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Pressure IH Rice Cooker JPD-A06W

The traditional concept of ceramic pot-cooked rice in Japan was brought to life in a rice cooker.
It’s delicious because it’s made in Japan.

Capacity Model No.
0.63L(3.5cups) JPD-A06W

Enjoy freshly cooked rice.

Small-capacity design that takes the lifestyles of our users into consideration. The Rapid ≦ 1 Cup menu cooks one bowl of rice (0.5cups) quickly to allow you to enjoy “delicious rice” without difficulty.

Delicious, beautiful, and compact in size.

Compact size even with the high specifications of a “model equipped with a pressure cooking function.” We pursued a more sophisticated design with the idea in mind of a design that lets you feel its high functionality.

We adopted a 360-degree design that maintains a good appearance even when it is placed on a kitchen island, with the back surface designed to be flat. We tried to achieve a high-quality texture through delicate pattern processing that creates a sense of depth on the top plate.

The secret to making it delicious

It is a rice cooker developed with the assembled advanced technical capabilities of Tiger Corporation, while using as its basis the concept of “ceramic pot-cooked rice,” which is bolstered by traditional Japanese food culture.

A metal pot is used to attain the delicious flavor close to rice cooked with a ceramic pot.
“Heat flow & heat sealing ceramic pot coatings”

By applying heat flow coating with high heat conduction on the top part of the pot and heat sealing ceramic pot coating with high heat storage on the bottom part of the pot, we facilitate convection inside the pot through a temperature difference generated between the top and bottom parts. The far-infrared ceramic pot coating is also provided on the inner surface of the pot to boil the rice with fine bubbles like one in a ceramic pot and make the rice fluffy.

Sticky and firm texture of rice “Variable double pressure cooking”

Pressure of 1.25 atm is applied when cooking to bring out the rice’s stickiness and chewiness.The pressure is decreased to 1.05 atm after the rice is cooked and steamed at high temperature. By this, each piece of rice becomes firm and less sticky.

High thermal conducting “9-layer far-infrared pot (3 mm super thick)””

It makes rice fluffy from the core and prevents uneven cooking by conducting heat rapidly throughout the pot.

High heating “High thermal power IH (induction heating)”

“IH (induction heating)” to draw out the natural sweetness (delicious flavor) of rice. It makes rice fluffy from the core by enclosing the entire pot with a strong fire from the bottom and side.

Perfect for people who want to cook various dishes with one item.

What would you like today? Porridge? Or multigrain? For people like you who want to eat rice in various ways, we’ve prepared a variety of cooking settings that let you cook rice easily and in the best way.

Selective cooking settings that allow you to enjoy various rice dishes. In addition to the 3 Plain setting menus, it allows you to enjoy "GABA," “Multigrain,” and “Brown” which are optimal for health-conscious people, and the selective cooking menus that bring out the deliciousness of each dish, such as “Porridge,” and “Sweet,” and “Mixed.”

  • Multigrain rice

  • Porridge

  • Sweet

  • Mixed rice

  • Brown rice

LCD with white backlight to make the characters glow and easy to read

The “Glossy inner lid” which keeps rice delicious while keeping it warm

Adopts processing with hydrophilic effects on the inner lid.
It ensures quick evaporation and eliminates unnecessary moisture during heating by preventing the formation of water droplets and forming a thin film instead.
It also keeps the rice warm, moist and shiny by forming a film of water on the inner lid surface while keeping it warm.
It prevents dripping as it prevents the formation of water droplets.
*The product in the photo is a Japanese model.

LCD with white backlight to make the characters glow and easy to read

The backlight is turned on during operation to make it easier to read the display.
We also arranged and organized the buttons and LCD so that they are easy to read and use, and employed a design that ensures comfortable operation for the user.

Comes with a free-standing scoop

Since it is free-standing, you will not have trouble deciding where to keep the scoop.

Capable of cooking from 1 bowl of rice

Small-capacity design that takes into consideration the lifestyles of our users. The "Rapid ≦ 1 Cup" menu cooks one bowl of rice (0.5cups) quickly to allow you to enjoy “delicious rice” without difficulty.

List of functions

Heating method

  • Pressure IH (induction heating)
  • High pressure IH (induction heating)
  • Variable W pressure

Inner pot

  • Heat flow & heat sealing clay pot coatings
  • 9-layer far-infrared super thick pot
  • Far-infrared inner pot
  • 3 mm super thick inner pot
  • Inner pot with handles
  • The inner pot can be used to wash rice


  • Large pressure-adjusting cap
  • Glossy inner lid


  • 24-hour keep warm function
  • Preset water absorption timer
  • White backlight
  • 2 preset cooking timers
  • Elapsed keep warm time display
  • Clean care course
  • Easy-to-clean embossed frame

Menu settings

  • Eco
  • Plain
  • Ultra
  • Quick
  • Rapid ≦ 1 Cup
  • Long-grain
  • Handmade porridge
  • Multigrain
  • Brown
  • Brown GABA
  • Sweet
  • Mixed
  • Sushi
  • Slow Cook
  • Soup
  • Clean care
Model No. JPD-A06W
Heating method Pressure IH (induction heating) + variable double pressure IH + high thermal power IH
Color Urban White <WE>
Electric Rating 705W
Capacity 0.09 to 0.63L (0.5 to 3.5cups)
Size / Weight 22.7 × 30.5 × 19.4 / 5.0kg