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Electric Water Heater PDU-A40W/A50W

Capacity Model No.
4.0L PDU-A40W
5.0L PDU-A50W

Soft touch dispense button

Dispense button is placed at the right of control panel. Easy and soft touch dispense. Lever type dispense button. Water can be dispensed with the light push with one finger.


  • Compact design and large capacity(4.0L and 5.0L
  • Auto lock system for safety
  • Citric acid cleaning function
  • 4 temperature settings to choose from (Thermos flask·98°C·90°C·80°C
Model No. PDU-A40W PDU-A50W
Available Voltage 220V 220V
Capacity 4.0L 5.0L
Electric Rating Cook 928 W Cook 928 W
Size / Weight 23.2x30.4x28.9cm / 2.8Kg 23.2x30.4x31.8cm / 3.0Kg