" double fever structure

Through the "special pot" + "large soil stove" to lock the side of the IH fire heat generated by heat, and all-round transmission to the rice.

Variable multiple pressure

Apply 1.25 air pressure, release the sticky elasticity of rice grain. Cooking into the second half of the air pressure instantly dropped to 1.05, about 280 degrees of high temperature cooking, lock each grain of rice. Boiled all sorts of sweet rice.

Soil pot surface with a 6 layer coating can produce a strong pot of bubbles!

In the [pot pot rice cooker] inside, using the fire boiling and further improve the thermal insulation of the [6 layer coating], through the role of the six layers of coating and soil pot material within the bubble insulation function, to achieve To promote the [soil pot bubble] small, uniform strength and rice pre-gelatinization of the [continuous heat boiling], the heat will be passed to each grain of rice, rice is exudes its own taste, make aromatic [soil pot rice】.

Human touch screen to achieve simple operation

Equipped with a human body sensing and touch screen function, in use will light the necessary information on the panel. Simply touch the panel and simply operate. More through the voice wizard to confirm the operation.

11 recipes

With special recipe COOK BOOK

Publish 25 kinds of cooking menu.

Model No. JPX-W10W
Available Voltage 220V
Capacity 1.0L
Electric Rating 1190 W
Size / Weight 26.5x30.9x24.1cm / 7.7Kg
JAN 4904710415955 (Black)

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