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Guideline for Using Electrical Appliances Abroad

Electrical Appliance standards

Electrical standards are different depending on countries (areas) and most countries (areas) have different standards from Japan.

1). Laws and standards
Electrical appliances typically used in Japan are manufactured in compliance with safety standards of Japan and as a rule, the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law prohibits sales of overseas specification products in Japan without permission. Therefore, you should only purchase overseas specification (tourist model) products manufactured to meet specific overseas electrical conditions at the shops permitted to deal with overseas models. Foreign countries (areas) has its own safety standards and radio wave control laws similar to those in Japan, and those laws and regulations vary from country (area) to country (area). Some countries (areas) have laws that prohibit the use of certain products. Please check the laws and regulations of the relevant country (area) where the products will be used before purchasing electrical appliance in Japan. Since Overseas specification(Tourist Model)products are designed with overseas specifications, those products brought back and used in Japan may cause problems on them.

2). Shops carrying overseas specification(Tourist Model)products
Overseas specification (tourist model) products manufactured to meet specific overseas electrical conditions may not be sold at any shops that have not applied or registered at Ministry of Economy. These products are only sold at special shops that are registered after application according to the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.

3). Power source and voltage
Voltage varies from country (area) to country (area) with different power supply frequencies. Please only use products with appropriate specifications meant for local situation, otherwise the products may not function as intended or may sustain severe damage.

4). Power supply plug and battery
The shape of the power supply plugs also differs from country (area) to country (area). Even within a country (area), the shape may differ locally. Please check the correct shape (type) of plug when purchasing.

5). Tourist Model Warranty
When you purchase a Tourist Model, a Tourist Model Warranty will be issued to you (except for some models). Please fill in the warranty card at the time of purchase. This will entitle you to repair service for parts and labor for 1 year with no charge at any of the authorized service centers listed on the warranty card.


Additional information

■Duty-free sales
Stores offer duty-free sales of Tourist Models, with which such products are exempt from consumer tax, provided you do not bring them back to Japan after purchasing for overseas use. For duty-free purchases, you must present your passport, and complete and sign a written oath.

■Import duties
In some countries (areas), electrical products may be subject to customs duty as imported goods when you bring them into your country (area). Tax rates differ according to products and purposes depending on the country (area). Many countries do not impose duties on products that are considered personal effects.