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Stainless Steel Mug MJA-B024/B036/B048


Portable at only 170g* light weight and compact design *0.36L type

Capacity Model No.
0.24L MJA-B024
0.36L MJA-B036
0.48L MJA-B048

Bright colors with high-grade texture

Color lineup with better texture than previous model.
Bright Pink and Bright Blue for more casual situations,Matte Red and Matte Navy for more formal situations, and Clear Stainless for any situations.
Whichever you choose, you will be able to have the brilliant and high quality life.

Made in Japan

Carefully produced with an attention to details piece by piece at the factory in Japan in a concentrated technique from TIGER's many years of experience for stainless steel bottle.

4.7cm wide mouth

Easy drinking stainless steel mouth

High-grade SUS304 (18/8) stainless steel

Our stainless steel products are made of SUS304 (18/8)
having excellent corrosion resistance for long-term use.

Super Clean Interior Finish

The smooth finish makes it hard for stains and odors to stick, making it easy to clean.

Washable entirely

The bottom part leaser welded. The main body is washable entirely.

Vacuum insulation for high heat retention

Vacuum insulated double wall. Copper sheet between the inner bottle and outer enclosure makes reflection of heat to boost heat retention for hot or cold beverages. Enjoy your favorite drinks all the time.

Model No. MJA-B024 MJA-B036 MJA-B048
Capacity 0.24L 0.36L 0.48L
Heat Retention 83/55℃ (1h/6h) 86/65℃ (1h/6h) 87/71℃ (1h/6h)
Cold Retention 9℃ (6h) 9℃ (6h) 9℃ (6h)
Size / Weight 7.0x7.0x12.5cm / 0.14Kg 7.0x7.0x16.5cm / 0.17Kg 7.0x7.0x20.5cm / 0.21Kg

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